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"I never thought this day would I'm afraid that it has come all too soon."

Handy is handy: one can stream all the Lux scenes from season 2! Since those are both the majority of the scenes in general and the majority of what I find relevant, this has been a godsend for the episodes I don't have, meaning I've since stuffed the best parts of episodes 3 and 4 into my head (ugh, basketball, WHY. On bright side, more Tasha. Also, family-bonding basketball was amazing).

The only thing I miss out on with this method is my Cate/Ryan fix. Which, for the record, I have been obsessing over lately like an...obsessive creature. What was that crazy thing I said once about Ryan not being cute or appealing in the slightest? FALSEHOOD. He is amazing. I've gone back through episodes 6, 7 and 8 of season 2 in full, and may I just say how much wonderful pain they put my heart through? Ryan with his need to be a stable force because Cate's always been the screwed-up one, except he's just as flawed as she, jeez. I also love how the mess that is their marriage has accidentally led to awesome guy-bonding with Baze (GUYS NIGHT. Forever wonderful, though nothing will measure up to them waking up with Baze's arm draped across him in the tent while camping. See, sometimes you exploit awkward sleeping situations...).

(I will not be able to handle it if there is a future jump in the finale to a time where Cate & Baze are together. THAT IS NO LONGER MY ENDGAME. I will be furious if that becomes the endgame. Probably. Unless you were to play your Julia trump card, maybe. She's the one who got away, and they only broke up because she turned down his proposal!)

Words cannot express how deeply I'm looking forward to season 1 so that Baze can be awesome too, instead of hooked to the harpy crone all the time and rendering himself mute and irrelevant.

Meanwhile, Eric/Lux, that is still the forefront. I've gone over their parts about a billion times, and it still sends random shock waves of delight through me. There are all these shots in which Lux just looks so damn pretty, I cannot get over it. I do not have a particularly long history of gushing over women on my shows, but this is extraordinary. I have tried to replicate this with the actress's other work, but none of her characters pop off the screen like Lux does with her adorable hats, pretty tops (my favorite is the horse pattern one, clearly) and perfect curls. I would start picspamming here if I was not convinced someone else with actual coloring skills had not done one already.

Also pretty sure I need to make some sort of fanmix out of the songs that play over their scenes, because even if they aren't all Music List worthy, they seem to have been chosen with utmost care to support the context, and my ears always perk up whenever

Lastly: damn it! I found the perfect Lux icon I want to use, but Google Images only found it via crappy FanPop, and so it only gave me the thumbnail sized image -- smaller than a regular icon -- and won't show me the original post, so I have no idea who the maker is. Current icon = me settling.
Meanwhile, you would not believe how hard I have been hitting up the internet for new spoilers since 7 PM last night, because the closer one  gets to an airdate (especially a big one), the looser lips flap. And sure enough:

1) New Liz interview. OF BITTERSWEET SADNESS. "The good [Eric] brought in her life has been so significant in that he helped her, he's been there for her, he's been a sounding board, he got her to be honest about her past that she's been very ashamed of, but he couldn't help but be affected by the truth that this child was hugely violated by an older man. I think that he would be inhuman if that information didn't necessarily change his feelings or alter his actions. [Tuesday's episode] really tells a story of this guy grappling with loving this girl and how that love should manifest itself."

2) Second new and less heartbreaking interview"We're telling a story about a person who really has done nothing but be a positive influence in her life . . . He's clearly been the best relationship she's ever had. He hasn't slept with her. He's just drawn to her, and it was always this story of a guy who's drawn to helping a girl who he probably should've stayed away from."

(also, I lied. The rest of the interview is heartbreaking, but this time at least it's from sentimental "OH GOD WHY IS IT OVER" feelings. And now I'm conflicted between my inherent dislike of the CW butting in and ordering story arc directions the showrunner resisted, and the fact that I pretty much approve of those notes and the direction(s) they went in is/are my favorite parts/why I got hooked in the first place)

3) Handy video site referenced in opening has given me a new video -- the three adorable amigos in the ADR room. What this mostly means is SPOILERY DIALOGUE CLIP! Heartbreakingly spoilery dialogue clip, that is. I am going to bawl so much tonight, and mostly it will be out of self-pity rather than the tears of heartwarming sentimentality that are already promised.

4) Courtesy of some entertainment show, there are also now a few extra seconds of the spoilery dialogue scene available as a proper clip.

UNLREATEDLY, AND MOOD-SHIFTINGLY: I love Hyperbole and a Half at all times, even though I sometimes forget to visit it for months on end, but THIS POST!! I actually laughed so hard I started crying. Tears rolling down my cheeks, the whole shebang. I have read it three times over the course of the afternoon, and while I can now control the tears, I still wind up laughing until it hurts.
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