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How to make RS unproductive: Show 2 hours straight of Friends & Scrubs reruns on TV every night.
How to make RS SUPER unproductive: hook her up with a streaming Friends feed, which through some magical internet miracle plays episodes of Friends on loop forever, without pause or interruption. *gazes in awe*
Southland, 3x02, "Punching Water"
-Remember when Ben was dating Daisy instead of what looked like a career prostitute? Still the episode(s) to beat. In lieu of good development on that front, can't I even have one full episode of him being partnered with Chickie? "You're with me, Romeo"; see, that is the sort of teasing dynamic I love. Their chemistry is the best one the show, especially since Lydia's original partner is apparently relegated to off-screen desk duty forever.

I don't even know how to define it -- it's not UST in the slightest; she's a little too old for it to be sibling-like and yet she's too young for it to be mothering, either. I just like how they have in common that he's somewhat soft, as a newbie, and she's got a gentler edge than all the guys while still having just enough experience to take him under her wing. On the rare occasion she gets a chance and isn't serving random punishment by being yoked to the usual creep.

It kind of reminds me of when I always wanted to befriend the new girls in elementary school, since I wasn't super popular and they represented a fresh start, until they'd inevitably be nice enough but get swept up by the popular crowd, still on the outskirts. This is a weird digression. Sorry, it tends to get all RS's Personal Sharing Hour in the unpopular show reviews that nobody reads.

-I laughed SO HARD at the mother of the third victim. The way she was screaming was just hilarious. WAHHHH, MAH BABY! WHYYY, WHYYY, WHYYY! Something about the pitch of her scream just sends me into uncontrollable peals of laughter.

-I applaud Lydia for attacking Dewey, Raging Asshole #1 (was it it even an attack? She pretty much just grabbed his chin and pushed with contempt). It takes a lot to make me feel that racism and other prejudice actually exist and are appalling. Dewey is the special brand of person who ramps it up to an intolerable level.

-Aw, damn, Tammi's cheating and probably pregnant with some other dude's kid. >.< Boo! Remember how on Glee, Terri cheating was my only acceptable reason for them divorcing? There is no acceptable reason for divorce here! (besides all the...other reasons their marriage is toxic and largely absent of love). Ah, geeze, they're so tragic, and yet this is really one of the closest times fiction has come to making me believe in divorce without an acute and violent reason. Really, just, I'm on Sammy's side in all of this. Whatever he thinks, I'm on board. Except for his lamentable decision not to punch the guy in the face in response to being told they need to handle this like mature adults.

NCIS, 8x11, "Ships in the Night"
Well, that was just joyous! I mean, once we got past the part where they made us care about the kind-eyed victim for a minute before they shot him for us. That should really be avoided in the manner of "don't name the livestock." 

-Agent Abby (Borin, that is, rather than a new title for our Abbs) continues to be a magnificent infusion of life to this series. Particularly while Gibbs is defensively demanding to know in what way McGee thinks they're similar (answer: all the ways, Gibbs. All of the ways). Or while bonding with Abby -- which is always nice to see; Abby's a little like a dog in the way she either approves or disapproves of people, and one can always trust her judgment -- and giving cause for Gibbs to call them Abbses, plural form, and reward coffee and Caff-Pow as appropriate.

-Among the many reasons Abby is my favorite: her condolences card on the death of the Coast Guard's Cocker Spaniel. Because she's on an email list for military animals, because she's amazing.No other fictional character I can think of, not even Sara Sidle, gets this much screen time to mention their love of animals. I particularly loved her query as to why NCIS doesn't have a mascot (answer: "We do, Abbs. You." Aw, it's adorable and true. Gibbs' smile is so sweet right there. I still think Jethro The German Shepherd could be their mascot.)

-Her bat necklace was sort of creepy, though. Its size made it look very much like it was just an actual dead bat encased in silver and hung around her neck.

-Loved the enormous collection of Caff-Pows scattered around the table. "We don't talk about the record."

-And Abby banging her hip into the desk in her haste to hurry around it with results, causing Gibbs to look up and ask if she's OK, which is the sort of moment I live for.

-Other fun times: Ziva's very stern "That is not a nice word" before wreaking havoc on the guy calling someone a bitch, as well as catching a pen thrown at her in midair, despite apparently not being aware it was coming.
Tony: That is crazy. You catch that in your sleep? Use sonar?
Ziva: That is why it's called a bat nap.

Basically, every day should be Vance-free, Agent-Borin-Inclusive Day.
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