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Fic In Too Many Forms To Focus

Obsession, Day 5: I've rejected 95% of the limited E/L fic I've come across, but I'll be damned if this little booster didn't tide me over for the few hours remaining before tonight's episode. And may yet be required for consolation if the episode doesn't deliver anything useful.
It is officially one day shy of a year since I last tagged anything with "my fic," and that was just a crack!fic meme (not that I'm knocking the meme. I am really super fond of all my crackrabbit meme answers). As much of a trickle as my page has been in recent times, it looks like 2010 is going to be the first year since I rebooted in '06 that I don't finish anything at all. :(

I can't even do the stupid works in progress meme, that's how little progress I have. I don't even write drafts anymore. I just write occasional ideas for fic, blurting out the thoughts in my head with messy mixtures of telling-not-showing summary of what I want to say with a few halfhearted attempts at evocative sentences. Ergo, let us jump-start my dead mojo with one of those character surveys.

Choose 10 characters and then answer the questions below.
1. Lux (Cassidy?) (Life Unexpected, and yes, I am bold enough to pick characters I've known under a week and whose last name I'm not even positive about)
2. Eric Daniels (Life Unexpected)
3. Zoey Pierson (HIMYM)
4. April Kepner (Grey's Anatomy)
5. Sabrina (Raising Hope. Oh, we're going far and wide for uniqueness today)
6. Jimmy Chance (Raising Hope)
7. Greg Sanders (CSI)
8. Sara Sidle (CSI)
9. Quinn Fabray (Glee)
10. Ted Mosby (HIMYM)

Moderately shortened from its original form, as I rebel against including more than two characters in a given prompt:
1.) Seven and Eight plan a heist. What sort of heist might that be? (Sara, Greg)
I'm pretty sure this one involves a parrot.

[edit: Apparently that's what I wrote last night at 2 AM. I have no idea what it means, other than a reference to the most recent episode, so I'm just going to leave the ludicrous sleep-deprived sentence where it is.]

2.) Four gets kidnapped! Is One or Nine the more likely culprit? (April, Lux, Quinn)
Come on, how is a teenage girl going to take down a doctor?  And why? Oh -- unless we're back in the early part of this year and pregnant!Quinn has, perhaps with the aid of Terri, recruited someone to borrow a secret baby deliverin' doctor. 

3.) Six challenges Five to a chess game. What happens?
Sabrina promptly walks all over Jimmy until he realizes that chess isn't a shorthand way to say checkers. It's not his fault. Their board games were mostly played with beer caps because they could only afford to buy crappy games at garage sales with all the pieces missing.

4.) Who doesn't like to play Pokemon? I bet Ten has some great Pokemon! What are they?
HAHAHA. OK, honestly, now all I want is for an episode of HIMYM in which we flash back to how Ted & Marshall were secretly and super-lamely into Pokemon as college freshmen. time dollsome  or crackers4jenn  does an open prompt meme, this is what I'm offering. Try me and see if I'm kidding.

5.) How does Three like to gussy up for a date? (Zoey)
Attempts to answer this question are met with me gazing off into the distance at the memory of her fancy gala evening wear.

6.) Five and Two take a leisurely vacation together. Where do they go? (Sabrina, Eric)
Let's say she's a cousin and transform "leisurely vacation" into "cross-country road trip to help him move."

7.) Nine prepares dinner for Six! What do they make? (Quinn, Jimmy)
I can only conclude that Quinn has a part-time job in a restaurant. I'd hope she's too classy for fast food, but I don't think he is. Sorry, Quinn.

8.) Ten and Three team up. What happens? (Ted, Zoey)
Sexy times. (What? THE MEME DID IT.) Once you've rescued lab rabbits together, you're bonded for life; it's the next logical step.

9.) Is One more accustomed to tangoing, waltzing, or freestyling? (Lux)
Freestyling seems logical, although you know I am now living in AUs where Cate never gave her up and Lux grew up as a dance studio star. I can already see her in all the costumes.

10.) Seven hits on Four. Result? (Eric, April)
The greatest television pairing of all time, that's what. Greg finally gets someone (adorable!) to date, and she just has the best first true love EVER.  At the initial meeting there is much blushing and flustered stammering on April's part, all of which Greg takes in stride and is perhaps mildly cheeky about, but he likes her and it's easy to get her to say yes.

11.) Two is offered an elephant ride or a balloon ride. He / she takes...
Now I sudenly want to see Eric ride an elephant. However, I assume that Lux can come on this ride, and now my brain is all about how Life Unexpected would make a romantic date out of a balloon ride. Oh, there we go! There's the key to letting my daydreams go off-script. It's been frustrating so far, feeling like anything I imagine outside of canon is out of character, but it's happy with this option.

12.) What is 10's greatest burden?
Is Ted's Stable Marriage Problem not enough of a burden? (hah, hah, look at me trying to make a Numb3rs/math pun! And failing.)

13.) And finally, would Six save Four or Nine, if they were both in great danger and he/she could only save one? (Jimmy, April, Quinn)
That's pretty six-of-one; let's say he'd save Quinn because she's just a kid.

[EDIT: And now that you'e seen what kind of havoc my brain can wreak with characters, or mostly because that was unsatisfying and ultimately disappointing, I am doing an open prompt meme. I am once again thwarted in finding exactly the set of instructions I want, so let us choose this one: 

Below is a listing of the alphabet. Please comment with a letter or four of your choice, a word that starts with that letter, and a character or pairing. I will then write a 100-word drabble from the word and character/pairing you choose. If I feel like it and it seems feasible. It is also possible I will just use this as a brainstorming exercise and write you 100-word servings of my thoughts on the subject. By commenting on this prompt, you acknowledge that I am allowed to do whatever I please with your idea.

I may have added the non-italicized portion of those instructions.

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