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And the ghosts in the attic, they never quite leave

You know which OTP I miss? Booth/Brennan. Not enough to go back to Bones, but enough to spend last night on YouTube trying to find the knife scene from last season's premiere. Which I could not find, except at the end of this video, which I decided was almost better. Protective!Booth.

And...clearly now I will be diving headlong into one zillion random fanvids, because I not only don't re-watch these episodes, I haven't even preserved any of the moments in novelized form. Ergo, they are ALL (ALMOST) BRAND NEW TO ME. And there are so many. Good God, it is like discovering X-Files all over again. See what good things come from resisting a ship for multiple seasons? At this point I cannot even fathom Past Me and her anti-shippin' ways.

Other activities for the morning: reading back through my Bones reviews with increasing sadness.  It was all going so well!

On the bright side, I finished my epic Glee review for 2x07 (backdated for organization), mostly for my own peace of mind, and....oh, look at that, someone got herself all caught up!

Glee, 2x08, "Furt"
Is that seriously the title? We are already starting off on the wrong foot.

Let's just...try to salvage what was good.  It will be like trick-or-treating. How much can we get for the distance covered?

* Ultra Threatening Karofsky. I'm going somewhere with this, but not before I admit that I flat-out enjoy the sheer cruelty and menace in his face. Making Kurt tremble like a leaf is a high priority in my life all on its own. BUT THEN IT LEADS TO:

* Concerned Teacher Mode, twice as epic as before, since Kurt is now sufficiently terrified enough to drop the dismissive prissypants act and admit that he's not OK. Aaaand, my life is complete as Mr. Schue finally steps up to the plate to intervene in some of the blatant bullying that goes on here. I actually get two shoulder-touching moments out of this, so, not a bad haul for one installment.

* PRINCIPAL SUE. She somewhat won me over in scenes with her mother (who was not nearly as fun as I'd hoped), but it was really her role as a rational (!), sane (!), caring (!), fair (!), and otherwise competent and effective principal that blew me away. The fact that she heard Kurt out with nothing more than mild use of "Lady" - which she willingly semi-retracted when called on it (!) - from the very beginning, and then proceeded to both expel the kid and later resign her position specifically to be of more help to Kurt as a pair of watchful eyes in the hallway? Sue is dangerously close to being something like my hero.

* I particularly liked the first scene because everybody sounds so reasonable. Sue actually listens, Schue is appropriately worried, and even Kurt has legitimate cause for complaint. Well, more like "begging for help," which only endears me to him more. I want to live in these few minutes forever. The pleading eyes he casts at Mr. Schue after Sue admits that legally, she can't do anything, just break my heart. As does that tiny flare of bravery when he points out, "You know, when you call me Lady, that's bullying."

* "I'm dating Puckerman."
"You're getting *naked* with Puckerman."
-- I love how Quinn has zero tolerance for any of Santana's BS.

* What was that thing I was saying about wishlist items happening more than once? Why yes -- it's another League of Angrily Protective Gentlemen!  Women, defenseless boys, it's all the same to me. Mike Chang's glare is fierce, and even if he gets laid out before raising a hand, it turns out Sam is a PILE DRIVER. Gosh, look at me, I'm so impressed that I just temporarily let him have his name back.

* I also appreciated Burt's tackle, although that seemed like the kind of unprovoked aggression that could get you arrested, and I am really sick of him turning around and blaming Finn all the time. I did really like Finn's face when he heard about the death threats, though.

* Sue wore a tracksuit dress. Awesome.

* Rachel looked really pretty at the wedding. The end.

* [Edit: Ahahaha! I was going to be fairly restrained this week, actually, but TWoP is not. The results are giggle-inducing. "Oh, my God, I hate him SO MUCH right now. Not only did he somehow connive to make his parents' entire wedding All About Him, he's now successfully conspired to rob them of their honeymoon?"

An Overview of the Awful
-100% hellish music

-I wanted to like Sue's mom. I didn't. The whole thing was too bizarre, somewhere between "not funny" and "sad and confusing."

-This whole Burt/Carol relationship doesn't sit quite right with me and it never will. Sorry. It always feels weird and uncomfortable. And that was even before the wedding, where I died of secondhand mortification, was amazed that things CAN get worse than Jim and Pam's wedding, and generally suffered through the torture of both ceremony and reception solely to watch Will's face.

Oh, and there was a random surprise solo from him! Which, alas, fell under the heading of "hellish," but at least I could close my eyes and take myself back to his own wedding, where you know he got up there and serenaded her at some point before rejoining her on the dance floor. Yes, I just hijacked the setting for my own purposes. WILL/TERRI, ALL THINGS.

-Promise ring wtf? Do they still have those? How and why did Cartoon Lips even get this idea? There goes the name privilege. His character is just so weird and random, I can't figure out why he's here. I honestly still don't understand the point of him and am so confused, I don't even know if I care enough to hate him. Except he's ruining Quinn for me. Not cool.

-We've officially reached that point in my anti-Finchel feelings where I wish she HAD slept with Jesse. Give me another month or two and I will brace myself to actually watch the Like a Virgin sequence. (That said, I think I would enjoy a scene in which he 'fesses up, so long as he does it before they do it. "Wordplay. Love it.")

-Brittany/Artie is grossing me out. A lot.

-I'd be celebrating the whole Kurt-leaving thing if I thought it would actually get him off my screen, but I know better than to hope for miracles like that. Especially if they replace him with one of their two repulsive understudies (you see why I was trying to recruit Mr. Schue's normal students before).

Up Next: I'm letting my Optimism Hat ride. My Cautious Optimism Hat, anyway. Let's see where this goes.
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