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Weekend's end already?

25 cents well spent: renting Mini Shopaholic from the library overnight instead of paying a small fortune to buy my own copy or wait until next year for the, let's see, 30 people ahead of me in the request line for the free version, many of whom seem to be having trouble with the concept of a "due date." Multiple copies or no, after a few weeks of waiting my patience gave out. I'm much happier now, although I think after reading four books my desire to knock Becky out, steal her credit cards and freeze her assets is beginning to emerge. I just feel like, how is every single decision you make wrong? Let me trade places with her. I would be a much better Becky Brandon.

-CSI, 11x09, "Wild Life"
Note to self, instead of a series of apathetic reviews, how 'bout we make this one of those shows we don't mention until we get an episode worth mentioning? Like this one?

Sara + Greg = way to my heart, always.  Adding pets to that mix? THANK YOU, GOD.  I particularly liked her comment on the family photo, despite Greg's snark. From her indignant demand to know why the poor parrot is still there hours after animal control was supposed to pick it up, to the adorable scenes with her processing said parrot, or letting it just hang out at the end having lunch with them, golden (did it really take us that long to connect the dots and figure out the parrot dialed 9-1-1, though? Also, way to not clue the poor operator in on the fact that, unlike last time he/she heard those words, there isn't any need for the police/ambulance/other help at the scene).

I love how wildly implausible-sounding this case was, and yet juuuuust believable enough at the same time. Rube-Goldberg style murders with an animal variable:  Man showers with bird, leaving door open. Cat hates bird. Cat sees opportunity to attack, leaps, takes down shower curtains; man falls, hits head, dies. Bird flies out in a frenzied state. Attacks woman, who should really not have left the vegetable-chopping knife in her hand. Woman tries to escape bird, trips, falls, stabs self. Bird knocks phone off cradle, calls for help. Bird re-locks self in cage. Murder scene!

Also, Hodges almost looks cute while cuddling - er, processing - a friendly, affable orange tabby cat who apparently is so mellow (provided there are no birds in sight) that it lets him handle its paws and even clean under its nails without trying to bite his hand off at the wrist. Impressive.

In other news, disappointingly unresolved tension between Catherine & unlikely Charming Gentleman Vartann, where even though the latter was right*, I somehow still didn't like her cavalier handling of it.  I still love the very subtle and understated way they've slipped those two in under the radar, though. It's a nice subplot. What's this about implying this ending was them breaking up, internet? I will label it unresolved until there is actual confirmation on this front.

(* = The casino stake? Kind of big, I guess, but also not necessarily his business unless they're planning to get married. The post-John-Mayer concert thing? How and why would that ever come up? "Oh, by the way, four years ago I woke up in a hotel room with no memory of my night after being roofied. No actual consequences arose from it. More wine?" Besides, those two things seem like she'd have completely different reasons for not mentioning them, and shouldn't be connected. Shut up, Vartann).

And taking the cake for most cringe-inducing-yet-still-somehow-hilarious moment, Catherine straddling Langston to recreate a potential accidental-death scenario. In the name of science and evidence, of course. But I can see why Nick wouldn't want to participate; I'd have to make another macro mocking the Brokeback situations they are always finding themselves in. Meanwhile, laughing my ass off.

Fun episode all around.

-House, 7x08, "Small Sacrifices"
The only thing that didn't make sense to me in this episode was why the guy accepted embryonic stem cell therapy just because God didn't cure his daughter's cancer after all. If that didn't actually stop him from believing in God -- did it? Did he just flip-flop back to believing at the end? This guy is the worst Catholic ever -- then he should still have had very strong convictions against that treatment and not believed it was worth it to save his own life.

If his daughter's pleas for him to live had swayed his mind, that would be one thing, but he sure seemed able to look her in the eye and claim it was part of God's plan. In fairness, I am not really clear how strong one's anti-stem-cell-research convictions are when one is days away from dying with no other alternative, but it seems like if you are WILLING TO NAIL YOURSELF TO A CROSS MULTIPLE TIMES, your convictions would be pretty strong.

On the Sam/Wilson front, once again, you have to try MUCH harder than this to show me why he ever got divorced once, much less multiple times. It's not a big loss here since he and Sam had no chemistry and his proposal timeline was ridiculous, but it makes me sad that nobody sticks with Wilson unless they end up prematurely dying.

House/Cuddy: still going strong for me, and oh, more of them dancing in their fine evening wear is always welcome.

Foreman the Luckless Wingman vs. Chase The Hot-Property, Threesome-Having Bachelor: LMAO. Also particularly liked their coordinated "He's bluffing" dismissal after Taub tries to casually claim they're overrated.
There. Now I think I'm caught up on everything except my 2-weeks-behind Office.
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