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Today I dispense with preludes.

Finally saw the Simpsons' Treehouse of Horror - despite the much hyped DanRad as "Edmund" parody, my favorite part was the Jumanji sequence. That, and I LOVE this show for parodying The Office's opening credits sequence (original flavor -- the irony of Office's credits now looking different isn't lost on me).
Glee: I just caught the tail end and the trailer for next week for now, but my two immediate thoughts:

a) ROFLMAO, to an almost painful degree, when Karofsky body slams Kurt into his open locker. What is this show doing to me? Why does it make unprovoked, violent assault so damn satisfying? [Edit: SCREW YOU, SHOW. I WILL SLAM YOU INTO YOUR OWN METAPHORICAL LOCKERS.]
b) Next week, Will is sick and Terri is randomly there taking care of him? GUYS. PIPELINE TO MY BRAIN APPEARS UNCLOGGED, Glee is back in the business of making my dreams come true before I imagine them!


Gibbs/Abby log, part 7: This installment's (oversimplified) moment = Abby using the buddy of her international pen pal to identify international DNA at the crucial last moment, news which causes to Gibbs to grab her for a spontaneous cheek kiss before zipping back into MTAC with the updated info. In other news, Ziva IS a weapon. Hah! Which is all I have to say about the dreadfully boring plot involving Tony's dreadfully boring father; now let's go back to admiring Abby's dark green/black striped top at the end.
Private Practice, 4x07, "Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?"
See, show, all you have to do to be good is half-kill your women every so often.

Is it just me, or is that title desperately clunky and inadequately somber for the subject matter? In that spirit, I'm going to throw my values out there right off the bat: all of that was so much less disturbing than any and every time Charlotte & Cooper start clawing at each other.

Anyway -- yes, thank you, this will feed my cache of tragedy for a month. The beginning was incredibly effective. In fact, let's do like Charlotte and forget the rape aspect for a bit, as I am most keenly interested in the injury. Even I was taken aback at first sight, as characters do not often look as truly bad as she does, with her eye swollen shut and everything. Pete finding and gently taking care of her lit up every last corner of my soul.

-Loved Sam unable to help himself for being grateful it wasn't Addison. (That version's for the AU.)

-And the mostly-silent nurse who clearly thought Charlotte was a skanky non-panties-wearing ho. *snert*

-And all the hugging this episode inspired (still documenting in hopes of loving later):

-And, though I will complain about her pride later, I loved Charlotte flinging her cup of water at Cooper, seething and threatening to call off the marriage if he ever called her a victim again. Though not as much as I loved when she actually looked like a victim at the end, whimpering about wanting to go home while he helped her get dressed.

-Violet: Can you believe this happened to someone we know? Again? I think we're cursed.
(Me: Intriguing possibility! I bet it happened when you began breaking the no-fraternization rules with abandon.)

Did not love Cooper being drunk when it happened. What a waste! Fine, will just appreciate him punching walls and then crying in her lap while she has to tell him it's going to be OK. Relatedly: COOPER, GET OUT OF THE GODDAMN CRIME SCENE, argh, my crime-drama-watchin' self is just apalled at what he might be destroying or what evidence he might be contaminating, even if the techs are long gone.

Minor annoyances, continued: So, Charlotte, you're not going to take any kind of anesthetic or pain meds while you get FIFTY SUPER PAINFUL STITCHES in your arm're afraid of getting (re?)addicted to pills? That is ridiculous. What would happen if she needed surgery? Would she call in a hypnotist to put her in a trance? Because that didn't even work on Scrubs. It's hard to appreciate characters enduring excruciating pain, even with their significant other cringing at the sight beside them, when they're doing it to themselves. It's not like we are trapped in a car or a million miles from civilization here.

All right, rape aspect back on the table long enough to appreciate Charlotte shaking like a leaf while Addison examined her (what was that thing I said once about tolerating her better if we could just make her cry in every ep?), and Addison stopping to hold her hand. Another nod of applause for her bitter description of how it's not like it is in the movies; it's dirty and messy and otherwise painted a pretty clear horror picture without actually divulging any graphic details. Skilled writing, that.

