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Embarrassing myself through typing, take 24

First, I have a thing to say about the finale of The Amazing Race: HALLELUJAH! God, I love it when I'm not only happy with the winners of a reality competition, but my actual favorite person/people from day 1 win it. Nat and Kat's win almost made me happier than Kris Allen taking down Emo Freak Show on American Idol. SO HAPPY. I almost want to watch the entire season again just so I can fully bask in how amazing they are. They are my life heroes. I am not sure what kind of doctors they are, but either way, I would like to request one of them for care.

I think Nat is my particular favorite, just because she looks so much like the vision of the sim-character Kat I've created in my head (my disappointment when I realized she was not the Kat half knew no bounds), but the pair of them together are just the sweetest and most inspiring display of friendship I have ever seen in real life.

Or would be, if Brook and Claire were not right there edging them out, because they're the other reason I want to watch this season over again. The hyperactive cheerleading and "Claire Bear" the whole way through plus matching outfits at the end...are you even capable of watching them without a grin so wide it hurts?  I love how both these teams were appealing for completely opposite reasons -- serious and mature versus young and giggly - and yet equally endearing.

Also, can we talk about how Thomas and Jill -- the formerly-tolerable latter of whom adopted the former's bad attitude with startling speed - not only placed third, but got pushed to the sidelines in this episode? That is the way to do it. I appreciate that Amazing Race is not interested in jerking you around Survivor-style; it pretty much lays it cards on the table (except for those random weeks where the team you hate comes in last but then escapes elimination and edges out someone better next time). What you see is what you get, so if Nat & Kat are leading...Nat & Kat are winning. THANK YOU.

I don't even care about the history-making aspect of it, but that was a neat bonus.

This season has been full of so many likable teams that it almost eliminated my general grudge against this show? Meanwhile, I was totally planning to tune out next season because I thought, "I won't know anybody, and the ones I do I'll probably hate, and nothing can ever match up to this season," but then I saw the cowboys. Are the cowboys on it? Because if the cowboys are on it I will watch just for them.
I checked out "Australia" on a whim last week, though I could not remember a single thing about the trailers or critical reception other than how it had seemed vaguely interesting back when I'd first heard about it. It didn't look super exciting, so I was skeptical. After about 20 minutes I had settled into the FIRMLY BLOWN AWAY camp. Most exciting part? It finally upgraded Hugh Jackman from "eh" to the same "super-mega-foxy-hot" esteem the rest of the female world holds him in. Though, to be honest, that might have been dependent upon his scruffiness and/or close proximity to horses.

(my movie timeline is always going to be roughly 2 years behind cinema, that's just how the life of a library dependent rolls. I will talk about films when I get to them. I can't keep track of LJ posts that long and thus require you to bring your revived discussion to me)

And just, it had everything. Random and unsettling violent deaths. [edit: I don't know why I listed that first.] HORSES. Cows. Like, an entire hour spent on a cattle drive, and I spent most of it staring unbridled longing at Nullah's splashy pinto pony, but I appreciated the cattle too. Just not as much as the couple of minutes Drover later spent bonding with Capricornia. More things: sorely needed humor at the beginning, which is traditionally where movies lose me because if I'm not feeling it after 5 minutes, I'm out. Hate snark!  Which unfolded into pretty much the ideal love story, drawing on everything imaginable with a side order of presumed-death anguish and subsequent reunion (aw, how did you know that's just what I always ask for?). Also makeshift adoptive-parenthood antics. Also, saving children. Twice. You know, in case rescuing a whole island full of unwanted children wasn't enough, we get panicky dives to knock him Nullah out of a pending bullet's way.

Bonus, I enjoyed how there were just extended kissing scenes all the time, where one conversation would end and then have them kissing in like 3 different other places, apparently to show the passage of time?, which was an A-OK way by me since they are my new favorite couple. I think this is has been a record-breaking year for me + silver screen chemistry. New pairings, everywhere, all the time!

In two words, thumbs up.
Meanwhile, time for the first year-in-review meme: Post the first sentence or two (including subject, if necessary) of the first entry for each month of the year.

January: "APPY NEW YEAR!" [insert picture of spotted horse] what you're inspired to post immediately after your title typo.

February: It has been a tragically long time since I was able to spit out running commentary for an awards show.

March: Fandom Steel Cage Match March Madness: Remember the good times we had last year?

April: "The Music of 2010: Quarter 1." Because I refuse to accept that you don't love reading these entries as much as I love writing them.

May: Apparently working causes me to abandon LJ. 

June: Huh - Frank seems to have given me 2 V-gifts even though I'm sure I only posted my comment once on the last news post. 
[December note: scintillating, that one]



September: After all the [Harry Potter] movie fun, I had to pull out the last couple of novels and flip through them for shippy bits.

October: I went all the way to the library and in a fit of weakness went looking for the Sophie Kinsella books, but they didn't have the first book or the baby book, and I was unwilling to settle for a random one in the middle so I walked away. 

November: "Single Father." It figures that despite anticipating it for weeks, it would take me another month to get around to actually watching it.

December: Survivor: In the most pointless episode ever, 2 people quit.
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