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State of the Networks: '10-11 Midpoint

Huh. I thought I was going to be stingier today, but no, it winds up being a fairly even distribution of grades with the usual slight concentration on the upper end. As it probably should be, given that it would be pointless to watch all this TV if I did not think the majority of it was pretty good.

Shows are ranked by grade and alphabetical within the grade levels. Will update this post to include the fall seasons of British shows if/when I get through them.

Community: A
I don't think I pay close enough attention to distinguish between seasons - all I know is that when I tune in, most of the time I feel that electrifying sensation of perfection and satisfaction. Even when I rag on Abed.

Grey's Anatomy: A
Oh God, it finally did it, after countless petitions IT HAS EARNED A REGULAR OLD SOLID A. Yeah, I'm in love with Cristina's central PTSD storyline that much. Everyone is also relatively well behaved, naked-time-wise. It still feels like it needs a minus sign (*reserves right to change*), but I figure I should give it a prize now before they hit their midwinter slump. This show has been #1 in my anticipation queue for at least 80% of the season, to the point where I would be hitting the internet for sneak peeks all week long in my maddening curiosity.

Life Unexpected: A
Am I biased? HIGHLY! Have I actually watched more than 50% of a given episode except for one? NOPE. Have I seen any part of season 1 to compare it to? UH-UH. Is this grade fair and well informed? PROBABLY NOT! And yet, here we are, because aside from Emma everything I have actually seen is perfect. Besides, the overall quality definitely beats out GA, which gives it the top grade by default.

Raising Hope: A
To steal a description that The Office no longer deserves, "It makes me so happy - I love it to pieces. If you could package Heaven in 30-minute shots, it would look like this." Its humorous appeal and sophistication level are the complete opposite of Community's, but it's no less perfect.
The Amazing Race: A-
For the first time ever, I did not feel a sense of total distaste that I was wasting my time with an awful travel show around the world (some distaste, obviously. Just less). Probably because my two favorite teams were among those who made it to the end.

The Office: A-
Is probably never going to earn an A from me again? Too angry with the existence of Erin & Andy, both of whom have surpassed Michael in terms of being unbearable. But the season to date has come close. It's just been on, a lot, and the internet and I are even mostly agreeing, albeit for different reasons (them: Michael is such a heartwarming character!  Me: The baby has made lots of appearances! Also, Ryan and Kelly are together and have lines. + GABE.)

Survivor: A-
A good (if not amazing), AWESOMELY RUSSELL-FREE season in which essentially all the hateful people are cleared out with time to spare before the the finals. What up!
House: B+
Probably deserves an A- for the sheer outpouring of quality...but for all the magic it's done, specifically in the House/Cuddy department (which has truly been a treat -- though still not as much as the unparalleled joy of replacing Olivia Wilde with Amber Tamblyn), it has yet to really light that fire in my soul that says, "Yes! New episode! MUST SEE IMMEDIATELY."

How I Met Your Mother: B+
After some early misfires, it's been improving in the humor department recently. I feel favorable, though it's not 100% yet.
Law & Order: SVU: B
It started off red-hot, and then somewhere around November sweeps it seems to have exhausted itself and slipped back into the mundane and run-of-the-mill procedural flavor. Or other shows just shook off the sleepiness of summer and got their heads in the game enough to pass it; either/or.

Medium: B
For the little bit of life it has left, I'm letting it have Cold Case's old spot as the dependable if unexciting workhorse.

Nothing exciting happens, but I can count on Gibbs/Abby nearly every episode now, so that's a plus.
The thing is, while it's already had a couple of standout episodes that are better than the whole of last year, it's also still pretty uneven and hit-or-miss, with more of the latter.

Glee: B-
It took a severe hit in the first 5 episodes and a couple more after that, which I have to factor in, so recovery is going to be a while regardless of how good the 3 good episodes were. It could still improve. We think. Or hope.
I'm that angry about Jo replacing Stella. Well, look at me! I am falling asleep on episodes left and right. Only 1.5 episodes of 10 have really been must-see TV. (I'm giving the premiere half credit for D/L) It has plummeted into roughly the same circle of boredom hell that CSI: Original Flavor hit last year.

Private Practice: C
That quality gulf between this and its big sibling just keeps growing. The show wants me to think it's trying hard, with the lovely additions of Amy and Stable Pete/Violet, but it just sucks out in so many ways. Worst season ever.
CSI: Miami: C-
Showing few signs of improving on last year (it's like Eric's not even here), two Marisol highlights not withstanding, it seems content to wallow so deep in the mud that most of the time, even when I watch it, I'm not really watching it? I'm triple-tasking and barely keeping an ear on it.
30 Rock: D+
In fairness, this is not the show's fault so much as my own prejudice and realization that at the end of the day, I really don't like this style or think the show is terribly funny; also, I still cannot stand Alec Baldwin. Last spring was a fluke. I actually stopped watching this season 2 or 3 episodes ago, and it's officially outta sight, outta mind.

(I love how for me, each NBC comedy hour starts out AMAZING and then the second half EXPLODES in a fireball of suck)

P.S. Quite possibly the best set of answers to a Harry Potter survey ever, done in epic picspam form, with some of said pics designed to detach your ass via means of laughter. I promise it'll make your day better to experience this (unless you have dial-up, which it will kill), even with the number of broken Photobucket links.
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