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Survivor Finale, Super Condensed Version: oh yay! By the time this excruciating finale finished happening -- honestly, with all the betrayal and stupidity and uncomfortable awkwardness, I feel like I muted about half of it -- I wanted Fabio to win too. AND THEN IT HAPPENED AS I HAD DECREED. By the time he won his last immunity, we were whooping. Meanwhile, I love how everyone saw right through Sash the River Rat's fake, ingratiating smile and smacked him down for it/shut him out of votes (AWESOME), and to my additional relief, for as dumb as Chase's moves were, it was a close call for second, so that was nice.

Ultimately, though, what I really like was how happy people seemed to be in voting for Fabio. It's so nice when the jury, even if they have some bitterness stored up for other people, also seem to take pleasure in naming the person they do vote for. 

Reunion-show wise, JANE WON FAN FAVORITE. BY THE LARGEST MARGIN EVER AND WAY AHEAD OF EVERYONE ELSE, WHAT? When was the last time the public got that right? OK, this season just became completely worth it. Plus I made it the whole way through without ever being spoiled for anything!

Bonus surprise: Fabio cuts his hair for the reunion, naturally, and somehow manages to defy logic and look sharper than before. I didn't have any particular opinion of his looks before -- way to turn my head. Chase, on the other hand, buzzed it all back down to nothing and took away the love I spent all season gradually coming around on.

P.S. Jeff, you notice how Jimmy Johnson was kicked out third and yet you made plenty of time to get his opinion? There are no more excuses for ignoring the early boots.

Next season: Jeff promises that I will love the new Redemption Island element. I don't think I will, though. It seems overly manipulative and a touch unfair. And also, depressing for the people who aren't the one who gets to come back -- now not only will you be out of the game, but you'll have missed out on days of the consolation prize that is being able to enjoy civilization immediately.

All right, folks! We've finally reached that magical midseason point where all the shows clear out and go into hibernation for at least two glorious weeks if not more, giving me some much-anticipated breathing room. Otherwise known as time to catch up on delinquent series and possibly do some things that are not related to TV talk. I can't tell you how much I glow at the prospect of this obligation-free time. I LOVE HIATUS. For my own personal reference, here are my planned activities:

The 12 13 Goals of Christmas:
1. See Harry Potter 7 already, JEEZ.
2. Read 4 books
3. Watch & review my accidentally-Vault-stored 4 episodes of The Office. 
4. Watch & review the last 2 episodes of Community. I've been busy, but they sounded good.
5. The Sarah Jane Adventures: season 4
6. Law & Order: UK: season 2
7. Watch last episode of Law & Order: SVU I keep forgetting about
7. Finish filling out end-of-year surveys
8. Finish "Alternate Endings" by 12/30
10. Finish The Music of 2010: Quarter 4. Avoid freaking out that I will have only 7 days to process two entire albums from 2 of my favorite artists or be forced to split the songs between years or hold them all over.
11. State of the Networks post.
12. Upload new icons.
13. Bake cookies!
Perhaps the two most unfortunate sentences ever strung together in a YA novel: "What if my boyfriend was thinking of me as a sex object? Too cool."

I kid you not! OK, the full paragraph was this:
"Baily Daley of Ukulele Lane. I know. I sound like a Dr. Seuss story. Amber says that with this name, I have to be a songwriter when I grow up."
"Or a stripper," Went added helpfully.
"I hadn't thought of that." But I liked thinking of Went thinking of Baily Daley of Ukulele Lane as a potential stripper. What if my boyfriend was thinking of me as a sex object? Too cool.

Upon closer examination, I guess it doesn't get that much better. My Boyfriends' Dogs is actually pretty chaste (its main character is just super dim about boys, apparently), so it's an especially bizarre choice.
Fun story -- I've been over the Christmas episode of Glee a time or 10, just went back to the premiere, and have decided that perhaps I have abruptly become fond of Sam after all? It's weird. Some switch flipped on when I saw him tapping his foot in time to "Empire State of Mind," and between that and my extreme fondness for him & Quinn in the background of the Christmas ep, I suddenly adore him and want to welcome him into the fold like the breath of fresh air he is. In fairness, I littered my reviews with foreshadowing of this moment, and "Duets" just became a lot more attractive to me. Oh, look at that -- I was so against this episode I didn't even know their duet was "Lucky." Aw, I hate that song, but I love their voices and the performance was cute. 
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