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Apparently I'm just going to work my way backward through Life Unexpected.

The camping episode (2x07) is in my brain now, and while I'm still not fully watching and am pretty disoriented on what is happening in the adult relationships (only partly because Baze's is just GROSS, SO GROSS), it turns out that there are all these little leftover gold shavings of Eric/Lux scenes that weren't quite full-fledged enough for compilation video inclusion, but now provide a few extra seconds' worth of happiness. Just bear with me another week or two, flist; this obsession feels like it's going to burn white-hot and then flame out of my life quickly. It'll be over soon.

[edit: but not today!  2x06 followed, in super-streamlined mode (read: 95% of the scenes I saw had Eric in them), and there was LOTS of new stuff.  Ahahaha, see, this? The teasing over bad 80s movies on the couch? This is the kind of stuff that is drawing me in. This is the friendly, banter-filled dynamic I've been craving since the pilot of episode Glee way back when, except now I don't actually think it would work on Glee at all, much less in the magnificent way it works here. Universe: workin' in mysterious, belated ways to grant all my TV wishes.

+ "I can't show you that I care about you like normal people can. The only way that I can show it is through your schoolwork."
Dying! Just dying.

+ Oh, look at that, skipped through 2x05 too. Kate Voegele! Ah, why is this the first crossover in the history of ever where I haven't had any working knowledge of the second show? Apparently I don't have a lot to add to this one -- but swinging wildly back to #6 -- at this point, I have some new thoughts on Cate/Ryan, which mostly consist of: "DIVORCE, DIVORCE RIGHT NOW, Julia is so pretty, I think Ryan should probably marry Julia." That said, while I still don't have the patience to watch all their scenes, I am gradually becoming more curious and slightly intrigued by the angst in this marriage, and sometime tomorrow I might actually watch more than just scattered glimpses a few seconds at a time.

This person is wise in the ways of Lux shipping. So wise.

+ Oh, gross, I just confirmed my suspicions born of yesterday's swift glance at a Google Image thumbnail: Bug = super-obnoxious Farid from "Inkheart." Always slathering your unwelcome presence over pretty blonde girls who are too good for you, aren't you? I already didn't like the guy based on the descriptions of his character, and now there is really no hope on earth that I'll be able to stand him.

+ It took me all of roughly 2 days to seek out spoilers. I don't like them. I know there's like a million to none chance that I'm going to get my ship to the end without it sinking, but I'm still in denial and don't want to hear anything that even vaguely suggests otherwise. For all my whining about the cancellation axes last year, it's been a while since one of my shows truly went out in an unsatisfying manner.]

-Medium, 7x10, "Blood on the Tracks"
There you go, show. Don't forget to kill off Joe's other parent before you leave (from now on, I'm just going to pretend everything is a reaction to being cut off halfway through the season. "Kicking us out, huh? Fine, then we're packing up all our toys first.") I know this is an entirely inadequate and facetious response, Future Me, but there's no love lost between Kathy Baker and I, so I was glad to see her go and not really aware of how much she's apparently been featured over the years. Not least because all I could think throughout the flashbacks was, "Oh, God, look how much more attractive Joe's hair was at all times in the past."

Was also sad that Ariel was not around for that last scene, but at least it provided an opportunity for very sweet comforting moments at the end. Which I can't clearly remember right now, I just know there was gorgeous focus on Allison & Joe, so that should be a fun surprise whenever I see this episode again. And generally speaking, Joe was pretty amazing throughout. 
CSI: NY, 7x10, "Shop Til You Drop"
Surprisingly decent plot (although it made me nostalgic for Pushing Daisies' much better "Window Dressed to Kill"), with a couple of extremely pretty guest actresses, aside from my muffled snorting at the end when we played a schmaltzy montage of people celebrating their wonderful anonymous gifts of...embezzled money. Festive!

But personally, I could not get my hackles to come down after the first scene. Jo, kindly back the hell right out of Stella's territory. Even though I usually try to imagine her lines coming out of Stella's mouth anyway, this got too close. Nobody else should have the power to drag Mac, feigning reluctance while clearly bemused and a little bit charmed in spite of himself, out on a holiday shopping trip.

