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Can't fight the Moonlight

Immediately following the last post, I hit YouTube for a good old-fashioned nostalgia tour of June 2008, reliving my weekend fling with Moonlight. For a moment, I was thrown by Mick's seemingly ridiculous hair and making :o faces of sad dismay at how much I just wanted to give him a good haircut. It was dangerously close to unbearable. Would this destroy the 'ship I've placed on a pedestal? Almost, but no. Jumping feet-first into the "Fated to Pretend" ending, I was initially more interested in remembering the day I fell in love with the song as a result, but after following that up with the series' final 3 minutes, I was back in the world of love and wondering how I have not thought about this show in years.

Next, fanvids: I love this one both because it features all highlights from "Fated to Pretend," complete with dialogue, and because apparently a bunch of the lyrics are just crazy-applicable.

(sidebar: oh goodness, that picnic on the beach was amazing. Kind of like everything about this episode, really, which I need to rewatch in full ASAP. "He has Beth. He has my Beth." Also because, wait, what, doth my eyes deceive me or is the blond girl he saves in this episode -- you know, the one whom Past Me found useful as a Beth stand-in for that moment -- the girl who plays Tasha on Life Unexpected?? It is! My worlds are colliding in amazing ways all over the place this week.)

I also like this one, just because someone was finally motivated enough to actually make a vid to "Can't Fight the Moonlight."

And now that I'm curious about new episode clips and cannot bear any more music montages (my patience exhausts so quickly), hey, remember Beth strung out on vampire drugs and throwing herself at Mick, resulting in the Best Shower Scene Ever? OH, how about this really sweet, unexpected kiss (correction: two for the price of one!) that I had actually forgotten about? I think more embedding is necessary.

Eventually I ran out of clips and moved on to chunks of episodes, large portions of at least 5 or 6, which is getting dangerously near a full blown series rewatch. "Fever": still amazing despite extreme squick! Etc, etc. Cheeseball vampire antics everywhere -- putting "cheeseball" before "vampire antics" is redundant; there is a reason this is the only exception to my anti-vampire rule -- but these two were just so amazingly on in every scene from day 1.  I'd forgotten how much I loved Mick as a character. The only danger now is having to recalibrate and adjust for short hair again, because I've quickly gotten quite reattached to the longer look.

[Edit: Problem solved by looking up clips of "The Back-Up Plan" on YouTube. Waaaay too many clips; which will be helpful to me later, but right now I had to rip myself away before I spoiled the entire movie without getting a chance to watch it properly.] 

Speaking of the last post, good grief, how is EVERYBODY EVER a fan of that show whose title I still don't even know if I am spelling right? My half-baked, non-thinky thoughts generated more interest than I have had in like six months of other posts. Who wants to talk about SOUTHLAND? *cricket chirps*

Yeah, me neither. I know! The show just defies conventional blog chatter. All I can say is that the only cast reduction I noticed, and I don't even know if it's permanent, was in the form of irrelevant male characters (Dewey and...two whose names I don't even know, Adams' partner and the adulterous dad). And I seem to have a Thing for shrill blond wives whose names start with T with unhappy marriages, because this baby is just the WORST IDEA EVER and yet my reaction pretty much mirrors Bryant's.

I love how this show is just like being plunged into life for an hour, even though I can never adjust to the horrible new swearing or their insistence on spoiling the ending every single time by starting at the 3/4 mark and then rewinding. I have a feeling that if it started getting critical acclaim, underground buzz, or people started talking about how everyone should be watching it, I'd be quick to self-deprecate and smack it down, but it really does better than all the other crime dramas right now at holding my rapt attention from start to finish. It doesn't even feel like a show. It's just real people and reality.

Also watched "The Middle" last night, "Taking Back the House." Are you by any chance closet watchers of that? It was HYSTERICAL (and also...familiar. Nobody has taken me to the library in TWO DAYS!). I kept bursting out laughing, just as a good old-fashioned sitcom should make you do.

Mom, pleasantly surprised: I've been watching this for 10 minutes and I haven't been offended once.
^ Which I think is pretty much an accurate measure of why it is unique and also technically the most wonderful comedy on the air right now. If you made me choose between this and Community to survive to season 3, I would choose this show on principle. 
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