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A Trip in the Wayback Machine, plus current stuff.

Tru Calling: Watched whole pint-sized season 2 yesterday; I had completely forgotten how stunning this theme song & title sequence were. It has been a while since I found a show where I wanted to watch the theme with every single episode, and play it back a few extra times to boot (sadly, does not exist on internet? Here, at least the song from 00:12 -00:51 will give you audio. Look, it's even got show clips built in). Show of hands, who else watched back in the day?

Had also forgotten how cute her brother was -- Harrison is much better in his post-screw-up stage and where he knows about and helps out with her gift. Ah, show, you were poised on the edge of so much potential. I'm real sorry about how I reluctantly threw you over for CSI during these episodes. It was the dark days of one TV and no internet streaming.

Turns out that my specific memories were fuzzy so everything was almost like new (and in fact, the last three episodes were brand new), but that feeling-memory I had of the show being amazing was totally accurate and spot-on. No wonder I love Eliza Dushku despite never having really seen her in anything else. If I ever revise my 100 Awesome Ladies list, remind me to put Tru Davies on there post-haste. To my additional genuine surprise, Davis is such an endearingly awkward character in his offbeat, sweet-in-an-oddball-way manner that I completely forget how much I dislike the actor's recent comedic roles.

Unexpected Famous Faces count, continued:
-Liz Vassey (Carrie/Davis' new love interest)

-Lizzy Caplan (Avery/fellow med student/new best friend). Being her typically awesome Lizzy Caplan self, I might add, though almost unrecognizable with long, curly, brownish-blonde hair.

-Eric Christian Olsen (Jensen). Did not know why I knew him, until IMDB connected "Vaughn on Community," and I think I might hate Vaughn less now as a result. Because like everything else, I had definitely forgotten how fantastic Jensen was. I had no memory of him at all, but other than his perpetually flared nostrils he's kinda perfect-boyfriend material. Possibly it is good that this show ended when it did so they could not kill him again in a more permanent-type fashion. My heart would not stand.

I am, at least, pretty happy to find out they got to end on a heartwarming Christmas note. And even though there were 219587 unresolved tensions waiting to explode, they weren't really steep cliffhangers, so all I really remember is the series ending like this:

Under the mistletoe, noticeably not dead. Yay!

CSI:11x10, "418/427"
Was it me, or did Agent Moore bear a striking resemblance to a more bug-eyed David Tennant? This fact mesmerized me throughout the episode, which was actually pretty good. I couldn't figure out why it just felt better, like old times, but after about 20 minutes it was because I realized the hour was 100% Langston-free. So clearly, given that I forgot he existed, his absence has no effect at all on the show except possibly to improve it. Solid quality all around, with a bonus moment for Sara to coax down and comfort a schizophrenic and wild-eyed teenager (she's really good at soothing, despite looking vaguely terrified when people cling to her) and another for Doc Robbins to give David a nonplussed stare at the latter's dorky attempted gangsta inflection and dub him Ten Cent.

In other news, I love that Officer Mitch and his understated presence are at about every crime scene now. He's like Brad the Piano Player on Glee.
How I Met Your Mother: False Positive
I found most of it rambling and repetitive, but adored Ted's mega hissy fit of lecturing at the end. He got very firm with them. You're very sexy when you yell, Theodore. In other news, one of my 101 goals in 1001 days is to make a gingerbread house. Also, Lily & Marshall were very sweet at the end. Ordinarily I would shout "YES, PUPPY > BABY" at the top of my lungs, but I don't trust anyone in New York City to own a dog, much less anyone in this gang. And I just have to throw it out there that I'm incapable of processing Robin's logic for choosing the research job. It sounds hard, and she's pretty.
NCIS, 8x10, "False Witness"
Favorite Parts: Sad-Sack Chatty Boy calling everything uncomfortably like it is, Abby's excellent holiday attire (particularly her poofy black miniskirt and red...belt? sash?) & Turkey Trot, Annie Wersching being unequivocally awesome (so much easier to appreciate anywhere that is not 24) and so much better and easier to ship with Gibbs than the last lawyer we dealt with, Gibbs file-headslapping McGee for bugging Tony, Ducky setting up a profile on Facebook (or in Gibbs-speak, "that thing that some people do things with"), and the final explanation for Tony's weirdly professional mood: throwing them off guard to set off an explosion of holiday confetti. Not quite worth the teeth-gritting setup, but close.

