RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Feelings explosions! (mini preview version)

1. Community, please explain to me why I watched more of the gang in their underwear than I did of the puppy parade. PUPPY.  PARADE. PUPPY. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOUR PRIORITIES.

2. I feel that Grey's could use punching to liven it up more regularly. Particularly of that character. Also: FLAILY SQUEE that the promo pictures, which were much more interesting and completely different than the TV promo, delivered on their promise.

3. Watching The Mentalist tonight was a very wise decision. Gosh, he is so much more likable this way. Can't we keep him handcuffed in a cellar and shock him all the time? ...I feel like I just caused a super creepy kink!fic to exist. Sorry, internet.

4. I am not kidding about this, "Love and Other Drugs" needs to exist on DVD yesterday so that parts of it will be on YouTube and please please please can I just have sad-eyed Jake + tearful/super-pretty-haired Anne already.

5. Syndication just aired last season's premiere of HIMYM. Following the principle of "everything about this show is better in reruns," where I previously wrote about 2 sentences to review it and was kind of apathetic, this time I shrieked my head off with laughter. The dull parts got good, and the good parts just got better. NOT GOOD ENOUGH!  *WHIP* (also: BARNEY/ROBIN, holy cow, I do not remember loving them so fiercely)
Tags: community, grey's anatomy, how i met your mother, movies, the mentalist
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