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Sweeps: Starting to Kick Things Up

Sidesplitting bit from the otherwise annoying TWoP recap of Glee: Kurt's locker, where he's already set up a shrine to Blaine that is not creepy and inappropriate and stalkerish at all.

My reaction to NBC's proposed 3-hour comedy block: a) well, whatever causes you not to cancel Community, and b) pbbbbbbbbt, guess who's getting bounced off of MY watchlist come January? See ya, 30 Rock, don't let the door hit you on the way out. I've been looking for an excuse to drop kick it anyway, and losing timeslot convenience is just the ticket.

Private Practice, 4x08, "What Happened Next"
Is Charlotte just the least sympathetic victim of anything ever, or what? What a wasted storyline. I keep retreating back into memories of CSI's "Fannysmackin'" for a tale of random violence done right.

In fact, everything about this show is so frustrating that it's all I can do to keep watching - I swear, if TWoP were still recapping I would have given up and switched to recaps by now - and I'm officially fizzled out on words this week. Little puffs of thoughts curl up - Sheldon, your whining about male abuse "victims" (oh no, fear the tiny hand's mighty slapping power!) is super annoying! Amelia, you and your lack of an inner censor are still so cute!  This episode was so quippy, who wrote it?? SAM/ADDISON, WHY SO OFF-PUTTING. Shut up, Cooper...unless you're falling asleep next to Charlotte fully clothed. Aww, Violet's rape backstory makes her already 900 times more sympathetic than Charlotte - but they refuse to develop themselves beyond a sentence.

P.S. Operation: Document The Checklist Of Cute On The Off-Chance Future Me Wants It is getting super tiresome so I'm not bothering with pictures this week. Yet I still feel honor-bound to summarize the bit in bed where Violet, apparently post-crying session, starts to tell him about that time she was attacked in college. "Violet, I know. Or - at least I suspected. . . . I figured when you were ready to talk about it, you would."

Following mutual concern about what may have/probably happened to Charlotte, there is much adorable cuddling. So much. Bah, you have no idea what kind of intense mental exercises I've been putting myself through in an effort to forget the latter half of season 3 and just LOVE THIS ENDLESS WELL OF SWEETNESS ALREADY. I think they are actually going to have to get divorced before I appreciate what I've got.
CSI, "Fracked": Aren't crime shows tired of the Erin Brockovich storyline yet? So boring. Couldn't even keep eyes open most of the time. Be honest, you wrote this entirely around the title to prove your cleverness in using a BSG-themed word with a completely different meaning/spelling for a Katee Sackhoff ep, didn't you?
CSI: NY, "Scared Stiff"
By contrast -- oh, hello clear new champion of the season.

I'm so glad I accidentally slept through it on Friday and lost the internet all weekend, because this was the PERFECT complement to follow "A Haunting in Connecticut." Professional scheduling could not have scheduled this better.

First, I LOVE YOU FOREVER for not immediately and scientifically debunking the sisters skating on the lake like CSI: Miami did with Calleigh's ghost experience (which, for the record, was only 95% debunked, leaving room for viewer interpretation). Lindsay. Saw. Ghosts. And it was amazing. I think that is one of my favorite scenes in series history. In fact, everything about this setting, with the park at night and running through the brush and yes, even the bizarre fog that somehow only swirled around their ankles, is giving Death House a run for its money as my all-time favorite crime scene.

But mostly, praise for the ghosts (a scene I have no doubt that 89% of fandom is presently bitching about, which only makes me that much more enamored).

Second, while the banter is better if I shut my eyes so that I can pretend it's Flack and not his bizarrely coiffed alien replacement, there was some fabulous dialogue in this, particularly Flack's well-justified fear of lethal spiders (Danny: *mocks mercilessly*).  It's also the highest amount of appreciation I've had for Sheldon in, oh, ever. Whoever wrote this is my new favorite writer.

