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Ship Unexpected

So I was clicking around on TWoP and saw this line about Lux on Life Unexpected:  She's been fooling around with her teacher and making her best friend lie about it. "WHAT?!" And then, " I see this?" Probably at this point I should just admit it's a kink. (IT IS NOT MY FAULT THAT THE ONLY TEACHERS ON TV TEACH HIGH SCHOOL. I am perfectly happy to let you throw more grad students at their professors, but you don't seem to have any available.)

All right, the YouTube test: are you hot? Verdict: eh, maybe, could be. Fanvids are so confusing with no prior knowledge! However, seems a tad less sleazy than the Pretty Little Liars version. Or at least clearly has more pretty kisses. Ooh, ooh, finally found the handily compiled cache of their episode clips. Let's watch:

-Just want to say up front, with my prior knowledge consisting entirely of photographs of her media appearances and now a couple of fanvids and 14 seconds of film, I find Lux preternaturally charming with her gorgeous blonde curls and ultra pretty face.

-MINNESOTA? Dear Eric, between that and your name, you're officially hot. But, isn't she a teenager? How is she working in a bar? How is she engaged? Is she like fake-engaged, or engaged to an equally foolish classmate? I don't understand so much.

-ENGLISH TEACHER. I know that's a cookie cutter cliche, but you know what, it is a cliche for a reason.

-Ahhh, 23. Part of the cliche is how they're always 22-24, too. That's because that's how far apart you can make the age difference between a teenager and an older guy OK before being swallowed up by sin. Per usual, I have no excuses for Glee, that's just wrongbad all around.

-Ooh, hand touch in the bleachers, that was my favorite part of the few fanvids I saw. I LOVE its context. [and boy, that took some digging, but I think I got the song at the tail end -- Bonnie Piesse, "All I Have"? No idea where I can hear it in full]

-Oh -- my -- God. Heeeee is actually teaching her. I feel faint. (Damn you, unexpectedly-cut-off-at-the-knees series. I love this and want it forever.) I've gone all melty-like. One on one tutoring: my only weakness! Oh, I almost wish this was a book so I could savor the words of a nice long central plot and then hug it.

-BECAUSE TUTORING IS THE ONLY WAY HE CAN SPEND TIME WITH HER WITHOUT IT BEING WRONG, OKAY? BAM, I AM DIRECTLY PARAPHRASING HIS WORDS and my core temperature just went up like five dangerous degrees. Oh my God, I am going to have to add a category to this year's fandom survey for, like, "most unexpected and never-dreamt-of daydream to happen in canon."

-Remember night swimming at Camp Somewhere For Some Reason? Well, now I do, and it's sent me head over heels for the pairing. Fastest attachment ever formed.
[edit: having seen the full episode, it's a little creepy in a too-much-too-soon way since I'm not sure my brain actually connected the whole stripping-to-underwear aspect of night swimming before it was shown to me, but not enough to actually deter me.]

-Eeeeeeeeeeh secret bus handholds!  Hyperspeed clapping, commence.
In conclusion, al;ksdjfal;ksjdfkl;asjdflkajslkd;fjasdf. Now, help me out, because that last video was posted November 7th and I have to imagine there has been some development since then. POINT ME THERE. Ideally in a way where I don't have to watch entire episodes, because I'm not ready for the full-scale introduction of awesome that is Lux's biological parents yet, and I also don't want to get too attached to this poor doomed baby. Pushing Daisies' scars run deep.
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