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The time stamp is probably a bit late, but...


Oh my God, I think I'm actually dead of joy.

Never let me lose faith in this show again.
I was already flailing after ditching NCIS for this show 10 minutes in, right? What with Rachel randomly showing up? And then Terri's appearance came and went beyond all expectations.

This is a much better excuse for Shirtless Will.

Glee writers: still in the business of making all my dreams come true before I even think of them.

[Edit: The inevitable knife-twisting that had to happen after this will not...oh, of course it's breaking me just like it did last December, but still, NO REGRETS. *fist pump* All I wanted was one more taste.]

[Emotional Exhaustion Collapse happening in 3...2...]
Tags: feelings explosion, glee, shipping

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