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I gotta stop bottling my TV thoughts up like this.

How is it that EVERY time I finally get my act together and say, "Hey, I think I am going to work my tail off this Friday so as to actually be done in time to have a weekend as long as everyone's else's," the shoppers are terrible and thwart me? Seriously. I had to contact four people for missing info; two of them didn't get back to me until the last minute today, and two surveys I had to actually ask for extensions on because they are just ignoring my emails and calls all over the place.  Now I have TWO hanging over my whole weekend and ruining it.

Also, I got the fun experience of trying someone's work number as my last resort, only to have a police department answer (???), and despite my valiant attempt to ask for the person anyway, be told "this is an emergency line" (!) and they do not accept personal calls. The person who answered was very kind about it, but you know...possibly that is not one of the contact numbers you should provide. Just possibly.
Note: The HTML keeps pitching a hissy fit over the pictures and keeps moving the /lj-cut tags up every time I switch back to RT. Sorry if the reviews refuse to stay hidden. Working on it.

Too tired to deal with titles. Or numbers. They're just "the two most recent episodes that aired back to back."

Law & Order: SVU
Round One: Fascinating opening with the little boy found dead on the carousel, case too unspeakably boring to care. Underage involuntary fight club? MEH. Way to thwart our resident lady lawyer, though. She's so unlikeable that I just want her to fail at everything. If we can't have Paxton or any of our classic prosecutors back, consider my petition to bring Connie Rubirosa over to this division officially launched.

Round Two: Speaking of Taryn Manning the underfed crack ho...I'm torn. On the one hand, kid-abuse cases are among the squickier things this show has to offer (also: way to come up with the grossest, perviest, most disgusting rapist ever); but on the other hand, the story was pretty good. Until the end. THAT IS TERRIBLE JUSTIFICATION. Third person defense? When the girl she was saving from rape was in another room entirely? Not close enough in my book. That should be SOME sort of arrest; we can't have vigilante justice running about no matter how terrible the person who dies is.

After taking a few hours to distance myself from first viewing, though, I find that this episode has seeped into my consciousness like slow-acting poison and I cannot get its extreme grossness out of my brain. Not to make light of what real people may have gone through in cases like this, but I'm a little secondhand traumatized here. You should avoid it if at all possible. Save yourself the need for brain bleach!

Grey's Anatomy, 7x11, "Disarm"

The show's welcome-back morning sex montage absolutely added a minus to its last report card grade. Luckily, it spent the rest of the hour working its way back into my good graces by being AMAZING. As though one mass shooting on this series was not enough, it then throws in a school shooting, leaving 20+ victims at a college campus, which is a subject I've found fascinating for use in fiction since I was in 7th grade and Columbine happened. It's more interesting at a college than a high school, though, so my brain will be busy inventing backstory for the largely-nameless victims there. And crossing some scenarios over with Numb3rs. I have priorities.

And that's not even getting into the lovely ramifications on the hospital staff. Their reactions to the newscast were wonderful, especially Bailey not even being able to say anything. I loved their trauma certification turning out to be more useful than previously suspected, YES! And this means Owen in his element, setting up makeshift operating rooms, stapling cuts together for maximum efficiency and calmly sorting out triage amidst the chaos, which is a beautiful thing to behold.

Owen/Cristina: STILL NOT ENOUGH. But better, on the New Year's resolution front. When I said "moments in the morning or evening," I really was hoping "with clothes," but I guess as naked times go this was...relatively mild? (I keep telling myself that, as it winds up in a cute place, but I keep making a face every time I start the clip over.)

That said, very much on board with his fretting throughout the episode, both before she enters the OR and his second breakaway to check on her once he hears that she's operating on the shooter and fully aware of it. I kind of love how subtle Teddy's eyes-only reassurance was.
Cristina The Surgeon: One, why did you not cast Biker Dude for a more substantial role? He's dashing, possibly due to the McDreamy hair. Recycle him on Private Practice immediately if you haven't already done so. I think I might be shipping Mr. One Note with regrettably married Cristina. A little. AU style. It's literally the first time I've ever seen instantaneous sparks on this show.

