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Yay, another mini-fic done!

By complete coincidence, it's been exactly one year since I posted my first real piece of fanfic to this site (the three Digimon pieces from 2000 are there for archival purposes only).  I think it's the longest I've ever been a regular visitor to fanfiction.net.  My interest usually comes in 2-3 month spurts until my obsession with one particular category wanes, and then I forget it about for ages.  Anyway, new story.

So...tempting to just put behind cut...no!  Will not post fic here, not not not!  Get thee to FFN and flesh out my statistics page!  If you desire to comment.

Fandom: Grey’s Anatomy

Title: By Your Name
Rating: PG
Pairing: Derek/Meredith in a manner of speaking, more Mer’s POV.
Summary: These are the things that McDreamy is not.
Word Count: 485
Spoilers: None, if you’ve seen the first season.

Notes: Started at approximately the same time as Diversions (and worked on just as sporadically), this one happened while I was writing “McDreamy” for the 2700th time in an episode review, still resisting looking up the spelling of his last name.  (there are way too frickin’ many Shepherds on TV…him, Jen on NCIS, Jack on Lost, and they all spell it differently.)

I started thinking of other ways to refer to him, and how the perception altered a little with each name, and…there it was.  Is probably a poor time to post this, as it will quickly be buried beneath the deluge of "post Ferry Disaster" fics, but Muse would not behave for anything else until I unloaded this piece.


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Feb. 19th, 2007 07:15 pm (UTC)

I shall leave a proper, detailed review on the FFN page soon enough (like when I don't have class in 15 minutes), but I thought I'd say that I love this to bits. Very nice work!

Actually, that reminds me, I haven't yet left a proper Diversions review...that, too, shall come soon.
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