ALSO, LOL: apparently spoilers promised "the most painful and most romantic scene that Tony and Ziva had ever shared." Oh, you mean that scene that I looked at and said, "Ah, I see we're pandering to the Out of Context crowd," yawned at, and didn't include above because it just felt like an awkward exposure of Feelings to someone who was not actually going through an emotional crisis? Yeah. And I see you using "we" for "I," it just doesn't interest me.
Penultimate night of Survivor: *cry*

It's not even so much that Jane's out, because as I am fond of saying, I'm happy as long as favorites make it to the final week of airing...but it's the way she went out. I can't have this! I can't have Jane full of spite and rage at all my favorite people because they made stupid decisions. Mostly, I can't bear a wedge between my Carolina twosome. Chase + Jane has become my favorite thing about this season, and I rather hoped that he was going to take her instead of Holly. At least in part because of her daughter; I mean, what 18 year old girl WOULDN'T want to hang out with him? At this point I have to hope he gets voted out next just so he can be out of contention for the million and go apologize at Ponderosa, if not for making the decision then at least to say how bad he felt about it/ask forgiveness.

Huh. Out of nowhere (well, somewhere. damn you, Breathing), Chase has become a Stephen-like individual I cannot fathom letting go of after the season ends. What do you mean, he's a regular person going back to ordinary life? No!  Go act, or something. Cast him in things! My brain can't do ALL the work (coming soon: a role in Amy & Roger's Epic Detour). Or chase that country-singer dream, that works too. Apparently, as it turns out, a deep-seated streak of chivalry and a tendency to cry at certain emotional cues can even overcome one's lack of hair.

Speaking of crying, the family visit is my favorite annual tradition and this year will be no exception. Things we learned:
Sash & Mom: meh

Chase & Mom: Aw! I love that challenge-monstering runs in the family. (could have been great, if Chase wasn't so awful at making decisions on the spot. Or if they hadn't decided that it was too nice to let the non-reward-having family members hang out at camp instead)

Fabio (formerly 'Jud the Stud') & Mom: Results in him bawling his eyes out because they live in different states and he hardly gets to see her. Correct me if I'm wrong, but shouldn't that make it easier for him to spend time on the island without her? I mean, how is it different from business as usual? Don't care; the more tears there are the more I love various pairings.

Holly & Husband: Like it's even possible to argue against people who have been married for 25 years.

Jane & Daughter: "Me and her against the world" = if possible, I now love Jane even more. Her daughter is cute and I naturally assume that she is every bit as awesome as her mom, which makes me more bitter that we had to spend extra time with two of the most boring family members instead.

Dan & Son: Um, wow. Where did this kid get his looks? That's...mesmerizing.

As for the immunity challenge, I think a little part of me is happy Fabio won. If it couldn't be Jane (which at least resulted in her doing amusing and fully justified things like dumping water on the fire -- she's a little spitfire, all right), I hope he sticks around a little while longer. I've abruptly grown bored with Holly and knocked her to third in my order of preference, leaving a toss-up between my athletic guys, depending on how many more stupid things Chase does on Sunday. We laugh at Fabio's lack of awareness, but I'm starting to think the only difference between him & Chase is that the latter makes it less of a public display.

Uh, in other news, I finally got my butt over to a Ponderosa video or two. THEY HAVE A DOG? WHY IS THERE A DOG? It is so ridiculously adorable, too. I've been avoiding the videos so far because it's been full of unpleasant people + poor Alina, and I assumed that would be depressing, but Benry seems a lot more likable outside the game, and while it is weird to see Jane when she doesn't look like "a bag lady," as she charmingly put it, it's fantastic to see her in good spirits and baking peach cobblers. Alas, peach cobbler cannot wash away betrayal, as it turns out she's still got a steely glint in her eye and a bitter, Marty-shaped chip on her shoulder whenever she mentions Chase and Holly. :(
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