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OK, next year, I do NOT start filling these out in the fall.

No more editing, self! This obsession must end; we are done! Your verbosity and inability to make decisions must be curbed!
Also: I reject the popular new survey form y'all are doing this year except to steal some questions and cling to the old ways.

Survey the First: Fandom Overview
Where as always, the terms "fandom" and "TV show" will be loosely exchanged at will.

01. What fandoms did you acquire in 2010?
Community (in an official capacity), Scrubs (upgraded from casual viewer), Raising Hope, and Life Unexpected.

Also briefly plunged into the YouTube & portions of the "Enchanted" and "Inkheart" fandoms. And while not a fandom per se, "The Amazing Race" finally entered the regular viewing queue.

02. What fandoms did you let go of in 2010?
I lost Cold Case, Ghost Whisperer, and Lost to the cancellation axe (I haven't let go of Numb3rs yet). I wrapped my active participation in Doctor Who, although it will always be in my heart, and I threw Bones out of my life with a substantial amount of violence. STILL SO BITTER.

CSI: Miami is not technically let go of, but it's been relegated to part-time status. Episodes get watched only if I am bored or they seem promising. They don't get reviewed unless there is a strong reason to do so.

03. What fandoms did you mean to get into but didn't in 2010? Why?
Perennial favorite answer, Friday Night Lights.  Also The Good Wife, Mercy, and Three Rivers when I lacked the time to investigate them over summer, ultimately deciding TGW looked boring and the medical shows were irrelevant after cancellation.  Oh, and Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, when it didn't happen. And I tried Legend of the Seeker, okay, but as a whole it is just NOT FOR ME.

And Merlin. Damn it, I keep forgetting about Merlin.

04. What fandoms do you intend on checking out in 2011?
Friday Night Lights & Merlin. Terra Nova, if that ever gets off the ground and doesn't suck. But first, a half-chance for Off the Map. Why is everything I am interested in on ABC by Shonda Rhimes.

05. What fandoms do you think you might let go of in 2011 unless things significantly improve?
Medium's dead in the water, but that's all I can prophesy.

06. What fandoms do you think you'll never let go of no matter how crappy they get? Why?
All of them until they're off the air? Though as usual, I stand by my claim that The Office and I are life mates.

07. What show impressed you most in 2010?
-Community seems to be this uninterrupted streak of brilliance
-Grey's Anatomy? Maybe?  THAT turned around.
-I have not seen enough of Life Unexpected to really judge it, but from the bits I know, IT IS IMPRESSIVE STUFF.
-And to be honest, Raising Hope was just like, wow, that went from being crass to being appealing to being the light of my life. During the pilot.

08. What show impressed you least in 2010?

-Also, Glee & CSI: NY both took real sharp nosedives come fall, which was especially depressing since for the first half, they were way on top.
-CSI: Miami is just an eternal disappointment, really.

09. What fandoms were you most active in over the course of 2010?
Numb3rs, Lost, The Office, Glee, and...Grey's Anatomy, on the sly. Plus Shiny New Obsession Love going on for Scrubs & Life Unexpected for about a month apiece.
Survey the Second: The Fandom Award Nominees
I was going to call it "The Fandom Awards," but that would imply I can pick one answer for each question. And how informative would that be?

NOTE: Some categories have been added or expanded slightly this year.

First New Fandom of 2010: Community or Scrubs, depending on whether my previous Jeff/Annie fic-reading disqualifies the former.

Best New Fandom of 2010: Life Unexpected. So unexpectedly great. I missed the glory days of the WB drama; this was my first real chance to enjoy something like it.

Best New Fandom None of Your Friends Watch of 2010: No one was real eager to discuss Scrubs with me, despite it lasting 8 solid seasons plus some superfluous footage.

Favorite Fandom of 2010: Glee. They have good people & fun activities, even when the show is in a downswing.

Favorite Episode of 2010:
Glee, "Dream On."  100% perfection does not come along every day! Runner-up: The Office, "The Delivery."  Third: Grey's Anatomy, "Sanctuary/Death and All His Friends."

But because this appears to have been a very good year in TV, I'm going to recognize a top TEN, with the remaining seven being listed in chronological order, and continuing the I-am-better-than-the-Emmys rule of one entry per series (2-parters combined at my discretion).

-Numb3rs, "Arm in Arms"  (yes, it's beating the finale; no, I don't care)
-Lost, "Dr. Linus" (so hard to weigh good v. bad parts and pick ultimate best of season! best replay value here)
-Ghost Whisperer, "Old Sins Cast Long Shadows" (again, so hard; the finale protests, but this was scariest)
-CSI: NY, "Point of View"
-NCIS, "Borderland" 
-CSI, "House of Hoarders"
-Life Unexpected, "Stand Taken".

