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How I Met Your Mother, 6x13, "Bad News"
Hilarious, wonderful, amazing, had me in stitches (BARNEY'S DOPPELGANGER: REAL VERSION!!!), and none of that matters because I think all that's going to stick with me is the emotional sucker punch of an ending. 
...heavy. Oh my God, that happened. And it was amazing, emotion-wise, to a depth I honestly did not know HIMYM had. Wow. Did it make me cry? It did. But also swelled my heart with overwhelming, chest-exploding feelings of love for Marshall/Lily and Marshall in particular. I keep watching the end over and over, amazed by how realistic his reaction is. Without being over the top at all, and in fact rather on the quiet and understated side, it just guts you. Take notes, drama shows.

On second thought, since I did rewatch it, highlights: Dr. Stengel, winning my heart as one of the best minor characters ever; owl attack; Viking Lamp!, Ted's feet (Common Sense and Reasonable Discourse!); Ted's HYSTERICAL kickboxing down the hallway; the magazine called "Nekkid" (lol-ing forever), Lily freaking out and refusing to believe it's not Barney, Barney being soundproofed and dressed with blinders, and Robin's new job finding...everything, in montage form set to "Let's Go To the Mall." 

Lowlights: "Scherpoopy" (one, stop being crass, you worthless stupid show; two, that's not even clever wordplay. What about Scherplopsky?), Marshall's parents. WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT NOT BEING CRASS.

Blindlights: How did I not notice the clever hidden-ish countdown? Not even a little bit, not even at all? In retrospect, it seems so obvious, but it's like a saw a few of the numbers and none of them registered as being out of place. Not even the giant random 6 on a file folder.

Straight Confusion: If Barney needs a laser tag partner, why and how is he not asking Robin immediately? That is both illogical and a prime example of wasted opportunity.
Hawaii Five-0, my first impressions

-Two seconds in, I'm admiring one sleeping Alex O'Loughlin (his recycled 60's name is irrelevant to me so far) when I jerk out of my reverie with "What the hell?!"  Nasty, huge tattoos on both arms? Are you kidding me? Oh, please let those be character-specific so I can blame the show. [Edit: Google is not inspiring confidence in this being character-related. OK, this is definitely a problem. I am still making it the show's fault rather than his; obviously it fails for putting him in T-shirts. We didn't have this problem when he wore white coats; I'M JUST SAYING. And Moonlight was too long ago for me to remember, but I can't imagine it was an issue, or I wouldn't have given a vampire show a second chance. /digression]

-LOL NINJAS. [Edit: No, seriously.]

-...ninjas with stun guns. Hot.

-WTF, are they using the actual same terrible 60s theme song and everything? Gross. I don't even know which version of the show I hate more right now; this is just epic badness all around and should in no way have been resurrected.

-I immediately understand the banter you guys like; I agree that it's fun, but half the snark is coming out of such a bland mug that it is not worth my while. This hot/not hot detective banter only works for Law & Order: UK. That said, I would not be opposed to someone compiling all of their back and forth in a giant YouTube clip and/or writing pages and pages of it out in one handy quote-reading place.

-Seriously, why is Scott Caan the face of this show? So much eye candy, and then him. One of these things is not like the others! Also, does he just walk really far away from O'Loughlin at all times, or is he actually 5 feet tall? [edit: 5'5". LOLTASTIC. It is just loltastic to see his tiny munchkin self swaggering all over Hawaii. You don't really mean for me to take anything he says seriously, do you?]

-Daniel Dae Kim, damn, it is so nice to see him speaking perfect, confident English. Think I am crushing a little bit. He has the world's nicest smile.

-Fact: Nobody broods like Alex O'Loughlin. Across all shows, all characters, he broods and it is spectacular. This kidnapping storyline is intense so far, and I love it, although it is mostly making me want to watch a bunch more Three Rivers.

-Oh, there's his show name -- Steve? OK, confession, the weirdest part for me right now is that I think I like him better with this short hair than I did the wavy locks on Broody Mick St. John. Like, possibly a lot better. Possibly this is the foxiest he has ever been, as proven by the fact that I am willing to use embarrassing words like "foxy" because "hot" just won't quite cover it. 

-Little sister damsel-in-distress rescuing, best! Problem is, that only took 15 minutes. What the hell is the rest of the hour for?

-Chin lifting and "I love you and I'm really sorry about what happened to you today." *purr*

-Awww, sad goodbye hugs. I love this. I don't know any older brothers in real life who are that touchy-feely, but it always works so beautifully on TV. Even if if it is hard to care about Mary as an individual due to her being played by Taryn Manning, who always looks like an underfed crack ho.

P.S. Is it Kono, the woman on the team? She's objectively pretty and enhances the background, but she did not make an impression on me. This is not a negative, unlike my feelings on all the other super-boring people, just an objective fact.

IN CONCLUSION: Yeah, bailing; don't plan to make a habit of watching this. I got so bored that at 9:30, I was genuinely amazed the show was not over. I felt that way again at 9:45. I think one episode was worth it just for the Hotly Protective Big Brother mode, but it's just not for me.

I still want Numb3rs back.

Also for "The Back-Up Plan" to hit the library in non-rental version. Either/or.
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