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None of us thought it was gonna end that way

Rewatched Medium. The hurt is healing slightly faster than before, mostly because my Denial settings are kicking in. It was a restless night of nightmares, but I woke up this morning and decided that despite repeated insistence to the contrary, the finale WAS just a stupid dream. And oh, the shining relief when my version of Allison woke up overjoyed and expressly forbade him from ever getting on a plane again, leaving this awfulness to be appreciated as nothing more than another AU from which the emotional gold can be mined and then the tragedy shucked off without consequences, knew no bounds.

Also because if one pretends that Joe died at, like, age 70 and/or within just a couple years of her, you can still salvage the prettiness of the final scene (which it appears I accidentally made into a collage. With bonus subversiveness):

Allison (smiling): You waited.
Joe: Of course. You ready?
Allison: Do I get a kiss?
Joe: From now until the end of time.

I have to admit, there was ONE thing that did not suck about the finale: before they showed the EP closing screen, they played a cute and happy little 80-second credits reel, featuring mixed season clips of all the actors that ended with each smiling and waving or giving parting nods as they walked off the set, taking their leave. Aw. It almost makes you feel OK about the cast and crew disbanding, instead of the usual post-cancellation feeling that a world has just been ripped apart.

In conclusion: all right, everyone, Jake Weber just became available for wide release. Let's make him a household name, or at least really good at Guest Star Roulette. 
Unfortunately, while I was still in self-destructive mode last night and indulging in my Life Unexpected pain, I went for the fandom equivalent of a cheap one night stand and hit up the Aria/Ezra clips from the most recent Pretty Little Liars episode. I don't know why.  I'm a glutton for punishment? I have no self respect/esteem? THEY MAKE MY SKIN CRAWL. But there I am, mooning jealously over the one that hasn't run the teacher out of town. Probably just a matter of time. Isn't that what happens in the book?

"Even though this doesn't look right, it has always felt right. And I will not let him change this into something that feels wrong. I just can't."
--See, when Ezra says these things, IT IS SUPER CREEPY. And yet, I wish we could just transfer this kind of opinion into Eric's head, assuming he would not then say garbage like that out loud. Sometimes states of mind don't translate well to English.

LOL, TWoP recap win: And they kiss and whatever, SWAT comes bursting in the door and fills him with lead for being a skeevy motherfucker, because listen up: If somebody ever says to you "Even though this doesn't look right it has always felt right," you get your ass to a safe location and you call the cops, call your parents, call the JLA, Ghostbusters, Megatron, whoever, because it is: Neither.

RIGHT?? Mine is still OK, though. It's blond. Blond represents goodness and light in this battle of the forbidden school relationships.

But then I found this, which was what ultimately sent me to see the clips instead of just the recap & the stills, and...OH COME ON, the full version of this couch cuddling just eclipsed my previously unbeatable Movie Night moment. No fair! I want this. I want all their things. Fine. I'm keeping tabs on them via recaps from now on, and if anything else looks worthwhile, I'm tracking it down and mentally rewriting anything useful they do for my ship. Which is, ultimately, why I am here, right? To steal the raw material and subvert it for my own purposes?

Now get me the hell out of here before my daydreams start forming themselves in the PLL context and not bothering to translate. I can feel it happening as we speak, brain aching to accept the less complicated and more steadfast ship. STOP IT, BRAIN. NOBODY SAID IT WAS EASY.

So undermining my own credibility for everything I plan to say about "Teacher Schooled."

-How I Met Your Mother, "Last Words": Eh, I registered it was an unexpected bit of realistic seriousness for a comedy, and good for them spending time on it, but aside from Robin's purse containing the contents of Tijuana, I was bored. Except when they were tearing up as Marshall listened to the message. Barney's Amazing Face of Pain and Feelings gets to me, always.
-NCIS, "Recruited": Bob Hope Newhart is one of those people that I feel like I'm required to like because he's this sweet old guy, but honestly, I find him boring. Exhaustingly boring; when he talks it is like you can feel time slow down to accommodate his voice. He makes Ducky seem young and exciting. Only Betty White can act forever, is the lesson I am hinting at.

To make myself feel better, this week there is visual proof of, "Thank you, Abbs."

There was a lot of snappy dialogue in this (as well Gibbs randomly and agreeably joining in on a chorus of "Wheels on the bus"...? I'm so weirded out), but despite that, this week was impressively both boring and aggravating, first by turns and then all at once. This is one of those eps you sweep under the rug and try to forget.

Basically, what I got out of it was: I should be grateful Baze didn't shove Eric Daniels down a stairwell [on Life Unexpected, before somebody asks] and stomp on his face? On another note, what on earth would possess you to kill a guy WITHOUT EVEN ANY ACTUAL PROOF he is having a relationship with your (as far as I can tell, just about 18-year-old) son?

P.S. Did you know last week's episode set a ratings record for this show? At least according to Wikipedia, it got the most total viewers in its history, 21.93 million. Eight seasons in. You knew it was good,  but now you know it was VERY good.

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