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I've been feeling nostalgic about movies lately, and I saw a meme that invites you to copy/paste a list of movies released the year you were 12, and italicize/bold what you've watched/own. But then I realized that was a CRAZY long list of which I had seen about 5%, which was just exhausting to look at. So instead, I decided to ignore the formatting rules, excerpt the 11 I know I've actually seen, and talk about them instead.

I rewatch movies slightly more often than I reread books, but still not nearly often enough for my tastes, and I certainly devote much less time to them than I do to TV. I'm enjoying the rare opportunity to clumsily reflect/babble.

1. The Big Lebowski
Right off the bat, hatred -- to quote or at least paraphrase my reading list annotation, "It's so fitting that I watched this to close out literary theory, as class and film made equal amounts of (non)sense." Between that and the nonstop swearing, this was actual torture to sit through. I mean, just one of the worst movies I have ever witnessed in my life.

2. Ever After
By sharp contrast, one of my all-time favorite movies, and one of three from this list I own. On VHS, which means I have not seen it for a distressing number of years (hence my excitement when I realize I love both actresses playing the stepsisters, whom I didn't know when I first watched it), but since the age of 14 it has captured my heart and cemented Drew Barrymore as a favorite actress. Oh pretty medieval Cinderella retelling, where would I be without you?

3. Mighty Joe Young
Was a giant gorilla, and the only reason I recognize this title after seeing the movie on TV once.

4. Mulan
Another one in my useless VHS collection, and also the only one I actually saw when I was 12. Not sure if it was in theaters, but I definitely got it as a present for one holiday the year it was released.  Somewhere in my top 10 or 20 Disney stories, and otherwise known as "the last good 2-D animation Disney ever produced."

5. The Parent Trap (remake)
THIS MOVIE IS THE EPITOME OF ALL THAT IS ADORABLE, and whenever it plays on TV, you'd better believe I park my butt and watch to the end.

6. Pleasantville
There's a part or two whose meaning initially went over my head, and which when I saw later grossed me out beyond belief in a way that quite taints my appreciation, but for the most part this is such a comfort movie, magnificently done (or as I used to joke, "the only watchable black and white movie in the world"). Besides, it's sort of hard to go wrong with Reese Witherspoon and Tobey Maguire.

7. Shakespeare in Love
I do not actually remember much of anything about it, I just know I've seen it. I don't think I was the greatest fan. Wish I could remember why.

8. Stepmom
On the other hand, I actually kind of love this. Probably because it made me cry. But also because Julia Roberts vs. Susan Sarandon was a passive-aggressive catfight for the ages, and one of the rare times a divorce situation made me sympathize with all parties.

9. What Dreams May Come
The title stuck with me for years, but instead of any memories associated with the film, there's just a black haze labeled DO NOT WANT.

10. The X-Files: Fight the Future
Otherwise known as the light of my life. I had kind of wanted to see this in theaters, but sadly didn't love X-Files enough at the time to insist upon it. As soon as I picked up the movie for Christmas '00, 2 months into Philedom, I kicked myself tremendously and then think I watched it about 10 times by the end of break. The good parts, several times more. I should really look into watching it again sometime.

11. You've Got Mail
I think I was too young when I saw it to really care or appreciate it, because everyone always calls it one of the greatest rom-coms of all time, and I don't remember being that amazed by it (appreciative yes, amazed no). I need to see it again sometime, if only to enjoy the charmingly antiquated AOL theme.

Most Glaring Omission: The Man in the Iron Mask, as circa '98 I was a tad busy hatin' on Leo DiCap along with anything else popular, and after I decided to embrace pop culture, I kept forgetting it existed. Should I do that? Would it be worth my while?

The rest of you: follow suit. You can play by the original rules (random example) or do my version, I'm not fussed, I just want an excuse to write several long comments about my golden age of film (which, in my world, was roughly 1990-2005, or my childhood/teenage years).
Grey's Anatomy, 7x08, "Something's Gotta Give"
1. Oh-oh-oh, can we keep Dr. Stark in place of Dr. Robbins forever? Because I love Peter MacNicol so much. Both "more than her" and in general. It's not like he's doing anything else these days, and surely Jessica wants to spend as much time with her new daughter as Katherine Heigl did, right?  PLEASE. I AM BEGGING YOU. STARK CLAIMED MY HEART ALMOST AS FAST AS APRIL DID.

That's really all I have to say about that plot, because Alex insisted on trampling all over it, but Dr. Stark was absolutely magnificent -- even before I declared him my hero for stealing ideas from Alex without appropriate credit.

