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1. This has been entertaining me endlessly for the past few days:

2. Almost no one ever steals my book-related surveys, even though they are AWESOME. But I still love them, so I'm going to keep bringing them to the table in hopes that lots of people will eventually follow suit.

1) What books did you buy recently? The batch from the last library sale in November. It is The Lean Winter Times right now.

2) What's on your Amazon wish list? A Season of Eden, The Tales of Beedle the Bard*, and that's about it for books I dream of purchasing new. Otherwise, you remember my old list.
I have not read this book yet, and I am stubbornly holding out on doing so until I have my own copy.)

3) Complete this sentence: "If I had an unlimited book budget, I would acquire_____" ALL THE BOOKS EVER? Oh, you mean specific expensive items. One of those ultra rare handwritten copies of The Tales of Beedle the Bard would top the list. Or at least the replica collector's edition of it.

4) Name one hard-to-find book you would love to see on your shelf. ONE? The Mystery of Pony Hollow, original hardcover edition. It is my #1 life quest, and I have quite a few book-related Life Quests.
[2011 edit: WINNING!]

5) Name one book on your shelf right now, that you would NEVER SELL.  Almost none of them, willingly, but all of my books are technically replaceable with enough time and money, so...??? I guess my cloth-cover vintage hardcover juvenile books are the rarest I've got. Maybe An Otter's Story, just because it's personally signed by the author? Am also real attached to the 1920s copy of Buff: A Collie that I saved from my local library sale cart after loving it my whole life. ...I should probably mention one of my mom's childhood books; maybe Josephine Lovell's Eight Little Indians, in great shape with beautiful glossy pages and wonderful illustrations.

6) What is the most expensive book purchase you have made? My record-breaking textbook purchase was the one for Nutrition, which was over $100. I sold it to my roommate the next semester for $50 to lessen the blow, but still. And my equally huge Calculus textbook was definitely in the $80+ range. That one I kept, for reasons unknown to me except maybe I developed Stockholm Syndrome attachment to the course I got a C/D in despite devoting more hours of work to it than almost any class before or since.

7) If you could design your dream library, what would it look like? 6-foot bookshelves lining the walls (built in), a big picture window with an upper-level view, a fireplace, a sofa and a couple of comfy armchairs. And a desk with a computer in the corner, as I would like to be in my sanctuary and surrounded by books while working online.

8) Complete this sentence: "When I walk into a bookstore, I save my wallet from impending doom if I bypass the ___________ shelf/section(s)." Young Adult and Pets

9) List ALL the books you currently have on loan from your local library.

-Summers With The Bears -- Mom's reading it. Told you I was pushing it on people.

-Evolution, Me, & Other Freaks of Nature
-Jake Riley: Irreparably Damaged
-After the Moment (Looks doomed in a 500-Days-of-Summer way, but oh, the cover is so achingly pretty that I want to let it break me. Also: this story starts with a 20-something narrator, which blew my mind. Clearly an extended flashback to high school is coming, but still, I have never seen a YA novel start that old. I had to double check the spine to see that it really was YA.)
-The Clearing
-X Isle (Didn't look great; picked it up as a last-ditch effort before the library closed, hoping for a survivalist aspect from "In a drowned world, everybody wants to get to the island." Instead it was pretty much modern-day Lord of the Flies, but with a few adults running the show

10) "I love my local library because...." It provides me with access to 95% of my movies and reading material, much of it brand new, and no matter how often I go I always leave with a new pile of titles that look good.
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