CSI: Miami, 9x10, "Happy Birthday"

+ I missed the first 3 minutes of this episode during the live viewing. As a result, I thought it was just my craziness that the episode kept reminding me of Marisol -- the car accident, the ambulance rush with frantic paramedics, the woman laid out in the hospital -- and then I belatedly read this bit of insight halfway through the episode and went, "Oh. That explains it." I thought Horatio seemed especially twitchy and unhinged today, but he's so off the rails most of the time anyway that it's hard to tell. Speaking of: 

+ "I'm saying, if this baby dies, they're going to be finding pieces of you all over Biscayne Bay." You know, there was a time when that kind of threat would have been a bluff.

*pause as Horatio proceeds to lock down the car doors and do something shadowy and nebulous that results in screaming* What the hell?! So now he's progressed to full on torture as an acceptable means of eliciting information from suspects. I think you should probably re-examine the definition of "moral grey area," TPTB, because it is not nearly as grey as you think it is.

+ Calleigh reciting her grandmother's prayer with the victim, and later silently during the surgery, was just about the most heartwarming thing I've seen since the premiere. I am so proud of this show.

+ JIM CLANCY! Or, uh, David Conrad. Whatever. I took one look at my long-absent Ghost Whisperer husband and launched into squealing. So what if he's a twisted individual who attempted to end his wife's pregnancy through nefarious means because he was jealous that a baby would take up all her attention? He got at least half an episode to play a loving and devoted husband again, and in fairness, he really was concerned for her health and safety.

+ I love how this show is so color-coordinated that at one point, even the hospital staff were sporting light green scrubs. Way to break the mold with your random blue T-shirt and 5-stripes-of-color, none-of-which-are-green, Ryan.

+ I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH, PART 1: Eric in church, lighting a candle in Marisol's memory.

+ I LOVE THIS SHOW SO MUCH, PART 2: After quick shots of various angel statues that make me think about Weeping Angels and hug the back wall in fear, we're back in the familiar cemetery, under the same tree and everything, to meet Horatio sitting beside Marisol's grave. I cannot stop to think about the when or how or why or any of it, because I love what I am seeing that much.

"Well Mari, she's a little girl, and she's beautiful. Just like you. Happy birthday."
And then there are the requisite flashbacks (always yay), and oh, we are SO having a resurgence of this ship. If YouTube doesn't cooperate, I'm going to dig out the videotapes and bait Mr. Munchy Crunchy VCR to watch them that way. I don't know about you, but every time I watch this ending, I forget that Robot Horatio ever existed. I'm right back in season 4. Beautifully blocked, shot, and acted. I even liked the ending music montage, normally not this series' strength, because The Fray is just made for this kind of stuff and the lyrics of "Never Say Never" seem fitting.

P.S. I kept forgetting to vote in this bracket challenge, but BOO. Whatever, fans; I know you lobbied long and hard for an Eric/Calleigh kiss, but Speedle getting shot is the #1 emotionally resonating moment of the series. Not just of the choices presented, but literally, the entire series.

How I Met Your Mother, 6x11, "The Mermaid Theory"
OK, I laughed SO HARD at Marshall flipping between the happy/angry halves of Creepy Captain's face. No matter how long it went on, I just kept howling. Between that and Ted's inner I'm going to die! monologue, as much as I loved Blitzgiving, this felt like one of the funniest episodes ever. See what a great boon Zoey has been to this show? Also golden: the flashbacks to the origins of the title theory.

I love how there was something for just about every wayward shipper in the bunch (Marshall/Barney, Marshall/Robin, Barney/Lily...). I subscribe to none of them, but then I'm still firmly planted in Camp Ted/Zoey. I will arranged-adultery you if I have to!  But mostly, I thought it was WONDERFUL that we got a bonus preview of pregnant!Lily to tide us over until it happens in canon, and that it was full of Barney being sweet to her (albeit after accidentally offending her a lot first), apologizing and pulling her out of traffic and whatnot. Yep, this one was kind of perfect.

Bonus: Robin in a strangely adorable manatee suit, which I'm pretty sure is what I want to be for Halloween next year.

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