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6 hours ago: I don't want to get too attached to this poor doomed baby.

HAH, HAH, HAH. So. Since then, I have spent pretty much all night (sleep, work, what?) diving into this show/fandom and messily splashing all about with no organization at all. Wikipedia had informed me that the videos I saw stopped with 2x07, and then very strongly suggested that I view 2x08. So, I did, bouncing through it for the Eric/Lux parts (and accidentally picking some other stuff up along the way). In two parts, then:

A) SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. After that last scene, are there are actually even any people still against this? I mean, I'm sure there must be, what with the technical illegality and all. But. It is just so damned PRETTY. And soul-fulfilling. I theoretically realize that even if this show weren't dying this relationship would probably not last. But then I actually look at the scenes and go, "BUT WHY NOT," because it seems so lovely and mature and compatible. And whenever they wrap an episode, I have nothing but this giant sense of contentment and peace.

And since I'm still a gibbering idiot on the rest of it: public handholding! weekend getaways! wedding dancing!  Somebody actually just pulled out the "we have to stay in a hotel room overnight together" trope, and didn't exploit it at any point -- no "accidental sleep spooning," O.C. style, or even an awkward morning? Well, that's just disappointing. No, no, I'm proud of you for what you did with it instead. Still:

"The last heart I want to break is yours."
My notes: HOW IS SHE NOT MAKING OUT WITH HIM RIGHT NOW. OR FIVE MINUTES AGO. OR AS LONG AS THEY HAVE BEEN IN THIS ROOM. (Wow, look, you see? You see how fast the obsession is taking root? Six hours ago I was a sane woman who looked at him and went,  "Eh.")

B) General reactions to other brand-new-to-me characters: Hah, Cate is kind of fantastic, and though her physical features are all like the opposite of Lux's, she is still exactly the same level of INTENSELY PRETTY. I love her.  I say this after she spent most of my first meeting with her being publicly trashed, so that is some strong love.  I also love...Tasha? Whoever she is/where she came from, I like her whole bunches too.

But mostly: up to this point, I have been afraid I'd have to ship Cate/Ryan on married principle, even though it still didn't seem like the show's endgame. It turns out: Ryan is not cute or appealing in the slightest, while Baze has a BLINDINGLY ADORABLE puppy-eyed face. Also curls. Why have I never seen this guy in anything before?  I don't actually know what to ship here, as I think I'd like several episodes of them as simply being friends and coparents first...but you also know how fast I tend to go from that to WEDDINGZ & BABIEZ PLZ. (except wait, they already had the baby. That might fast-fast track it). Um, in conclusion: Baze.  Baze's girlfriend, however, do not want even in an independent capacity. 

tl;dr: I feel very strongly that Lux is the central beacon of the show, and while I like her parents (and maybe her aunt) loads, I find all the other peripheral adults obnoxious and thus consider scenes of her parents' lives to be giant wastes of time unless they are interacting with her. Sorry, Muzzy!

But wait, that didn't fill six hours. Truth is, first I went trolling about all over LJ looking for reviews to give me a taste, followed by professional reviews when LJ was not sufficiently forthcoming (damn you, tiny loser network that reaches no one), and then I was here and there on Wikipedia stuffing random bits -- by no means a comprehensive overview - of trivia into my brain...and then it was time for the two most recent episodes.

Just in time for me to be full of extra-special Pushing Daisies rage that this show is about to go over the edge just when things start to rev up and get really complex and interesting. I've been gradually skipping less and less of the episodes, in much the same way I acclimated myself to Glee, so here's where my brain's at now:

A) Sam is a fucking pain in the ass, who wastes valuable Lux screen time, and should be hit in the head with a heavy-duty shovel ASAP.

B) Bullpuckey, why is Cate pregnant? I can't undo babies. I can undo marriage vows under the right circumstances, but children are there forever, annoying thorns in the side reminding you that JD/Elliot and Ross/Rachel can never ultimately pull off the fairytale ending 100%. ...I might have some specific grudges, and I don't even like those couples.

C) Overall feelings? I don't know; deep down I am impressed with its quality but as a thoroughly spoiled viewer, this series is a loaf of bread and I just want to tunnel through it for the soft middle and leave the rest behind. I don't have time for anything that is not sheer gold. Aww, I can't help it, I sort of love when they are in panicked secrecy mode (relatedly: yes, yes, you could get arrested any day now. Make the most of it and quit wasting valuable kissing time). Or even better, this mode: 

"Don’t you get it by now, Lux? For you, I’d do anything."

D) Next step: fanfic.  *blanches* I...don't even know where to start. And I don't really want to start, given that canon has been so adept at delivering on the dream list, and I am sure this fandom is not big enough to have very many writers who won't screw it up.

Whew, I'm exhausted. Shiny New Obsession Love takes a lot out of you.

P.S. Good morning, flist! Don't you hate when you go to bed and wake up to find that I've been throwing a wild all-night party and turned into someone unrecognizable since you last saw me?
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