The only thing I didn't like about this episode were the endless and extremely wasted scenes with Sheldon and the rapist in prison. Yeah, we get it. Anonymous Dude is the guy that attacked Charlotte, the angry/faceless guy she ignored before, and he's crazy. Mission accomplished in 2 minutes; don't really need his life's motivations for assault.

Final note: just once, can we have a 100% sympathetic rape victim in fiction? Because this is my whole vendetta with Speak -- if you are attacked out of the blue by someone with excessive force/violence, TALK YOUR HEAD OFF. Do everything in your power to get that person identified and off the streets before he can do it to someone else. There's no he said/she said degrading, there is nothing anyone can even construe as your culpability. The only excuse I will accept is fear of the rape kit collection, which does seem like a nasty business, but she already got a pelvic exam and Charlotte's main problem seems to be pride and a refusal to admit to vulnerability.

IN CONCLUSION: I have still managed to go through this episode 3 times. New favorite? Well, no; I have some better favorites, but top 5? Probably.

Grey's Anatomy, 7x07, "That's Me Trying"

I still love this season, so much.

+ Oh, of course I only get to divest myself of one obnoxious couple half. That's fine! At least I get a super hilarious breakup out of it ("You are RUINING AFRICA!"), after otherwise skipping any and every scene with at least one member of the Calzone in it, and I still get rid of Blonde Doctor. Albeit probably for much less than the promised 3 years, when she inevitably comes skipping back early, probably having decided the breakup was a mistake.

+ Hey. Butt-Lift Girl. There's a healthy medium between a...healthy derriere, and oversized, saggy haunches. The latter, which you're apparently aiming for, are much less attractive than a flat butt. Are you seriously whining that jeans don't fit? News flash, everyone looks good in jeans. Everyone. No matter how skinny or fat you are, provided you do not spill out over the top/sides or try to wear skinny jeans, which look bad on everyone. This is not a reason for cosmetic surgery. I never like to say people have too much money or that they spend it wrong, but this is testing my principles.

+ Tricky Owen is tricky. MASS CASUALTY! MOVE, MOVE, MOVE! ...made you look. Enjoy the dummies! (side note: is this how he's spending a million dollars? Please tell me this was just the first of many plans)

+ Steve The Trauma Assistant! I loved this plot way too much.

+ Damn, show, you really don't want to let me have the lie that Mary is fine and dandy, do you? Too bad. Believing it anyway. I'm sure Bailey has more than one patient she grew desperately attached to and then unexpectedly died on her. This way I can still appreciate the beauty of her sulking that Derek is taking up her Sulking Room (it's cool, they can share it), and otherwise loving it any time they share scenes and commiserate.

+ Speaking of which, this new angst spiral Derek is on, where he cannot stop thinking about losing Meredith to Alzheimer's? Yes please. So working for me.

+ Ah, Owen. So endearing, still kind of walking on uncertain eggshells around Cristina, but trying so hard to help her, reach her, do something to keep her centered and keep the darkness at bay. Apparently even to the point of pulling doctors off trauma training and awarding early certification if one of those doctors is better at it than him ("Well, what does she need? Did she ask for me?" // "Meredith. Please.").

+ I love April a tad less when she's psychotic and screaming and hijacking ambulances, but I greatly enjoyed the rest of her role in dummy-saving, including her flinging herself over the last victim, shouting about how she knows what the card's going to say, but the card is wrong, because she already anticipated it.

Alex (to April): This whole uptight thing, this is why you have no friends.
Jackson: Hey!
Alex: OK, this is why you have ONE friend.
...I might be needing Jackson/April to happen at some point (sharp defensiveness on behalf of picked-on women is a good look, remember?). At least if they're using one another to get past the tragedy still clinging to them. Congrats, TPTB, you've made me think it was my idea. Feel free to run with it now.

+ Speaking of winning points --
Owen: Take a knee and learn something.
Jackson: "Take a knee"? ...he's gonna scalp them. We're in Apocalypse Now, and we're gonna get scalped.
(this is not an unfair assumption, given the man's previous history with stabbing defenseless pigs.)