Two, like everything else about her PTSD arc, the conclusion and road out of it seem to have been handled with beautiful grace and perfect timing, so thumbs up. You did this exactly right.

Derek/Meredith: Seem poised to take over for O/C in the central storyline department, which is inferior but which I guess I can concede. Morning = mildly traumatic for my brain, but more so in words than actions, so we're still good (and besides, I was amused by Meredith's frustration that her husband and best friend are hanging out. "'She caught a fish and cried' is not the whole story." // "Except it IS the story. It is in fact the entire story.")

Later: "I mean honestly, you and Cristina are so busy supporting each other, have you even noticed that I went through a trauma too? I was the wife in the waiting room, Derek. And it's so hard to be the wife in the waiting room, so hard that I walked into the OR while the shooter had a gun to you and told him to shoot me instead."

And lo, there was a flicker of the emotion I felt lacking when she told him about the miscarriage. A flicker that became a flame with this:

"You've been holding everybody up, even though... You amaze me."

Meredith/Cristina: Aw, so easily and simply fixed with a drinking outing. Well, not a real drink, because Meredith's trying to get pregnant and supposedly alcohol will make her baby have 3 heads and 16 toes. So Cristina brightly suggests some crack cocaine instead. Awesome.

Mark/Lexie: STILL CANNOT HANDLE NAKED TIMES. Am still weirded out by "I love you," but mainly because I have accidentally convinced myself that if anyone is going to make the manwhore settle into a life of monogamy, it should be Callie. Can totally, however, handle Mark making worried eyes at Lexie (who seems more triggered to tears over the memory of the rampage than anybody except April) and otherwise looking out for her. The best part about this is that it means my Jackson/April shippin' ways have lost another barrier; COME ON AND FOLLOW THROUGH, SHOW.

(Picture 1: Approved!  Picture 2: See, how is that not Jackson's hand? Stupid Chief. Stupid wasted moment.)

Teddy/Scott Foley Sean Henry: So it turns out...I love this crazy, random-ass marriage of conveniece/charity. Teddy is more likeable than she has been in her entire tenure on the show, and this storyline thrills my cold little heart. I loved everything about this, from Owen's Message of Disapproval (though at least he does not seem to harbor any particular grudge against Henry), to Teddy's 'what, YOU got married' protests ("To the woman I love"), to the cute little ending.

Dr. Stark: OK, was maybe my first instance of not agreeing with him as he refused to even try saving a teenage girl's leg. Still, he made up for it by throwing up his hands at their weirdo laughter at the end and marching out. "I hate this place." ME TOO, STARK. I AM WITH YOU. Don't quit on me, though! I need you to put Robbins in her place.

Arizona: Shut up, shut up, shut up, you stupid little twit!! I love Callie for standing her ground (I suspect this will last about five more minutes, in RS-time) and ordering "no talking" during the surgery, and I loved the Chief for initially refusing to hire her back -- like, seriously? Was she actually legitimately confused that after quitting her job and presumably planning to be gone for years, he did not jump at the opportunity to fire her replacement and put her back on staff? Ugh, so terrible.

Jackson: Come on, dude, all that work to get in the OR and make people take you seriously again, and you squander it with a temper tantrum? You're working to keep the guy alive so he can be convicted and suffer in jail for a while. Also, you do not KNOW that he is the shooter yet. Technically. You just highly suspect.

That said, kinda dig his angry angst. More importantly adored when he got control of himself and went to update the kid's mom with compassion and without judgment. Accelerated character growth! 

Richard: Has shaved his head bald. I did not think it was possible to like him less, but there you are.

Patients: I connected with exactly nobody, except maybe the shooter's mom. Way to make us care.

