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I am 30 pages from the end of Inkdeath, which I have spent at least 5 hours today absorbing, and am absolutely sick to my stomach/terrified to read any more, because I have scars from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and I cannot go through this again.

I've already given up hope of them leaving the stupid Inkworld behind forever, but oh my God, all I want is for Mo and Resa and their unborn second child* to make it to the end alive and live happily ever after. Dustfinger and Roxane too if I can swing it, as I have had just about all of him dying that my heart can take, but please, please, parents forever. I WILL SACRIFICE MEGGIE FOR THIS. Sacrificing Meggie seems unlikely, but I am over her, even if she has come to her senses about Farid and seemingly moved on.

*Why yes, I have been skipping about like a giddy loon since that happened. Way to my heart, authoress, way to my heart! Pregnant heroines in dangerous times for always. Another thing I like a great deal about this book is how, other than the simpler writing style, I keep forgetting it's for children because just so MUCH of it is told from the perspective of various adults. That's the one great improvement over Harry Potter, I must say. Instead of eternal frustration that Harry does not run around following Tonks and/or Lupin at every moment, I get all the firsthand fear and worry and love from both spouses, which has caused like 50 spontaneous clapping fits already. 

Hence why I would really, really appreciate it if things would wind up in a less tragic way than it did for them.

(on another note, when Mo hints that Dustfinger is almost as familiar with Resa's face as he is and we flash back to her saying she's told Mo everything...can that mean what I think it means? Because. My heart wants this to have happened. [internet says yes. good.] Said heart is apparently working overtime to ship everybody of appropriate ages to stop thinking about the fact that Meggie is 14 at most. I finally threw in the towel and just decided she was 17 if she was a day before it drove me insane.)
Edit: *breathes a huge sigh of relief* THANK YOU, CHILDREN'S BOOKS AND HAPPY ENDINGS. All right then. I'd prefer if we didn't end with Resa in a quasi-nothlit situation, that's unsettling and clearly I'll just have to edit that part out of my memory...but all things considered, I am quite satisfied. And then for an impressive bonus you even kicked Farid out of the picture for a while. Very nice!


Nov. 8th, 2010 03:17 am (UTC)
Fair enough -- I prefer to think of that bit with Doria (who needs a name change, stat) as mere coincidence. And/or possibly believe he didn't tell her about it.

Other things I prefer to believe: that before too long, they will figure out a way to set up a portal system that allows them to read themselves in and out of the book at will, so they can just pop back to Inkworld for visits instead of living there full time, because as endearing as some of the characters are, I still don't fully see why they chose it.

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