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More Wednesday Night Fun

Lost: Stranger in a Strange Land

I had to read that book for Symposium a couple years ago.  Can't say it was much good, being futuristic sci-fi and all, but it was better than this episode.  By which I mean, oh come on, not another Jack flashback!

Jack flashbacks...suck.  There was an extended dirty scene with him and some random Asian chick, I guess he was in Thailand at the time.  I absolutely refused to sit through any of his flashback scenes.  I don't care what his tattoos mean or why he got them.   In fact, I don't even care who the creepy new woman is, or about explanations for why The Others took the children.  I skipped probably 60-65% of this episode.  For example, until the very end, any scene that did not involve Kate and/or Sawyer. 

On the other hand...this week was most certainly better than last week.  Number 1, despite what I just complained about, I like the other island.  Compared to the boring people back at the beach?  Yeah, despite occasional pangs of missing Charlie/Claire cute, and possibly Sayid, I would have loved to stay with Jack and Sawyer and Kate and the Generally Interesting Others all season.  Number 2...

*shipper heart explodes*  JACK/JULIET!!!  I'm officially on board.  Like flipping a switch, I've instantly become 100% totally and completely in support of it.  They just might become my new beloved couple, regardless of whether or not they are actually a couple at this point in time.   I can now destroy my last lingering feelings of guilt for shipping Skate - long have I mentioned that the only thing niggling at my conscience was Jack's clear attachment to Kate.  But if Jack's got somebody for himself, then yay!  Problems solved!  Oh, and the fact that they're both doctors is a nice touch.   My major drawback for Jate is that there would be a constant power imbalance there, with Jack's need to protect and Kate's need to constantly prove she was just as strong as him.  He and Juliet are much better suited to work as a team.

It's also been a longterm interest of mine to see a beloved character be deliberately burned - specifically, branded.  Short of a cult or a weird sorority/fraternity initation thing, I could never figure out how such a scenario could occur in modern times as opposed to, say, the pre-Civil War era.  Even when they said she'd have to be "marked," I didn't get my hopes up.  I thought sure as shootin' it was going to be something horribly disfiguring, like scarring her face or chopping off a finger/hand or something.  Oh no - just a distinguishing burn in the small of her back.  Woohoo!

My insides are still in a twist over the look in Jack's eyes when he insisted "Let me see it.  ... They marked you, let me see it."  And when he actually saw the raw flesh (anger!  intense!).  And when he was treating it with the aloe plant...the look!  The LOOK!!  I haven't seen that much concern in his eyes since...ever.

I also love Sawyer.  *hugs him* You totally let Karl go because you're "so damn sensitive"! Guy Talk was awesome.  Kate and Sawyer make such good parental figures for teenagers, heeheehee.  (I love how her face absolutely crumpled when she realized the kid was off crying.  Standard sympathetic female reaction.) And suddenly, I like Karl.  Naturally, he's now disappeared, but...aww, that ending.  Looking up at the constellations, the same ones Alex is looking at across the heart's trying to break again.  I need to see a reunion between the kids ASAP.

Kate & Sawyer mighta seemed a bit on the rocks tonight, but I'm too high on the delight of my new ship to feel pessimistic just now.  I think that while he cares about her as much as he always did, in light of the pleading to save Jack's life, he's got the same suspicions as the rest of the viewing audience about why Kate chose that particular moment to give in and sleep with him.  Hurting over this fact, he's lashing out.  I also think Kate looks rather stung by the accusation that it didn't mean anything to her.  All right you two, you can glare and argue for one more episode, since your mutual stubborness and independence is part of what makes you so perfect for each other, but then it's time to kiss and make up.

CSI: NY: The Ride-In (dear writers: better title next time, please/thanks.)
So many things to discuss... I don't know which direction to run!  I thought it was rather a decent episode.  Better than last week.  Well, let's be off.
Lindsay?  Who's Lindsay?  Talk to me tomorrow.  I got no time to be missing you when I'm distracted by a purty tiger and Flack's got a starring role and there is supportive hugging going on!

