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+ Horror films: most unlikely place ever to find an OTP, right? And yet, the 2006 version of "The Omen" delivers, because I am sort of ridiculously in love with Robert/Kate. Julia Stiles is love by default, but I have never sat up and paid such attention to Liev Schreiber before (season 7 CSI arc, here I come again!). I liked the rest of the movie too, but I was mostly over the moon about the unexpectedly heartwarming moments.

+ Oh, sweet, Glee music IS eligible for Grammys.  Right, I'm going to get a head start on the complaining: if "Don't Stop Believin'" doesn't win something, especially given its beauty in comparison to most of its decidedly gross competition, I'm breaking things.

Grey's Anatomy, 7x10, "Adrift and At Peace"

There may be pictures later, after I can watch it again.  Words first, until the video is available.

1: Owen needs to back up off the possessive use of "my wife" right now. RIGHT NOW. It makes things very weird and uncomfortable for me, and that phrase should never make me anything but joyous. I don't think Meredith's precisely right, but I think she might  be closer, and really -- marrying someone does not automatically make you closer than a best friend, so I'm a little sick of his temper tantrums (did I at one point hear him say that he doesn't want Cristina around her? Owen, there is an apparently thin line between rugged protectiveness and sexist control issues). That said, I still find this prickly dynamic of animosity fairly intriguing.

2. Derek/Cristina is officially my favorite heterosexual non-UST friendship ever (no, really, I'm not shipping it. I'm not even AU-shippin' it. How long you want to bet that lasts?). I absolutely love his unconventional breakthrough methods, even when I do not understand them (say, at the end. The way my brain is wired, I wondered if she'd just become distraught over turning into a murderer of fish). Speaking of the end, his smile was so gorgeous that I can't think of a way to end this sentence; it just stopped all the thought processes in their  tracks.

3. I kind of didn't hate the Mark/Lexie kiss? It was pretty sweet, was the thing. And in a public place, i.e. fully clothed. Then again, I also didn't hate him & Callie in the shower. Has he stopped smirking? Generally being an ass? What is it about him that makes me able to stand his face all of a sudden and possibly want nice things for him?

4. I am a little peeved that Owen and Cristina's 60 combined seconds together and two exchanges of dialogue were still all we got for the two of them. Remember when we could count on conversations either in the morning or at night? You need to let us into their home life a little. I can't filter it all through the hospital gossip. New Year's Resolution 1: improve on this front.

5. Mer/Der dominated tonight instead, though, and that's a pretty OK substitute. Starting with all the excellent banter in the morning and ending with my squee explosion at the spooning.

6. What the hell, why is Arizona back? She was gone for like two seconds. Also, wow, Callie is a super huge bitch (but wait, I hate Arizona more, so...shouldn't I like the fact that she had a door slammed in her stupid face, especially after she gave up the opportunity of a lifetime to come crawling back to something she broke in the first place?).

7. No sighting of Stark tonight. Boo.

8. Oh, Bailey, are you going to be Yang 2.0 and have the second charmed dating life in the hospital? Because I could live with that. Mr. Nurse Eli is no Ben, but he's a pretty nice substitute, and won my admiration solely for slapping Lexie down with his 12 years of experience. For a second I felt like I was watching an early Scrubs episode of Carla vs. Elliot.

9. I am not a fan of April's new reddish dye job, but I am totally a fan of her smirking about how when she was a kid, she wanted a pony, so she worked really hard...and got a pony. Named Sparkle, i.e. one of my favorite words in the English language. Oh, I just love her more and more. And still really want that creative AU where they're sisters.

10. SCOTT FOLEY. Once I got past my extended session of "ugh, augh, Teddy, why, why are you so WEIRD," I decided that if they wanted to go with Izzie/Denny 2.0, I would roll with it. Teddy seems increasingly bearable, and the fewer characters I hate, the better.

To reiterate: Scott Foley and his pretty, pretty eyes.

(10.5. One last snark: Hey, Teddy, how did that whole getting married thing work out for Alex when the medical bills came due?)

11. Why would you show me a preview for the next episode? I already couldn't wait until January; how am I supposed to wait until January NOW?

Private Practice, 4x10, "Just Lose It"
It's totally bad that my first reaction was to LAUGH MY ASS OFF over the fact that Charlotte screwed herself out of getting her rapist convicted, right? And it's also pretty bad that I howled with laughter at the victim-blaming when the attorney very politely called her out on being a kinky sex weirdo? It's just...this also feels like the only way to legally punish someone for being a kinky sex weirdo, so.

That said, even though her platitudes were driving me nuts, when Cooper exploded at her and she fled to the bathroom, I felt a fresh and most welcome resurgence of sympathy. Felt it again after her meekly voiced fear of "He's gonna leave me." (not entirely unfounded, apparently!  though I was mostly entertained by Cooper trying to hook up with Amelia. And proud of her for throwing him off and being repulsed)

Amelia is also my hero first for looking ill and fleeing the scene of the older women cooing over the baby (ROCK ON), and then being devastated to find the men also talking about babies. Followed by her pleading with them to be sexist and talk about women/boobs/women with boobs, etc.

+ Pete/Violet United Front: I love when they are in sync. I'm closer than ever before to just embracing them outright. Sometimes it feels like they have been married for a decade.

+ How is Cooper not in jail by this point? How many people does he have to hit? Though, I can see why he made a mistake in assuming which parent was the molester. Dad's got a real rapey vibe about him ... and yet, IMDB is not jogging any rapist-type memories at all, despite appearances on CSI: Miami, Numb3rs & Cold Case. In that case, it's disturbing that I felt this vibe before we even knew that was an issue in this episode.

+ Naomi! You're back!  That's pretty much what I got. Be interesting again. I bet it's not too late to adopt Betsy.

+ It's been a while since I felt anything about a patient. Justin gaining hundreds of pounds as an attempted defense mechanism against his mother's abuse kind of broke my heart.
So, do we feel about Off the Map? Based solely on the previews they keep running, with no outside information, my thoughts are:ZACH GILFORD?!  ZACH GILFORD ZACH GILFORD ZACH GILFORD AND I WOULDN'T HAVE TO WAIT FOR THE FREE TIME TO GET INTO FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!

In serious, non-capslock mode, I was ready to write it off straightaway. The super cheesy dialogue about ogling the male doctors, the locale (people look like they'd be sweaty a lot. Not good for getting me to ship things), the fact that due to the cheesy dialogue all the women appear to be vapid airheads...

...but, I don't know, they seem to have a 100% success rate going on attractive men, and if they play up the (legitimate) humanitarian angle a bit more and do their best to remind me of ER's Africa episodes, it might intrigue me. If my vague memories of Grey's Anatomy's sleazy past are anything to go by, I'd better skip the pilot and if I know what's good for me, probably avoid most of the first season until the initial crazy SEX 4 RATINGS! period dies down, but I think they've shown enough previews that I am brainwashed. It looks a little - just a little - bit tempting now? And Medium's cancellation leaves an empty stall in my TV barn, which you know I must fill ASAP.

Tell me how to feel. Because otherwise I think I talked myself into giving it a shot.
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