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...damn, Mentalist, am I going to have to watch you this week?  I managed to resist him horse whispering, somehow, but I don't know if I can resist abduction, captivity and cattle prods. The only thing I thirst to collect more than books is base material for the Worrisome Scenarios file.

-I've been avoiding the Bones fandom like the plague, but just ran across this summary for last week's episode: "Meanwhile, Booth’s girlfriend Hannah is shot, leaving Booth to worry for her health."

WHAT?!  OK, first of all, been trying reeeeeeally hard not to know anything about hypothetical love interests existing, as part of my whole "this show is dead to me" approach. Second of all, I DON'T HAVE ANY MORE SECONDHAND APPRECIATION LEFT IN ME. Cam getting laid out by toxins used up my quota of appreciation for Booth worrying about women who are not Brennan. Now I'm just angry at the waste of a perfectly good bullet storyline.

-Glee! Is there a chance I might love Mr. Schue again this week? Because he appears to be yelling at Sam in a most outraged way and this gives me stupid hope (p.s. Kurt, stop whining. Such a crybaby. Wow, I have not used that insult since I was like 13, that's how bad he is).

-I am trying to fight my way through Jumping Off Swings because I managed to get around 50 pages in (25 of them under torturous duress), and I desperately want both numbers on my reading list and the satisfaction of striking through the title, but I just CANNOT TAKE IT anymore. Stupid teens drinking incessantly and/or behaving like jerks, the constant narrator switching only serves to reinforce how stupid everyone is, and now-pregnant Ellie cannot seem to get it through her thick skull that boys do not magically fall in love with you after you one night stands, and thus falls into fits of depression and despair every time she has sex, which she doesn't even enjoy. And yet she KEEPS DOING IT, time and again, because surely the next boy will be different!  It is frightening how much I want to strangle her. Also frightening is that its Amazon ratings are multiple and positive with nothing lower than a 3.
-House, 7x06, "Office Politics"
1) Amber Tamblyn seems slightly miscast for this role (...despite it apparently being written FOR her, wow), but it's so much fun to see her again that I don't care. She is infinity times better than Thirteen and several thousand times better than Cameron, for the record. Plus I just found out that, where I'd been picturing maybe a month tops, she's doing as many episodes as Medium is getting for its entire season. Translation, 13. (irony!) This is a very good thing.

2) About TIME those guys got arrested for breaking and entering.

3) Can House wear glasses and sit at his desk more often? 

4) This was such a bad episode, patient-wise.
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