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Crazy and Disjointed Rambling: The Theme of 2011

-Hey there, Hawaii 5-0. I think I'm going to have to watch you tomorrow if Alex O'Loughlin is getting himself tasered. (This is always the way to lure me to anything.) And then we will see for certain if my extreme dislike of everything I have seen from Scott Caan does in fact ruin all the eye candy that makes up the rest of the cast.

-Tonight's very special episode of CSI: Miami: No longer content to gun down criminals, Horatio takes to shooting rogue alligators. Welcome to South Florida, bitch. However, if you like Ryan being adorable, flirting with and/or being White Knight-ish with pretty ladies, you should make time for this episode.

Per usual, I paid less than zero attention (other than to note how dreadfully overacted some of the dialogue was tonight, especially from the coroner just hamming it up out of apparent boredom with his lines), but I must say, everything that involved Ryan going undercover as an eligible and super-rich bachelor at a party full of "potential matches" (read: surprise!hookers, classed up) was magnificent.

Since Eric/Calleigh packed its bags and left town, my heart has been devoid of pitter-pattering in relation to this show. UNTIL NOW. Could I please watch several episodes of Ryan being charming, striking up warm conversations and getting women to open up about why they look sad? Aaaand...maybe take it to a quieter place and throw in some pretty kissing, with a swift and firm end to the woman attempting to wiggle out of her dress? Oh, good.  Good-good. RS approves everything this subplot chooses to be.

Upon leaving that scene, he even manages to get himself jumped with a syringe to the neck, repeatedly held underwater for questioning, and then saved from drowning at the last minute by Eric to the Rescue. Moments for everyone!

Now let's just ignore the part where they never cross paths again, but she's totally ready to cry all over Horatio and hug his savior self for cutting her a testimony deal at the end. Or something; I don't know; I couldn't swallow it and had to turn it off.

-Although I have a whole case of Life Unexpected episodes yet to go, today seemed like the day to scavenge IMDB for details about where I could see the cast in other things, starting with my beloved Britt Robertson. Also ending with her, because her resume is pretty much amazing. Some highlights:

a) Three Rivers? She was on THREE RIVERS?  Is this a MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN, OR WHAT? Oh, we need to see this immediately if not sooner. It is always my #1 favorite thing when people have played hospital patients. So useful.

b) Also, recent-ish SVU (2008), what?? Everyone has been on SVU, but not usually episodes I've seen. Which one was "Babes"? Oh, the stupid teen-pregnancy-pact one. Nope, no memories of her specifically, but I could watch that again with this in mind.

c) Also CSI? Oh, don't make me watch "Go to Hell" again. The hatred of Ronnie still burns so bright. Still...I bet she makes the exorcism plot in that one better, too.

d) Somewhere in the distant past when she was a tiny wee preteen, she was on Sheena and playing Little Sheena. Oh, geeze. Nostalgia! That was such an awful cheesy show, and I hated having to sit through it so many nights staying up late to tape X-Files, but in retrospect it signals fond memories of my crazy taping days, before anything was available online. Or, in an economically viable way, DVD. Sheena!

e) ...oh, what the, she's a daughter in "Dan In Real Life" too? I assume she is a daughter, anyway, based on what I know of the movie and her age. I guess I will have to suffer it after all. The trailer says I can have bonus Matthew Morrison. FINE. I still do not think these bit parts are going to make up for the presumed agony of watching Steve Carell, though. 

-After a brief stint on YouTube to watch the finale promo for the 975th time in case it could show me something new (I think it did. Is Cate visible in the frame when Baze slams Eric against the wall? I was wondering if she was part of this), I went wandering through the related videos and watched the "sneak peek" from way back before the pilot aired. Totally tearing up with love; if someone had shown me this a year ago I would have been hooked from day 1.

-This resulted in me watching Lux & Baze videos (this one and this one, specifically, randomly selected), and damn, the amazing family dynamics from these two alone are almost enough to beat out my OTP. Feelings! Tears!  I shouldn't spoil season 1 like this for myself, but I have no willpower and I kind of don't care in the face of how ridiculously endearing he is with her, and vice versa. I think this is the viewing equivalent of eating sugar out of the bag.

25 days of hiatus down. 16 to go. I love how this show negated all my impatience about the Grey's Anatomy hiatus, which I have not thought about even once since the last episode aired.

-Further on the above, for the promise of "Britt Robertson as a patient in need of a heart transplant," I closed the night by bouncing back to Three Rivers for episode 1x03.  Was this really only the third one I've seen? It feels like so much more, maybe because it's such a dense, heavy show. Did we mention how all the doctors/nurses are incredible?  I <3 Pam, especially. There was so much potential in this. And too many overly saccharine speeches. But mostly, potential. Making this episode particularly fun, Dr. Andy Killjoy constantly breaking up teenage lovebird antics. Hee!  And Britt was her usual adorable self even if my enjoyment was hampered by the boy playing her love interest looking & acting a lot like Sam. Glad I made time for it.

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