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NCIS: Dead Man Walking

Damn your misleading promos!  I should have known you were up to no good, or maybe I did since I refused to publicly squee about the handhold last week.  You made it look like Ziva was going to get attached to the guy, that at some point he was going to be dead or dying, and she was going to let that wall of hers chip a little in order to let someone comfort her.  It didn't even have to be Tony.  It could have been Gibbs.  It could have even been McGee...I just wanted it to be someone who knew her.  And I did not want it to be some plain old gesture of affection, like it pretty much ended up being.  Booo.

Okay, I admit, I thought the love-at-first-sight side of Ziva was as amusing as the next person.  It was a funny and a little touching to see her struggle with her feelings for a guy she barely knew, apparently bewildered by what she could neither control nor explain.  It was impressive how much they had in common, and they really did seem perfect for one another, aside from how much more attractive she was than he.  I most certainly liked seeing her irrational and protective side jump out when Tony  continued questioning the lieutenant.  Lovely bedside manner.

So yes, I liked the guy for the course of a single episode.  I did.  But that was because I spent the whole episode waiting for him to die and Ziva to be devastated.  Now it looks, despite the doom-sounding ending, as if he might very well pull through.  Which means that now absolutely everyone on the damn show has a love interest except for Jenny, Ducky, and McGee.  And I don't count Jen because she's still making doe eyes at Gibbs.  (In my version of events, at least.)  Geeze.  That's unheard of.

As far as Tony and Ziva went in this episode, I did like that scene towards the end where they were talking, and I liked the exchange of "what's that look on your face?"  But mostly the Tiva side of me is screaming in protest that they're both falling in love.  Separately.  And Tony, at least, seems happy for her so I assume once Mystery Woman becomes known as Jeanne Benoit to the rest of them, Ziva will reciprocate in kind.  Which doesn't suit me at all, of course, because these two are not rooted in a deep friendship.  UST and saucy flirting is all they've got!

Non-Tony or Ziva related things (there aren't many)
--Gibbs and Abby got only two semi-cute scenes this week: 1) She attempts to describe something majorly hinky as "hinky dory," a phrase which fails to amuse Gibbs.  "Oh come on Gibbs, it was a little cute," she insists, holding her thumb and forefinger a short distance apart.  Gibbs corrects the amount of cuteness by closing the gap.  Abby: "O-kay."  2) Noisily sucking the last few drops of her Caff-Pow, until Gibbs reaches over and takes the cup away, forcibly pulling the straw from her mouth.  "It's gone, Abby."

--You know what needs to end?  THE JIMMY AND MICHELLE SCENES.  EW.  EW.  EW. 

--ECKLIE!  I asked you before and I'll ask you again, don't you have a team of night shift CSI's to terrorize in Las Vegas? 

Ultimate Quote of the Night
Ziva: I feel like I know him.
Tony: Mossad?
Ziva: Maybe.
Tony: Internet dating?
Ziva: I will kill you 18 different ways with this paper clip.
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