Five Ten Favorite Male Characters in 2010:
1. Jim Halpert (The Office)
2. Don Eppes (Numb3rs)
3. Charlie Eppes (Numb3rs)
4. Will Schuester (Glee)
5. Derek Shepherd (Grey's Anatomy)
6. Perry Cox (Scrubs)
7. Jack Shephard (Lost)
8. Sawyer/James Ford (Lost); his name gets very troublesome in the later years
9. Jimmy Chance (Raising Hope)
10. Jim Clancy (Ghost Whisperer)

Five Ten Favorite Female Characters in 2010:
1. Rachel Berry (Glee -- spring only)
2. Amita Ramanujan (Numb3rs)
3. Juliet Burke (Lost)
4. Lux Cassidy (Life Unexpected)
5. Cristina Yang (Grey's Anatomy)
6. April Kepner (Grey's Anatomy)
7. Jordan Sullivan (Scrubs)
8. Britta Perry (Community. Wait, BRITTA WITH NO ANNIE?? Huh, turns out Britta is the one I love best on her own merit)
9. Zoey (How I Met Your Mother; what exactly is her last name again? Hey, I can love her without a surname)
10. Quinn Fabray (Glee)

Favorite Villain of 2010: Sue Sylvester, fall semester only

Favorite Het Couple of 2010: Jim/Pam and Charlie/Amita retain the now-shared title by default. Other answers, as I like this theme of 10:

3. Owen/Cristina (Grey's Anatomy)
4. Don/Robin (Numb3rs)
5. Jordan/Perry (Scrubs, and I do not know why I feel compelled to break tradition and put her name first, but I figure it's fitting)
6. Will/'most every female with hair below shoulder length + April, but mostly Will/Terri. KEEPING THE FLAME ALIVE. (Glee)
7. Eric/Lux, but probably too blinded by Shiny New Obsession Love to evaluate them objectively right now
(BUT NOT REALLY. Because the amount of ear-piercing squee this innocent romance elicits, despite my having no particular feelings about the male half on his own, is really remarkable)
8. Jesse/Rachel (Glee) 
9. Mo/Resa (Inkheart. How are they beating TV ships, given that most of the shipping came from the book version?)
10. Mac/Aubrey (CSI: NY)

Favorite Femslash Couple of 2010: n/a

Favorite Slash Couple of 2010: That disturbing world where I see Will/Bryan (Glee) as a potential thing?

Favourite Shippy Scene of 2010: Going with my gut on this. It picked Lost, James & Juliet's reunion in Sideways World. I'm going to let it win. That was some electrifying joy.

Most Surprising Moment of 2010:
CBS knocks out both of their longterm Friday night staples at once, shattering the newly founded Spirit of Friday Night to do it. Oh, storyline-wise? Maybe that time Grey's Anatomy indulged my every tragic-scenario whim, times two, all in one big shooting spree.

Saddest Character Death of 2010: Saddest in terms of tears? Jack on Lost just edges out the Grey's Anatomy rampage. Saddest like most rage-inducing? Dell on Private Practice.

Biggest Fandom Disappointment of the Year: Bones causes me to ship Booth/Brennan, then brings it to a head and DOES NOT FOLLOW THROUGH. In fact, it regresses. It not only does not fix it by the finale, it just keeps making things worse throughout the year. Legendary rage ensues. You may have noticed some of it in this post.

Also, Glee covered Rocky Horror; cannot process trauma.

Biggest Squee Moment of the Year: Halpert baby? Charlie & Amita getting married? Don & Robin getting engaged? Finding out Grissom & Sara got married, albeit offscreen? Everything Eric/Lux (OH MY GOD, SHUT UP ALREADY; RETRAIN YOUR BRAIN) Also, when Rachel hugged Mr. Schue in the season finale of Glee, and 7,000 other moments from this show.

Favorite Fanvid Of the Year: Tenth Doctor: The Musical

Favorite LJ Community of the Year: office_meta  

Fandom That You Never Expected To Get Into:
Scrubs was a surprise, given that it had been an unremarkable offering on my syndication lineup for so many years. That, and Inkheart, what with my initial dismissal.

Fandom That Made An Unexpected Comeback: Grey's Anatomy. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE.

Fandom That Inspired The Most Crack: Lost got crazier than usual toward the end.

Last New Fandom of 2010: Life Unexpected. So many "unexpected" jokes, so little time!

P.S. Christmas episode reviews coming later, but I caught up on one episode of Community & have a thing or two to say:

"Mixology Certification"
So. This had a whole lot of gross drunkenness and Annie killing me with secondhand embarrassment, which was bad. On the other hand, the drunkenness caused Jeff & Britta to make out*. So now I can't decide how I feel.
(*lol, Abed. "You did it right in front of me. I'm not a coat rack.")

I did really like when Troy walked Annie in (mercifully, without any drunken making out), and where she pointed out that he didn't know who she was in high school. "Yeah, but -- I know you now." Which I just thought was the sweetest thing. It is so nice genuine respect and/or affection for someone of the opposite gender without awkward potential-flirting vibes getting in the way. Between that and semi-voluntarily becoming the designated driver on his own 21st birthday, I think Troy just transformed himself into a relevant character for me.

I  guess there was some redeeming merit. I'm still upset about the photos featuring super-drunk Shirley, though.
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