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It's the kind of ending you don't really want to see

24 hours ago, "Off the Map" was the #1 thing on my bored little mind. Then SVU decided to face off in the time slot, and since the first show will crop up on Hulu while the latter will not, latter wins live face-offs.

"Mask." Which, incidentally, was the most compelling part of this episode.

-God, this show is so gross sometimes, not necessarily in terms of visuals but in terms of the words it uses to put images in my head. This episode tested my limits everywhere. "I love nailing 16 year old girls!" "I am pretty sure I raped my OWN 16-year-old daughter." "I'm a wanton slut, let me just throw myself on my knees at Elliot." "Hi, my name is Elliot and I'm a sex addict, that's it; let me tell you what I get off on doing." DING, LIMIT REACHED; be back in a few minutes when you're done talking about this.

-Speaking of the wanton slut, I was tickled pink that she was last known to me as less-slutty Daisy on Southland, whom I was just referencing in the last post.

-Oh, way to be objective there, clinic lady/TPTB! Catholic Church mainly condemns IVF because of all the fertilized embryos that are frozen, unused and tossed out or used for medical research. Bit of a problem when one believes life begins at conception.  

-"When God makes you pregnant, stay pregnant. When God makes you barren, stay barren."
On the other hand, Random Dude makes a logical point about accepting the status quo. I have a uterus, so based on the detectives' implication, my opinion counts more.

-I couldn't focus much on the case beyond this point because whenever I wasn't grossed out beyond belief by the level of perviness, I was bored.

-I really wanted to enjoy A.J. Cook based on her Criminal Minds prestige, hoping she'd stand out here...but I always forgot she was on that show anyway (too many blondes), and she did not overwhelm here.

More importantly, as soon as that was done, I forgot all about where I was going upon realizing that, with less than a week to go now, there might be some Life Unexpected sneak peeks on the internet. Ah, there we go!

First, a new summary, though I cannot tell if this is for the episode-13 finale or both parts in general, given that the peeks are labeled "Affair Remembered" and I was pretty sure #12 was "Teacher Schooled," and I'm...confused as to how the timeline for my relationship shakes out between the two. ANYWAY. 

Relevant part: Sensing that Eric is once again pulling away from their relationship, Lux plans a romantic dinner for the two of them
*sarcastic gasp* NO. Pulling away?? And we wondered why I mocked him for acting like he's been the picture of stability while claiming "I'm not going anywhere." (did I not mock publicly? No, that's right, I was willfully blinded by squee for a while and then brought out the snark for my transcripts). Ugh, this pattern is worse than the Rachel diva-off in the first five episodes of Glee. Anyway, the rest of that sentence hooks up with the shot from the Stressful Hiatus Preview, here defined as but is surprised when Baze and Cate show up at the door.

...also, oh no, Wikipedia just made me super-sad with its version of the episode summary. White-on-white text away, because I don't want to confront it in black and white until I have to: The finale will jump forward two years to Lux's high school graduation.

BOO TIME JUMPS. Look, some shows need permanent closure; this is not one of them. I heard this rumor but have refused to believe it until now. Unless this time jump's purpose is to give me hope about how Lux's 18-year-old and legal self might get another go with Eric after whatever surely heartbreaking mess goes down prior to the time jump, DO NOT WANT. It will only make me sad and depressed to think of all this being prematurely over. I told you about how much high school graduations depress me when my brother graduated, and I told you how I'm dreading Glee's next year; I don't want to confront this one too. Nor do I want canon-stamped future life courses! Unlike Harry Potter, I would like to decide for myself where everyone ends up, thank you.

Back to normal text, as I'm clearly twitchy as all get out and will not rest until I have fully grokked every piece of information available to me: let's play Publicly Available Deluxe Transcripts.

Peek #1: Oh, goody, it's my favorite boy, once again hassling Lux about her relationship. After an interesting factoid that Lux apparently requires adult supervision now, and some callous remarks (guess who from) about how Tasha being sent away must lower her profile, she politely requests for him to leave her alone.

