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Survivor: In the most pointless episode ever, 2 people quit. Well, I say pointless, I mean "pointless except for the reward challenge," in which we were not only thrilled with the "Gulliver" dummies they had to carry, but howled with laughter upon seeing Already Tiny Dan sitting in an oversized chair throne that literally dwarfed him. Excellent sight gag! And...I hate to say it, what with all the grossly blatant cross-promotion going on (film pimping: not just for American Idol anymore), but this did actually make the movie look interesting, Jack Black and all.

Also I got a bit more of Chase with his arms wrapped a huddled-up, shivering and crying Naonka, which I'm up for any day. Beyond that...

Just wondering why Jeff flew into such a rage today when I could almost swear that they've let people quit midday before with much less fuss. But it was pretty fun to watch Marty shimmer with rage over there in the jury. You know what else is fun? There is now only one awful person left, and even so, all the very worst people have already taken a hike. Meanwhile, I like or am indifferent to the vast majority of the remainder. This NEVER HAPPENS. This must be Tailor-Made-for-RS Survivor.

And since I'm still miraculously unspoiled for the finale: regardless of probability, my current order of preference for winner.
1) Jane
2) Holly (WHAT. I don't know; I'm really impressed with the effort she's put in lately. 2-4 are kind of all interchangeable)
3) Chase
4) Fabio
5) Benry
6) Dan
7) Sash
Travels 'Round the Internet: Come for the Will/Rachel fanvid, stay for the commentary.

Glee, 2x09, "Special Education"
Well, that was quite the downer.

Brad, Brad, Brad. Did you just fail at writing an episode? Little bit, yeah, I think you did. :(

What Worked:
+++ FURIOUS!Teacher Mode, 95% directed at Rachel = EPIC. Wow, just, wow, I'm going to count that as a victory for my Unexpected Wishlist granting. I was happy enough just with the gritted teeth and sighs at her latest diva antics, which brought me back to the happy place that was the first four episodes, but then she had to push and he exploded*. This is my favorite day! And oh, Sulky Rachel, ilu. (*Did you catch the violent slamming of music down on the piano? Past Me: ...I like it when he throws stuff.'s a thing.)

+ Also, I kind of like that Rachel is the one who interrupts his Sad Piano Moment with Emma (to point out that, not that she really cares, if they don't leave now they're going to miss the competition.)

+ More angry shouting in the green room. Combined with telling them he's ashamed (which, frankly, they deserved), and impassioned reminders of how amazing they were this time last year and made him cry. There's the teacher I know and love.

+ Hey, it's my good buddy Azimio!  The one whose mockery and insults still come from a respectable place of pure meanness. Correctly using the word "redundant" and everything; I'm starting to think he might be some sort of secret genius covering it up to fit in, which would be a much more interesting secret trait than his counterpart's. Did I mention that everybody ganged up on Puck for a beatdown? Because I enjoyed that.

+ That said... "Don't PUSH me, Karofsky! You forced my boy Kurt out of here, and juvi or no, you're already #1 on my list to go all Death Star on."

+ Emma acknowledged that Quinn has a beautiful voice (fine, woman, grudging and temporary respect).

+ Will recruiting Puck to recruit an emergency glee member. Something about the "I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that" comment charms me. The fist bump really charms me.

"If we lose we should throw possums." Note to self: open review of next sucky episode with mention of throwing possums.

+ For like 10 seconds in there, when Finn told Rachel he loved her and bent in half to give her one of those precious giant/dwarf hugs, I shipped that. Now, if everyone could please stop cheating on the poor guy with his super-gross moron of a friend? That'd be awesome. 

+ Seeing Kurt freak out over the tiny canary's well-being, even if he was more concerned about his position as a Warbler than the bird itself, I promptly decided that one way to my heart would be to give Kurt a pet he dotes on. Forget the mythical future boyfriend Ryan Murphy keeps droning on about and get the boy a puppy. I could respect that.