Third, wonderful creepy corpses! I fear it might put me in super pervy company to say I was dazzled in awe, but after weeks upon weeks of maggoty bodies, an angelic white figure in a vintage gown and a salt-cured corpse are like lottery prizes. And given the mysterious circumstances surrounding both deaths, let's just say I can't remember the last time any crime show, period, left my jaw hanging open as I got completely wrapped up in the suspense of the mystery.

In conclusion, ENCHANTING.
House, 7x07, "A Pox on Our House"
Clearly, sweeps are in full swing.

I'm still pretty upset that they killed off the dad. But other than that, this episode was full of SO MUCH MAGIC, starting with the opening so bizarrely baffling (apparently, this show does 18th century flashbacks now) that even though I should know better, I found myself reaching for the guide to verify that FOX had not, in fact, decided to replace House with a movie-of-the-week. Unable to find it, I spent a long and very confused minute before remembering that this week's theme was going to be smallpox.

+ WILSON. Patiently encouraging tiny, wee, bald-headed chemo patients and offering to hold their hands in place of temporarily-absent Mom & Lamby (no dice. FIE). Taking  breaks to go deal with a "very sick man." And then, uh, randomly suggesting his live-in combination girlfriend/ex-wife get pregnant.

+ WAIT, BACK THAT UP. As much as I like Cynthia Watros and want this to work, I am feeling a severe lack of chemistry between the two. Even if I did, pretty sure this is not an appropriate stage in one's relationship to suggest that. Can we all pretend that never happened and just go back to soaking up the heartwarming expression on his face while watching her finally connect with the little girl?

[Old Post Ironies, circa TWO EPISODES AGO: Awkward. Kind of like watching Wilson interact with Rachel, because he apparently has even less idea than I do of how to handle [toddlers], and it's a painful, painful sight to behold. You know, I think we're okay if his woefully unstable romantic life precludes him from ever having kids.]

+ Upon seeing Tiny Cancer Girl all curled up and sad in her bed.
Mom: Ohhh, how cute.
(Me: *silence*)
Three seconds later, upon seeing Lamby for the first time.
Me: Ohhhh, how cute!

Hey, I've got priorities. They do not include children. They do, however, include envious looks of appreciation at a surprisingly realistic plush sheep. I want a stuffed animal like that. You know how people write in to Entertainment Weekly wanting to know where they can get a duplicate of some ridiculously overpriced outfit or accessory they saw on TV? Fetch me the sheep.

+ House using a Dutch internet webcam stripper to translate old entries from the captain's log. BEST. Especially as she is such an enthusiastic and helpful webcam stripper.

+ The whole smallpox (or some kind of pox) story is one of the most fascinating medical cases they've had in, I want to say years. Or ever, starting with the second part of the teaser, where we get to see the patient come down with it. Ordinarily the worst part of any given hour, kids scuba diving around the wreck of a slave ship and coming up with souvenirs = pretty good attention getter. I just wish I could figure out why Hey, It's That [CDC] Guy! is so familiar. IMDB tells me nothing! He's been all over the place, this Dylan Baker, but in nothing I have seen or in guest spots too insignificant to remember. Maybe just a lot of previews.

+ With the smallpox (or some kind of pox) story came a chance for Cuddy to get teary eyed and worried, and for House to actually show some fear and regard for his own life. Win/win!

+ If Amber Tamblyn was still growing into the role last week, this week she has officially Made It, settled in, gotten comfortable and (as a bonus) smacked House down like the hand of God. I can't recall a time she WASN'T on the team, being snarky without ever straying from her expressions o' innocence, persevering and succeeding where others fail, and otherwise proving a marvelous replacement for that horrid and unpleasant wretch of a doctor whose name is still in the opening credits.

+ House seems to have fallen into the Cold Case place this season, where I never get that excited about it (can you blame me, after the dreck that was last week? ...probably, given the quality of the other 5), and yet it just continually comes along and fwaps me over the head with reminders about how GOOD it is.

I finally plunged into the delirious joy that is 92% of last week's Glee-melding Office episode, and my soul has pretty much exploded with happiness. 
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