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1. Sweet! The Packers are going to the Super Bowl, meaning for once I will actually be invested in this game and care about the outcome. See, once the Vikings are out, the rivalry instantly ceases, and the Packers become a beloved substitute. Them going is like us going. On the other bright side, Steelers = Pennsylvania, and you know how fond I am of that state. So it's almost win/win.

2. Featured community: longhair 
*shiny eyes* Oh, flist, it is a magical world full of wise, wonderful people who understand what "long" means and actually STRIVE TOWARDS IT. This is rapturous.
3. Off the Map: It's still awkward trying to navigate a brand-new show, review-wise. It's like flying blind; you write down titles but it seems silly that you're trying to give each installment its own distinguishing identity when you have no idea how long this will last, and you really don't know who these characters are going to turn out to be yet, so odds are anything you say now will look silly later. (side note: I've just been assuming it will turn into a long-running and successful show, but other people seem to be scoffing at its numbers. The numbers look all right/respectable to me, certainly not a bomb even if not a runaway hit. Do we really think it's doomed to non-renewal?)

1x02, "Smile, Don't Kill Anyone"
That said, I thought this week was another concentrated shot of PRETTY DARN AWESOME. What I love about this series so far is that as soon as I start watching, I forget about the clock. Few shows can keep me hooked from start to finish like that. As a bonus surprise, the inappropriate nakedness so far was confined to some solo bathing. OK, and some implied shower sex, but with a random stranger and we didn't have to see any of it, so: A+.

New favorite quote: "Please stay your control-freak self. I cannot handle more naked people."
LIFE MANTRA. OK, Mina is so my new favorite. In order to stay that way, I hope she either somehow ends up keeping her gift chicken for a pet, or we never have to see it again, because I have emotionally bonded with the cereal-eating chicken now.

+ Turns out Ryan is also pretty much as awesome as hoped for, even if she grates on Mina's nerves. And probably the viewing audience's, if I know my internet, based on the way she has done some amazing things and talks about them all the time.

+ TOMMY! Oh, please, please, continue to be just like this -- hooking up with random foreign travelers (and blithely ignoring Lily's carefully constructed shower schedule) and then turning around to have easy, teasing rapport with local smart-ass teenagers. 

+ LILY! Not only is she still 100% charming and likable at every turn, her dead fiance story just got even better: he was tragically hit by a car while on a morning cereal run for her.

+ And, speaking of the Ben/Lily potential:

Last week: For the record, I'd also be grossed out and angry if there was any UST for...a really long time

*cough* Apparently what I meant by "a really long time" was "until the second episode," because I'll be damned if I didn't spend half the time giggling like a schoolgirl at their easy banter or the looks he kept flashing at her when she was focused on the patient, and the other half starry-eyed with awe at things like, I don't know, him fixing up the bite on her arm, first with a quick field wrap and especially later on while gently tweezing snake teeth out of it. So, just to recap: dead fiance angst + mentor aspect + Pretty Factor + wound-doctoring. I'm pretty sure that's more than enough ingredients to make a complete Shipping Cocktail Mix for me.

In other words, I still say we should hold off -- but if this WERE to be the Derek & Meredith of the series? The way they have kicked them off is so many zillions of times better than that nasty anonymous bar hookup Grey's went with.

(Although I wish she hadn't thrown away the cell phone. It would have been bad enough if she'd deleted the text, because I think it's a fine thing to keep, but chucking the whole phone was wasteful even if you can't use it. And, doesn't she have any other important info on there?)

+ Actual best part of this episode: the guy who played Cal in Harper's Island being on death's door tonight (anaconda-crushing style), struggling to hang on long enough to propose to his girlfriend...named Chloe. HAHAHAHA!, I laughed forever and ever at the joyous coincidence. And was quite pleased that he managed to live this time.

+ Zee continues to be the worst thing, but she was quiet and out of sight (plus I largely skipped her scenes with Otis, whom she is apparently dragging down with her) this week, so this was even better than the pilot for me.

4. CSI, 11x12, "A Kiss Before Frying"
I was torn going in to this one. On the one hand: woo, Greg finally gets a long-overdue love interest! On the other: the actress seems kinda skanky. I mean, she calls herself "Dita Von Teese." If that is not a warning sign, I don't know what is. No, I don't trust Eric Szmanda's judgment.

But, that said, I figured it was doomed, so I focused on enjoying the hell out of it while it lasted -- and greatly appreciated that they at least introduced her as a clean cut teacher. Greg flirting is occasionally awkward to watch, but mostly it's phenomenal, so I am now even more in love with his face. How cute is he while frowning and trying to decide between suspicion and giving her innocent-looking, peach-scented self the benefit of the doubt?

Also while: looking smitten upon first sight, asking for phone numbers, having sandwich picnics in his office (CUTE OVERLOAD, that one -- but when did he get his own office?), giddily recounting to Nick all the ways in which she is his dream woman, looking crestfallen upon discovering her stripper "burlesque dancer" gig, rushing to her aid (just in time to get shot at), and while trying to keep a cold and impassive face when really, his poor little heart is just crushed that she turned out to be crazy/murderous and used him as a pawn.

Honestly, that whole bus station conversation was so emotionally intense ("You set me up to die tonight!"), it was like a slice out of a movie or some other project -- I never thought I could get that kind of stuff within the show itself. But then there it is, where you don't even have to squint and put on mental blinders to pretend it's Greg or rewrite the context to enjoy it. This is a rare treat. 

The only thing that would have made this episode better would be Sara, but then again, I'm not sure I could have handled the awesome overload that would have come from her bearing witness to all of this. I could barely handle how great everyone else's reactions were, especially Nicky with his wingman support and Catherine displaying her impressive boss skills once again at the end. I like that she doesn't hesitate to call him out on his stupidity, but also wisely recognizes how hypocritical it would be to bust him for this when he's pretty much been an angel for the past decade and she's been involved in 2935321 (actual number) scandals.  

I also really loved the Vegas history that set the motivation for the murders -- for once, I didn't just appreciate on principle, it was actually fascinating! Slash heartbreaking. Most of all, artistic and beautifully shot -- and how Greg's spectacular knowledge of it allowed him to make the connections between the victims.

P.S. Lol, "Lodges." I am going to call him that all the time now.

2nd best of the season, although I hope the next Sara-centric one promptly takes the lead.


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Jan. 24th, 2011 06:56 pm (UTC)
Ugh, not me. I never root for a divisional rival. Maybe the Packers-Bears rivalry runs deeper than the Packers-Vikings, but the Packers would have to be playing an AFC team I absolutely hated in order for me to root for them.

I have to ask: where does this Pennsylvania love come from?
Jan. 24th, 2011 07:00 pm (UTC)
Awesome TV (The Office, Cold Case, Three Rivers), Hershey, various people on my flist, and my favorite college professor -- PA just seems to be a happening place.
Jan. 24th, 2011 08:30 pm (UTC)
Ah yes the Ben/Lily and Derek/Meredith comparison does seem to fit with what I remember from last week. What's with the throwing away a cell phone?
Jan. 24th, 2011 09:58 pm (UTC)
"Smile. Don't kill anyone," is her "doctor crutch" -- as she explained to Ben, when she sent her fiance out on the cereal run, she was peevish because he'd eaten the last of it, so that was the text he sent before he got back (and right before he was killed). She reads it every morning. One pep talk from Ben about how she doesn't need any crutch, and she symbolically drops the phone in the garbage can...as a gesture of moving on, I guess? Arguably the phone is also useless because they have no service there, but still. Did not look like a cheap phone.

(sidebar: I am actually fond of your pretty little icon there; keep using it)
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