+ SNARK, courtesy of TWoP: Owen goes after Jackson, who tries to play the "I lost friends that day" card to excuse his behavior, but Owen has him beaten thoroughly by having been through actual war.
(but honestly, I very much loved the moment in which the former sideswiped the latter and shouted him into submission, even if I was just waiting for Jackson to get angry and throw something about Cristina's double-standard coddling back in his face)

+ CRISTINA! Already has my heart several times over, but won it again for her seething, Meredith-blaming (in the absence of any other blame sources) rant about how its her fault that Cristina is ruined because of her big sad please-save-my-husband-eyes, and it's not fair that she's walking around fine while Cristina is a darker and twistier wreck than Meredith has ever been. I paraphrase, but not by much. Wow. Out of the park.

+ Awww, Mer/Der ending full of sad hugs. Just in case the Alzheimer's angst on his side wasn't enough, "Cristina blames me. She hates me."


-CSI, 11x07, "Bump and Grind"
So boring on the surface, so chock full of character moments underneath.

* Poor, foolish Greg having his identity stolen while attempting to protect it

* Hodges apparently glomping onto Greg as his new Grissom replacement, due to Wendy woe

* Sara gets it. "Two ships that pass in the night, takes a while for the fog to clear."

* Cath/Vartann, that's still happening in the background. Much like with Sid approving D/L for me, Robbins solemnly declaring that "He's a good man" made me thirteen times more amenable to this ship. I think I forgot to review the episode where he asked her to move in, but that was my favorite part.

* Haskell is sending Langston kidney-bean reminders. It irks that Sara is always the one to happen upon Langston in these moments, which only fuel my Grissom-missing, but less so when we get lines like "Everything that happens to us, the good and the bad, is part of us. Took me a long time to realize that it doesn't have to define who we are. We get to decide that." Speaking of missing...

* Dave: A baseball reference. How quaint.
Sara: Blame Grissom.

(note to self: HANDY QUOTE REFERENCE.)

* Nick has decided that fancy-schmancy counseling is not for him. Catherine disapproves. Nick smiles his winning smile and does not care, but does so in a way you can't help be charmed by. At least I can't. Remind me again why he has been single for like a decade? Develop this, writers. What is wrong with you.

Medium: "Native Tongue"

+ JUDY REYES! Ahhh, she was amazing from start to finish. Even with the evil twist, and the still-painful-to-watch tragic end. It's hard to say I miss her when I'm hanging out with Scrubs every other night, but since I've never seen her in anything else, this just reinforced what a fantastic actress she is.

+ Rena Sofer, I like you too, but please stop hitting on everyone in that vaguely predatory way. It's getting uncomfortable.

+ When the promos claimed that this latest twist might rip a marriage apart, or some such nonsense, I ignored them, because they're promos and this is Medium. And then they were disturbingly true! For some odd reason. Come on, Joe, having to write to your wife for a few days because she's ceased to understand any spoken language except Navajo is not even among the top 10 worst things that have happened with her gift.

But at least it resulted in a whole lot of apologetic cuddling. And just when I was wondering why this went so wrong, when the episode in which she became deaf went so right...out came the text messaging, and my favorite scene in AGES.

Hampered only by the lack of realism in which he can apparently thumb-type at the rate of 1000 WPM, the following perfection -- somehow made sweeter by being only text without him saying a word as he showed her the screen.
Don't cry.
It's hard being married to someone who sees things I can't.
And sometimes I feel sorry for myself.
I'm not proud of it.
I love you.

Allison, still aww-inducingly teary: You better.
(And now, all the women get to appreciate a stripdown. I get to say things like that now; I've decided I'm finally old enough to join the adult ranks. Allison: "What are you doing? No, hey, you can't get in here; nobody invited you in. I'm not impressed. ...OK, maybe I'm a little impressed.")
Shut up.
"I love you too."

*happy exhale*

(As an aside -- during the live airing, the TV suddenly started breaking up and sticking, cutting in and out during this scene and this scene only.
Mom: Wait, what is this? What's happening?
Me: The TV's self-censoring.)
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