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Miami's Mole

Oh look, I'm already feeling a need to speculate!  Spoilers and the like, that's all this is.

My spoileriffic hints all come from articles at the illustrous

OK, so, my bet for the mole is Calleigh, and here are the reasons why:

Show Hints: We've been told that it is someone "close to Horatio.  Someone he trusts."  Or rather, Ryan has been told this, and he's the one that told other people.  I refuse to explore whether or not this is a red herring, Ryan trying to pre-emptively throw people off his track, because...I love him to bits.  And Jonathon Togo insists his character isn't the mole, so I believe him.

Horatio and Ryan seem to have some sort of plan to flush out the mole, from what we can infer out of the exchange "I don't know if I can keep this up, H."  "I understand, but I need you to trust me, this will not fall on you."  Actually, it makes Horatio sound very evil, but really, he's not it.

I do not think the mole is Eric, because a) he's got enough personal drama this season and b) both he and his sister came to close to getting very screwed over, legal-wise, due to molish information about the whole marijuana thing.

A number of people are holding out that it's Alexx, but no way - she's way too sweet and motherly towards everyone.  Plus she, too, almost got screwed over due to molish info leaks.  UNLESS, Ryan leaked that information on purpose on suspicion that she might be the!  Alexx calls everyone "honey" and "baby."  I won't believe it.

Official Ann Donahue Hints: "The mole is a beloved major character, not a secondary one."  To me, this rules out the lab techs like Cooper and Valera, who seemed to be the major suspects early on.  Which is good, because you know, I really love Maxine Valera, even if it was semi-suspicious how she just got her job back, no problems.

Ann has also said that the actors who play Dect. Tripp and Natalia BoaVista are being added to the theme-song credits next year, so while I never thought it was Tripp, it's also unlikely that it's the way-too-suspicious Natalia...OR IS IT?

Third and final point: "There are people worse than the mole, higher up."  So the mole is sort of a puppet, in other words.  And she won't say whether whoever IS the mole will be fired or not.  So really, even though I think it would be awesome if we found out it was Natalia, I think Calleigh has it within her power to be the mole.  She hasn't been touched with any personal drama to speak of this year.  She's certainly close to Horatio, but there's also something cool and reserved about her personality.  And isn't it also odd how they made that big fuss about her quitting at the end of last year...only to come back within the first five minutes of the season premiere?  We didn't even have a chance to miss her, although I guess it's plausible that she quit for the duration of the summer.

I just think it's interesting.  And I'm laying my money on her, no matter how the voices in my head whisper "Alexx" or "Natalia."  The former has more to do with my own fear of a beloved character being ruined, and the latter has more to do with a projection of my deepest desires.  It's totally going to be Calleigh.

CSI: Miami, "Dead Air"

One of the only things I hate as much as being embarrassed/looking stupid is watching *other* people make fools of themselves.  In other words, this episode of CSI Miami was nearly unbearable. 

Ryan attempts to get permission to ask out Eric's (ex?) girlfriend!  Ryan stumbles like a 7th grader in attempting to ask her out, giddy when she finally agrees despite the fact that she is clearly doing so only to get back at Eric.  Natalia fumes about being "locker talk" and blows up at Eric, whom she thought she was still dating.  He broods and angsts and continues to take relationship advice from Seth Cohen, making no attempt to convince her that he still wants to be with her.  Capstoning this spectacular train wreck of a storyline, Ryan comes up short of cash and asks to borrow some.  Eric: "You want me to pay for your date?"  I spend most of the hour with my fingers in my ears, yelling "Shut up, Ryan."  (Along with "And is BoaVista the only single woman in the lab?  I dare you to ask Valera out.  You know you want to.  Or what about that time you allegedly had drinks with Calleigh?")   It's like Eva LaRue never left her daytime soap opera job.

Over yonder on the other side, Horatio and Marisol continue to discuss having a baby (in not so many words this time) despite the fact that he has not yet so much as touched her arm.  This bothers me even more than the fact that she's got terminal cancer - although why is no one remembering the phrase "the doctors think, months"?    

But then at the end we got a pair of handholds, so...I'm good.  Guess I'll go back to my paper soon.   

"And all the lights went out in empty rooms
and now the empty hall
I talk alone, I talk now

And all I wanted was a chance to see you anyway..."

On second thought, I seem to have developed a faulty tear duct.  Better go take care of that first.  Stupid sad songs.

P.S. That ending scene may have been my favorite moment ever in the history of this series. When he came up and took her hand, no hesitation whatsoever - first physical contact ever - I exploded with excitement.  And then when he was standing behind her, still holding her hand, her thumb stroking over his fingers...*dies again* And then later, after he'd let go and she'd dozed off, when he reached out and placed his hand over hers...dear God, I've rewound it about 50 times so far. Simple, but meaningful. Protective. Yes good.

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