Sam, who hears everything as the opposite of what it is, answers, "Why don't you get your boyfriend to babysit you? He seems like an upstanding guy -- breaking the law aside."
Favorite line so far: "He's not breaking the law."
Sam, too interested: "Oh, so you guys haven't sealed the deal yet? You know, in some social circles that's called statutory rape."
"OK, you can stop talking any time," she snaps (somehow restraining herself from, I don't know, choking the life out of him, or perhaps stabbing him with scissors? These are just suggestions), putting in ear buds and starting to walk away. Oh, please take me with you so I don't have to hear any mo -- curses.
"Are you gonna see him tonight? Is that why you looked so happy at school today?"
"You should tell him next time he's going to hook up with a student, he should have his heart-to-hearts in a classroom that's not made of glass."
"OK, go to hell." There you go, Lux.
"I've missed our little talks." GROSS. STOP IT. At this point I don't think I care if you break up my ship, just do not let her hook up with this bag of sleaze who makes Bug look like a paragon of saintliness.
(insert Baze interruption and more attempted harassment blackmail from Sam, which Lux torpedoes because she is awesome. MOVING ON.)

"You realize what you're doing with Mr. Daniels is really messed up, right?" Sam finishes, causing bursts of uncomfortably irrational anger to bloom across my skin at the fact that he seems to have abruptly dropped the smirk and sounds like he's trying to be serious. Oh, shut up; anyone who was not privy to the ocean adventure isn't allowed to talk (then again...neither are any fans who WERE privy to the ocean adventure and still reject it. I just want to enjoy my thing without justifying it at every turn!). You know what I'm serious about? The fact that Sam's unpleasantness is ruining this kid's face enough to destroy Terra Nova for me before it even premieres.
"OK, what I am doing is none of your business. You want to talk about people doing messed up things, maybe you should talk to your mom."
Tide, shifted. "What about her?"
"The top of the list? She's about to move in with Baze."
Well, that shut him up. Unfortunately, I can't appreciate it because I'm busy scrubbing this possibility out of my brain and hating that this horrid, gross romance of Baze's is the only thing marring the perfection of season 2. Well, and Sam, but he's sort of a byproduct of the horrid gross romance. Technically.

The second sneak peek features Cate and Ryan, which is fantastic but really not what my brain has room for right now, so we'll wait on that for the larger in-episode context. Argh, conflict. Yesterday it seemed perfectly reasonable that I'd watch NCIS live again and stuff this treat in a box so I could savor and pause/rewind at will and probably take 3 1/2 hours to finish the whole thing, but now I fear my willpower will crumble in an instant and cause my brain to explode by trying to process the whole finale live because I won't be able to wait 12 extra hours.

Shift gears, again;I've lifted another one of those vague, ramble-encouraging memes: 
Open up your music player and stick it on shuffle. Play 10 random songs and write the first thing that comes to mind after each -- images you associate it with, what it means to you, an emotion; whatever you want to say. 

1. Goodnight and Go -- Imogen Heap
First association: Biking and grasshoppers...because this was a song for September '07, and I played it on loop a lot during my intense period of early autumn exercising on the trail near college.

2. The Scientist -- Avril Lavigne
Doctor/Donna, forever

3. Life in Mono -- Mono
"The stranger sang a theme, from someone else's dream," and the last three words there were inspiration for my last ER fic's title.

4. How Do You Do -- Shakira
The first (and still one of the few) Shakira song that really impressed me, lyric-wise.

5. First Suite in E Flat - 3rd movement, March
(Listening without looking at title) "I know I love it, but I have no idea what this song is. This is terrible! I can no longer tell my band songs apart!" DUH, E flat military band suite, one of my foundation band pieces?? I fell in love with it upon first sight read. Don't think I ever actually performed it with a group; that was the senior band; I just made copies and played my part at home all the time.

6. Storms in Africa -- Enya
Childhood, hanging out at my dad's studio while the tape this was on played in the tape deck. Also: a sim horse was named after this song.

7. Rent - Rent soundtrack
My first introduction to this film was a student playing the video clip of this song for part of their Film Studies presentation. It hooked me.

8. Paper Bag - Anna Nalick
This is the world's best song about being bullied.

9. Unshackling -- Charlotte Martin
This is only in my library as part of a fanmix (Alex Linus, Lost). Which I need to put on a physical CD already and delete, because this track very much does not work for me outside the context of the fanmix. Too disconnected.

10. Deck the Rooftop - Glee cast
It was only yesterday that I realized this was a mashup (damn it, they just can't let the concept GO) instead of just an ultra-synthesized-pop carol. Turns out I sort of love it. I hate this show for forcing me to admit that the mashups they make are usually...not horrible and/or better than a lot of their regular covers? The Glee soundtrack does NOT have permission to go rogue, though; it's not getting any more Christmas songs on the list even if it is a new year.
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