Okay, so I saw the first half of the teaser, exploded from glee, and wondered if there was actually any reason to watch the rest of the episode since clearly I had just seen the best part.  Was really just a direct continuation from the end of last episode, but I'm gald they saved something for this week because otherwise it would have been too much to process at once.  I will never tire of the friendship between Mac and Stella being underscored.  I thought it was a lovely and very touching moment, especially  Also, I predict icons and banners will be made from that last frame, with her leaning against him.  "I'm here for you."  "I know."  *happy sigh* 

I swear, Mac doles out hugs like Horatio doles out bullets.  

Anyway.  After a rewind or three, I continued watching, and after almost zero time spent building up the victim before he died (YES!  More of that speediness, please), was immediately rewarded with Flack strolling up to Danny's crime scene.  Yay, Danny & Flack get to share scenes this week!  I recently watched "Trapped" for the first time ever, so I'm more fond of their friendship than usual.  Right off the bat, my favorite detective's got me giggling, and it doesn't take long before he's got my favorite line of the week:

"They've asked me if they could get back on the good ship Looney Tunes before Sunday, because that's when the world's ending.  I told 'em they could reboard once the crime scene's clear, but what I really wanna do?  Is throw 'em all in the shower and then in a rubber room."  His tolerance for crazy people is so low, it's hilarious.  Also, I rather love the red tie he was wearing the next day. 

All those poor animals in tiny, cramped cages though...not nice at all.  (and why does New-Age Noah pick up monkeys and tigers and leopards before, say, horses and cows?  Oh right, those aren't flashy enough for sweeps.)

I just had one pressing thought the whole time...apparently New-Age Noah failed to read that little part in the Bible where God puts up a rainbow as a promise that he will never again flood the earth and kill all living things.  It's very specific.  No more world-ending floods.

Hm, what else...I feel like I should be ticked that Detective Angell was not in this episode any more than Lindsay was, but she still managed to be specifically name-referenced TWICE.  And I am, but only because her absentee role meant plenty of time for MORE SID HAMMERBACK!

*bashes head against wall* Are you telling me that if Stella had just minded her own business and not gone down to the morgue, Sid would be dead?  Is that what you're telling me??  It would have been so simple!  It was so brilliant!  You could have gotten rid of him in a heartbeat, Peyton could have had a full-time gig, and I would have rejoiced!  Sid the Creepy Coroner is the one thing I cannot stand about this show.  Adam annoys me, but Sid is ICKY.  He makes my skin crawl on the best of days.  I had to look away or risk being sick when Stella was giving him mouth to mouth.  Ewww.

I did kind of like the way Stella was crumbling to pieces there at the end, voice shaky and tears in her eyes as she voiced her uncertainty and her worry about even the smallest chance of transmission...but I could have done without that particular supportive hug.  >.<

And finally, I have to rant about the tobacco death.  I tend to champion whatever is unpopular - it's not a conscious decision, it's just how things work out.  Now that smoking is out (at least in cigarette form) and protesting against Big Tobacco is in, I totally side with the company.  If people are dumb enough to smoke after all the years of warnings, other people have the right to exploit their idiocy.  I say this despite the fact that my dad is a lifelong smoker and I really wish he would quit.  Stella's smug self-righteousness sort of induced eye-rolling when she went on and on with  "Well, you have less nicotine in each cigarette, they're gonna crave more in order to satisfy their addiction.  The poor bastard who smokes a pack a day is gonna need to smoke TEN packs a day!  At $5 a pack, your company's making a whole lot of money."
Me: Um...yes.  That would be the whole point of the brilliant marketing strategy.  YAY FOR PROFITS! 

(Yet another example of why I could not possibly ever pursue a career as a public servant)  Also, a minimal amount of nicotine would benefit the social smokers, the ones who only light up if they're offered a stick, and are not actually addicted.  These people do exist, I know them.  So there.

Lastly, I love Mac's "WTF?" look in the final scene as some guy leads a giraffe down the sidewalk.  He was staring at it so intently as he walked, I was waiting for him to smack right into his car.

Okay!  Let's get on with the countdown to episode 18!  I miss Lindsay, I do, and I WANT MY PAYOFF.  (The details of the spoilers have fled my mind again; all I remember is a vague sense of what's supposed to happen.  I'd rather let my daydreams continue to run rampant for a while instead. Said daydreams are mostly based upon the 3 most recent additions to Anna's collection of stories.   I like to pretend they're canon.)

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