RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

What the hell just happened here?

I just got through the first adventure of The Sarah Jane Adventures' most recent season, and I...hated it, a lot, the whole way through. To a degree I did not know it was possible to feel about this show. Nothing but annoyance and eye-rolling and boredom and snark, and it was not all change-related!  Some of it may have been change-related, but the predominant feeling was "too much apathy to care!" Like, there were maybe three instances of teary Sarah Jane/Luke hugging (handy YouTube compilation is handy!), and the best that did was wipe the glower off my face for a few seconds at a time. I didn't actually get as far as a smile.

I don't understand. I went in with my usual positive, optimistic feelings, didn't I? And yet, I was at all times consciously and negatively thinking "kid's show, kid's show, very much a kid's show, such a bad kid's show, omg I hate everyone." "The Vault of Secrets" just made it worse, or at least in the half I saw before couldn't make myself watch any more. Given that I am skipping the episode with the Doctor, no matter how good anyone tries to claim it is because watching it would violate my law that the Eleventh Doctor doesn't exist, that's half the season written off as irrelevant noise. If things do not improve, I'll have to shut off this corner of the Whoniverse just like the others before it.

On another note -- I am starting to think Lis Sladen's autobiography is actually never going to be published. Every time I check on it, its release date has been pushed back again. Having now been on my radar for 18 months and originally slated for March '10, it now says April '11. For the UK, anyway; couple months later for the U.S. and then we'll have to see if my library system even orders it (probably unlikely). OR IF I WILL EVEN STILL CARE AT THAT POINT; sheesh, I am in such a foul mood it's starting to retroactively poison my memories. I'm afraid to watch anything from an earlier season in case there's a problem with my perception rather than the show itself.
Tags: sarah jane adventures, tv commentary

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