+ Tina's plaid dress & giant butterfly necklace at the end made her look really pretty. Yeah -- this is how desperate I'm getting to pretend there was a sufficient amount of good stuff.

What Confused:
Emma & Carl got hitched!  I don't know how to feel. On the one hand, my gut reaction = awesome! Perfect! They're so cute! YES. On the other... a weekend Vegas fling, really? That seems both tacky and suspiciously like his #1 motivation might have been getting her off Will Schuester's market ASAP. Not that I am invested in Emma, since within 10 seconds of her reappearance on my screen I was back to punch-her-face-in type feelings, but it's a little sad that she didn't get a big fancy ceremony.

Now I have my suspicions on how fast such a quickie marriage might unravel. And all I have to say to this is: DON'T. Don't you dare manufacture a second divorce to get your lame charmed lovebirds together in the end. I forbid it. I ban it. I outlaw it. Mrs. Emma Pillsbury-Howell forever!  Will/Emma for NEVER. (It could happen! Without a Trace screwed over its loyal shipper fanbase in the end!)

P.S. Annulments will not be accepted either, so don't go looking for loopholes. Death is a loophole. That's the only one you get.

What Didn't Work:
-Rachel being nice to Kurt is weird and unpleasant, do not want.

-As I suspected, transferring Kurt to another school only makes him twice as unbearable: now when he's in scenes, I don't even have the other glee club members I know and love to distract me. Also, he'd better never have the nerve to complain about Rachel's bossiness again, seeing as he was there for five minutes before he started trying to direct their first competition set list. (I did appreciate the passive-aggressive politeness of the board, though. Maybe they can be my emotionally abusive bullies.)

-Santana's bitchtastic reveal and the general hell that followed in its wake. What the blergh. I'm not sad that Finn/Rachel are over, exactly, I'm just annoyed at how it went down (though it's so much easier to like Rachel when she's full of tears and heartbreaking expressions of hurt).

-And furthermore: PUCK/RACHEL NO GOD WHY NO, NOOOOOOOOOOO! Thankfully it was only kissing - my screams of horror when I thought she'd slept with him ricocheted through the neighborhood - but even that is just so, so much DO NOT WANT.

-The music and performances were all weak. To date I've always thought New Directions' competition songs were weak but they usually win me over with their stage presence; today they did nothing for me. As for the Warblers, not only do I have a grudge against a capella in general, but "Hey, Soul Sister" makes me want to light things on fire. Why so full of musical fail, Academy?

+ The only song I thought had a chance was "Dog Days are Over" (that's either a promise or a good case of irony, depending on the next episode) and it was only a weak little chance that Mercedes' voice stomped right out. I gave the original a whirl too, but even though it's mostly got the right ingredients, it's not really clicking with me. Maybe later - I'm not ruling it out, but I'm not real enthusiastic at the moment.

[edit: although, something about them all running about the stage and dancing together, in conjunction with an article today reminding us that the club is graduating in 2012, made me think that one day I am going to look back on this shot of adorable happiness (less the Finn/Rachel looks) from junior year with a big shot of bittersweet nostalgia and then maybe bawl my eyes out.]

-Disgusting Girl is their Kurt replacement. I'd rather have Kurt back. I'd rather have Jacob back. (what I'd rather have is for one of those pretty girls in band to bust out a heretofore hidden vocal talent, but of my realistic options...)

-You tied? Oh, please. Cop-out. That shouldn't even be allowed. Way to make this competition a total footnote.

-What is that face you're making at the end there, Emma? STOP IT. You have a super-hot and apparently doting husband now. Love & appreciate your life circumstances. This is about me, and I cannot go through the systematic destruction of another OTP.

Conclusion: Bleh. I need to watch the Singin in the Rain/Umbrella performance about a billion times to reset the slate. That's my new default happy place, by the way. Something has finally, at least for the time being, overtaken "Dream On."

Also, for the original airing, thank God I have Raising Hope to immediately wash the bad sights out of my eyes. I don't know how or why, but Raising Hope is just, like, the antidote to everything that is wrong with the television world.

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