RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

I know I JUST posted, but...

"Holy EFF when did the spoiler thread for 7x17 explode?!"  (of CSI, the one airing tonight) *reads last page*

FLAILSQUAWKWHAT?!  *flips back a few pages*!  GSR scene!  In ...the bathroom, as in Sara shaving Grissom's beard.  WTF?  I gurantee you "shaving scene" has never made it anywhere near one of my Checklists of Cute.  Because...ew.  Shaving is not sexy, it's the kind of thing you get over with as quickly as possible, being as it's gross.

It is certainly not what I'd call a particularly intimate activity.  Well, intimate in the sense of up close and personal, but intimate in a good way?  No.  Especially not when your guy has been growing a mountain man beard.  ewwwww I'm getting sick just thinking about it.  It's possible the ep could change my mind once I see it, but I'm not looking forward to it for anything more than it being an outside-of-work GSR moment.  And even that I'm not entirely sure about.

(And while I'm speculating about Thursday night shows, can I just say that the preview for the final episode of The O.C. makes me choke on the sickening sweetness of it all?  Ugh.)
Tags: csi, o.c., speculation, spoilers

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