Conclusion: Spectacular! Now keep going. The previews are promising.
Private Practice, 4x11, "If You Don't Know Me By Now"

+ Just once, can one of Addison's family members, or by-proxy members or whatever, just DIE from their should-be-fatal disease instead of Addison pulling 11th hour miracle cures out of her ass? Honestly. They are all horrid and need to written off ASAP. As much as I dislike Addison this year, she looks like an angel in comparison to her mother. That said, Addison is so much more bearable when kept away from the nastiness that is her relationship with Sam. Or men who are not Derek or Pete or our poor former cop boyfriend, really; she is so much more likable hanging out with Naomi and Amelia.

Fact: her adorable sister-in-law bond is the best thing about this horrible season.

Amelia: You need a hug?
Addison: Yes please.

+ I have no feelings about the other patient except that this supposed-genius Corey sounds like a complete bastard. I really advocate letting him die. But no, he lives. The horrible patients in this universe always live.

+ Hyperion wants to buy Violet's 837-page journal about the crazy lady cutting a baby out of her belly, and turn it into a book. FACT: I WOULD BUY THIS BOOK. Well, read it. I would read this book if they published it as a tie-in novel, I would read this book in the real world based on real life. I am in fact now researching on Amazon to see if there is a memoir like this. It seems unlikely, but you never know. I love this subplot more than I have ever loved a book-publishing subplot, and I always love book-publishing subplots. 

Violet: What?
Pete: Just...Lucas' mom is amazing, that's all.

+ Good glory, that is the least nauseating Cooper and Charlotte have been while kissing in bed in...I'm gonna go with definitely "ever." To think, it only took them about 50 tries and a rape to get there. To the point where I was even disappointed in Cooper for stopping. Don't be a such a girl, Coop. At least Charlotte is still being wonderfully subdued and quite likable as a result. When she sincerely thanked Violet for telling her about her rape and admitted it helped, some angel choirs sang out.

Medium, 7x11, "Only Half Lucky"
I may or may not have read a book through most of this, but basically, David Arquette makes everything better. His personal life may deeply sadden me of late, but he is a marvelous actor, and I particularly love him in this role as Allison's brother. Allison's cleaned-up brother, even, with a turned-around life; very nice. 

I may or may not have spent the whole episode wishing for a ghost to take over my body while I'm sleeping in exchange for getting me a cushy job. So long as I'm not arrested for anything he does while I'm out of it; I'm totally willing to help him screw people over to move his wife up on the transplant list. All of those people did it of their own volition, OK! They're weak!  If that's all a dead guy wants in exchange for doing my next job interview for me, I am just ALL FOR IT. In other news, I may be soulless.

CSI: NY, 7x11, "To What End?"
I spent the entire episode with two thoughts in my head:
1) SHUT UP, JO (you think I am annoyed by her feminist reasons for the divorce; I am not. They were so cliche that they didn't even register with me, especially as her ex-husband seemed like prat; I am instead 100% judging her for marrying him in the first place. And just, every time she opens her mouth for something not directly case-related, it is painful)

2) FLACK, HOW HAS YOUR HAIR GOTTEN WORSE. Now it's slicked back and parted. You can't possibly think, no matter what you cook up, that I am going to care about a Flack storyline until he course-corrects that monstrosity.  Also, the odds of him landing directly on the suspect instead of breaking his fool neck from a leap at that height seemed improbable. Lastly: just once, can Flack's instincts about a good guy be RIGHT, and Mac's stupid science be misleading?

There was a brief moment where Danny (whose hair has also taken a weedwhacker turn for the worse) praised the powers of something called Edna, and Lindsay teased him about the other woman in his life. Which went over like nothing, but which struck me as incredibly awkward that it didn't, seeing as how that sort of remark is HIGHLY RELEVANT TO THEIR RELATIONSHIP. We have not reached the joking stage yet, TPTB.

Really, the best part for me (besides the fantastic clown costumes & painted eggshells) was the funny callback to Flack & Danny knocking on an apartment door, which I shall quote in full just as soon as I've got a source.

Oh! I lied; the best part was the use of "Here Without You" for the end, which I know for a fact was not a favorite radio song of mine back in the sweet sweet day, but how was I supposed to know that music on the radio would fall and die in a corrupt hip-hop/Lady G takeover before the end of the decade? I nearly wept at the familiarity of something classic-sounding.
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