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From a summary for an upcoming Office episode: Meanwhile, Erin enlists some of her coworkers in her Scrabble battle with Gabe.

CSI, 11x11, "Man Up": The Hodges plot was entirely unnecessary, and considering it was all him + Langston, I just gave up on that nonsense entirely about halfway through. So that left us with half an episode...which fortunately was well worth it, as Nick + Greg is a FANTASTIC duo, particularly if they are placing bets on dead/not dead and ribbing each other nonstop. (Greg's haughty Wizard of Oz quote-correction: excellent!) And then you throw the good lab rats, Archie & Mandy into it? I like her better with glasses, but still, so much love. Maybe not a super memorable episode, but not bad at all. I even found Carrot Top's random appearance quite entertaining. Lame Mad Men Dude (the guy who killed the stripper), not so much. Office-related grudge forever!
Reactionary Thought to CSI: Miami for the week: I will bet Greg's hundred bucks that Horatio volunteered to sit on the west end of the parking lot JUST so he could eventually say, "All quiet on the western front."

Thought 2: Wow! Can we have this adorable dearheart of a new tech instead of awful Travers FOREVER? She has such long, pretty hair and a beautiful smile; she totally beats out both Dave and Valera as my all-time favorite Miami lab rat. Or will as soon as I find out her name; I didn't actually register anything she said because I was too dazzled by her refreshing appearance and I was so bored tonight that I stopped watching 10 minutes from the end anyway. It's hard to care who the killer is when you don't even remember who the victim is while you are watching.

Based on knowledge provided by Sporcle: how bad is the United State of Pop mix for 2010? It's just this confusing blur of boring noise. Whereas the one from 2009 is so catchy that I keep playing it over and over, enjoying the video as much as the music.


Jan. 11th, 2011 03:36 pm (UTC)
My biggest problem with the United State of Pop mix of 2010 - other than the fact that I didn't know most of the artists - is that all the songs sounded the same! That's probably what you were getting at, but I still felt it worth sharing.
Jan. 11th, 2011 03:43 pm (UTC)
No, that's exactly it, and you worded it better than me.

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