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LIFE UNEXPECTED! I threw over my regular Raising Hope shot o' joy for your live airing, and am so happy I did. All of my notes are in capslock. Not intentionally; I took it off between thoughts, but every new scene necessitated LOUDER FLAILING. This was an excellent choice for the first episode to see the whole way through. I feel so many things about everybody! Starting with this: Cate/Ryan, that's an acceptable thing in my life now.
Ah, me and my stupid "eeh babiez!" mode. I forget how hard I succumb to babies. Well, unborn babies. Born ones, eh; but you show me a fuzzy scan of a blueberry and I'll pretty much want any couple to last forever in that moment. Meaning that as soon as St. Ryan made his appearance in the first five minutes, I was sold. I think somewhere in there he also pointed out that he was Lux's stepdad, and I realized I didn't want to take that extraneous third parent away from her after all. Now I'm stuck in sad limbo where I can only love Baze/Cate in alternate universes. =/

I did not change my mind about Emma; that whole mess is still gross. I hate that she's older, I hate that she's his boss, I hate that she was a skanky ho with his dad, I hate that she has a kid and that kid is spawn of Satan Sam, and I hate how her face looks sunken and hollow and she sort of reminds me of a velociraptor. I was appropriately grateful that Sam kept his face out of sight and never showed up to drag down this 97%-perfect episode, though. Those are my only negative comments.

I learned that my heart barely has the capacity to contain my overwhelming adoration of the Baze-Cate-Lux family, or the sticker addition of Tasha.  The last scene was such an unfathomably large concentration of heartwarming love I couldn't take it in. But also, you know how I am fond of Baze? I am especially fond of him when he is in, alternately, Anguished/Helpless Dad Mode and Raging Aggressive Protective Dad Mode (er, when raging against violent pervs, that is. Not lovesick teachers. Just want to make this distinction clear). Maybe this should just be my mantra, since I say it all the time: Defensiveness on behalf of picked-on women(/girls) is a good look.

Meanwhile, I realize why I love Tasha so much -- together, she & Lux are like Meredith & Cristina: screwed-up, foster-home-puppies version (what?  they're troublesome and yet too adorable to stay mad at; ergo, they are puppies. A rambunctious pair of littermates). They broke my heart all over the place, in both good and bad ways, between imagined betrayals and tear-inducing promises of loyalty. This is such an intense best friendship. Why are you cancellation-axing it, Universe?  I need years of this! 

Lux on the stand, there are no words -- except maybe "please accept this invitation to be a contender for Favorite Fictional Female Character, 2010."

(By the by, it is so weird to see the characters I know on the wrong side of the law/courtroom. The D.A. is the enemy? Does not compute!)


Remember when the fic was going to be enough to tide me over? HAHA. The show went into such overdrive on the Eric/Lux front that it eclipsed the Astoria trip. Forehead kisses! Regular kisses! Declarations of love! MOVIE NIGHT CUDDLING ON THE COUCH. I think it's pretty obvious which one of those made my life.

I was giddy enough over the super random sight of the same old movie clip used in the opening credits of "Malcolm in the Middle" (only crap quality exists on YouTube, apparently), and then the angle changed and it was just everything I could ever possibly want. One possible reason I no longer write fanfic is that everything I want to happen with anybody promptly shows up on TV as written by more talented people. With visuals.

I'm sorry, I just need a very large picture or two to stare at until I am able to work this episode through my system enough times to focus on comprehensively screencapping it [edit: I love how there are just randomly candles everywhere.]


(side poke! Er, you know, with his arm wrapped around her like that, they are not only powering through the entire Checklist of Cute, but they are ruining all other ships for me. Has anyone ever matched such a concentration of cuteness? We're practically in Ned and Chuck territory, and they were handicapped by an inability to touch. Oh, oh, you know where we are, is in Legend-of-the-Seeker Richard and Kahlan territory. But sweeter. And without stupid magic and swords.) 

Also, can we go back to that first scene for a minute, because once again -- I was happy with the hug and the forehead kiss. Did not expect "I don't want to talk anymore," followed by them finally listening to my never-ending three day lecture about not wasting valuable kissing time.  FINALLY. I do not normally advocate this, much less pause and slow-mo to stretch such moments out, but I have never in my life needed screen tension resolved this badly.  I'm about to go all romance-novel-description on its transcription if someone doesn't cut me off.
Voice: Cutting you off.
There was a point where I thought just having him show up in the courtroom was the treat. Isn't it amazing enough that he's there to hear for himself what happened to her? This was not a guarantee, in my mind. I was already spoiled from the preceding scenes. Instead, tip of the iceberg.

Round III: Courthouse steps? I spent the entire time crippled with fear that one of them was going to do something stupid in full view of Cate (at this point, even a public arm touch is probably dangerous), and by the time I could breathe again, I needed a whole separate rewatch just to confirm that I had heard this.

"Everyone's here because they love you...including me."
"I love you, Lux. I'm not going anywhere." 

Oh look -- it's the point of no return. The point where you say, screw the hypothetical impressionable teenagers in the show's audience (Voice: or 24-year-olds?), now you have to see your storybook romance through.

Also, that part notwithstanding, sometimes I like to take a step back and try to see it from Cate's perspective, ignore that there is anything untoward and appreciate the regular support of a teacher for a student. Double-dipping is the best. Whole different flavor of squee. Not sure if it is bad sign that I so fluidly switch off between the two.

Round IV: Courthouse interior. A nice little chaser to top off the exhausting package of awesomecakes that is this episode, but I don't like the way the camera lingers on Eric's expression after reassuring her that nothing has changed between them. What is that face? Don't make that face! We are naively trusting and counting on you for stability, dude. You don't get to second-guess anymore. Storybook romance.  Stamped, signed, sealed, delivered. This is still about me.

Reaction to previews for series finale: Oh, come on, WHY?  ...I don't know why I am even surprised. How long did my doomed OTP last on Glee --  'til episode 12? And wasn't episode 11 all full of the warm-n-fuzzy feelings, right before the big secret came out in episode 12 and destroyed it?  Yeah, that sounds about right. Screw you, patterns.

Basically, I think I'm OK waiting 5 or 6 weeks to wrap this up.
Bleh, Glee seems like such gaudy, cheap crap after that. Finding it hard to muster enthusiasm. Temporarily furious at its commercial success.

In other news, I suffered the last 10 minutes of One Tree Hill this week in my impatience. I have NO IDEA what this show is about - it is like the only show on the air that I have not only managed to ignore, but be stubbornly blind and deaf to for years; all I know is that it seems like an O.C.-esque soap opera - and at one point I was asking, "Are they witches? Demons? It feels like some weird soul exchange is happening," but ultimately, I was happy with the explosion of tragic scenarios it handed me to exploit as an appetizer. Let's see, who will be my first replacement for this "Brooke"...

Coming soon: posts actually relevant to your interests.
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