2. Serious dearth of actual Owen/Cristina interaction in this, but at least we got a whole lot people talking about her. It's so satisfying to see the entire hospital suddenly revolve around concern for her. The best part was Derek's petty and vindictive anti-Teddy blame crusade, which was completely unfair and yet, given my disdain for Teddy, utterly satisfying. Or maybe it was this --

3. ("I'm saying that we all failed, and now it's time to back off.")
"No, Shepherd, you need to back off. She is my wife and I'm not going to give up on her yet." *happy claps* OK! Starting to come around on this whole marriage business. It still feels a tad forced, but it's getting better at roughly the same rate as Cristina's PTSD. Speaking of which, I keep waiting for that to come to a head and be over too soon, but it's not happening. The harder fandom whines about being bored with it, the more I clasp my hands across my heart with happiness that apparently all Cristina arcs move at the speed of molasses.

4. Other favorite moments: More Derek/Cristina bonding.  Now they just hang out on rooftops, drinking wine and discussing home improvement plans. I didn't think it was possible to love him more this season, and then he somehow manages to beat out both (temporarily ex) best friend and husband in figuring out the best way to connect with her. Family indeed.

5. I hate to say this so much, but Callie's hair actually does look pretty hot. It's one of those 1 in 100 times that a woman looks better after a haircut - I can't decide if it's the awesome electric blue, which is always a striking color against black, or just the fact that her hair was too thin, possibly layered, and not quite long enough to look long before, just raggedly medium.

6. I hate to say this even more, but Cristina can I think I'm probably just mesmerized by how damn gorgeous her long, thick curls look, but I hated this scene in the sneak peek, and then I saw it in the episode and greatly enjoyed it.

7. Oh, APRIL. APRIL, WHY. Well, I know why; to set up the squee payoff later, and thank all the merciful heavens that I only had to put up with one episode of her gross crush and she only got as far as taking off her top before she found out what an irredeemable fucking PIG Alex is, but still -- it should not have come to that point. Particularly while Jackson is running around the hospital seething with frustration and despair at the same time and in much more need of buddy support; where were you for THAT?

8. By the by, Jackson Avery, you're looking well. I think I'm officially fond of you. This streak-of-losing arc - which, as far as I can tell, is really just your own form of PTSD - that has all of fandom up in arms is doing wonders toward improving your position on the character totem pole, having just skipped your way past Teddy, the McSleazys and Calzone into the comfortable middle tier. I don't really know why you're chasing Lexie's tail all of a sudden, as I have other plans for you that involve keeping April away from Alex just in case she loses her mind again, but fine. I can wait. After he finally lost it in a well-justified "THIS IS NOT MY FAULT"  rage cloud, I think I'm smitten.

9. Episode Subhighlight: All week, I've ignored the TV promo and been bursting with maddening curiosity over two of the promo pics that show April crying, one with Owen touching her arm and the other with Jackson standing in front of her, looking over his shoulder. The first one is misleading, as April just shows up already in tears, being me and babbling apologies on the verge of hysteria for not bringing a housewarming gift, but his awkward bewilderment is still kind of cute.

10. The second is much more satisfying, as Jackson quickly ushers her off to the side with soothing words. HEART. FLIPPY THINGS. And presumably she tells him what happened, because next thing you know...

You know how sometimes time slows down? That's what this moment was like for me during the live airing. "Oh, man, this is gonna be good."

11. Episode Highlight: Following a daggers-of-death glare, Jackson decking Alex. And then continuing to PUNCH THE EVERLIVING CRAP OUT OF HIM, mostly as a way to vent the frustration that's been building up over the last several weeks...but boy, April's humiliation makes a good excuse. (lone point of annoyance: again, why is Lexie checking on him afterward? Where does April keep disappearing to?)

12. Episode Subhighlight #2: Meredith actually chastising Alex - well, with her slutty morals, who knows what side she'd be on? - and hopefully ensuring that he stays away from April forever. Something else happened in this scene, like implying that Alex's hot brother with the sweet eyes went crazy and tried to kill their teenage sister, but I refuse to acknowledge it.

13. Also this episode had some plot that involved saving some important political figure from the Middle East. As you can tell, it was extremely compelling.

Up Next: Wow, Cristina as a crazy and possibly skanky bartender - or really, even a bartender at all - just might be the thing that breaks my love for her after 7 years straight. Why can't you do like Neela and work at a convenience store? Owen, please put an epic stop to this, and maybe I'll forgive the show for making her look like a fool the way I forgave April almost sleeping with Alex for the price of seeing him get beaten up.

(I wish I was mainlining this show. I like writing individual episode reviews again, but at the same time...WHY CAN'T I JUST WATCH LIKE FIFTEEN EPISODES STRAIGHT.)
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