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Medicine/Crime Roundup

Nothing particularly clever in this space, I'm just methodically checking off my list of remaining shows. Which is hard, considering that all I want to do is tear the Pit of Voles and Google apart looking for Sam/Quinn fic, picspams, meta of that nature; I am on a wild whirlwind shipping train that cannot be stopped. (My timing for this is, obviously, just stellar)

Off the Map, 1x05, "I'm Here"
Overall, had kind of a blah week despite the pull of someone getting their LEG AMPUTATED!! UNDERWATER!! as the Dramatic Promos of Drama did their best to emphasize. Show, just FYI, Going There with Cole/Mina is grounds for me accepting your cancellation. Same deal for Lily/Matteo. I still say he's a good-for-nothing, cop-assaulting criminal, because I just don't like the dude that much. I do like Ben casually protecting her and warning her to be careful, though. This hands-off approach underscores the whole platonic mentor angle I was once a big fan of for three days.

You know who I like? The Scottish linguist. Zee should absolutely run away with him, both because it would take her away from me, and because he makes her just the tiniest bit more likable.

Quote Highlight:
Mina (to Lily): When did your life become a Spanish soap opera?
Tommy: Celibacy, yo. All this? Could have been avoided.

Hahaha! Tommy: continue to be yourself, all the time, no matter what your life choices. Celibate, kissing Cantina Girl 5 seconds after getting the green light, whatever; you have been more consistently likable than anyone.

Other than the above and the Doctors vs. Kids soccer game, the main thing to take away from this is Ryan's mysterious breathing trouble/coughing fits, which she protests too loudly are nothing, prompting so many Concerned Looks from Ben and other assorted shippy kicks in a category I like to call, "This Show Needs To Last Several Years So's I Can Have Ample Time For This Pairing To Exist And Still Get My Endgame To Happen Later." I love everything this casual and ill-defined relationship chooses to be.
Grey's Anatomy, "P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)"
Hey, fun coincidence, I just learned of this song's existence two days prior thanks to Glee.

-Ugh, Jackson, I appreciate your frustration that it's been two years and you have yet to bed a single lady in the hospital, but I do not appreciate when the shipping tides shift back to you and Lexie. Other than my default whiny "But, but, April!" feelings, though, I don't really have a good reason to argue against it, because snaking Mark's lady? a) long overdue, b) better for Lexie, and c) hey, whatever at least makes him act like he's interested in talking to a person before sleeping with them, because he's better than Alex.

I don't know. Will wait and consider giving it a trial basis. Growing increasingly fond of resident Supposedly Pretty Boy Whose Attractiveness I Am Only Just Beginning To See. ...apparently today is Capitalizing Phrases For Emphasis Day.

-No, Lexie, no, you're not the bitch!  Tatted-Up Skank is the bitch, and don't you let those insufferable "mature" doctors tell you otherwise. I am 100% on the side of Lexie in the first part of this episode. Age-mismatched shipping is expressly forbidden in my brain when the elder partner actually has children the age of the younger one. I'm sure there are loopholes in that statement, but none of them apply here. Ick.

-Meredith's Choice seemed like a real dilemma for about two acts, and then I realized it made no sense for her not to choose the Alzheimer's trial, because IF push came to shove, couldn't they just postpone the diabetes one? It hasn't started yet, and the research has been sitting there for how many years already? It can keep a while longer.

-It bothers me that Meredith gave him her mother's journals in the first place, though. They'd better revert back to her in his will, or I'm getting angry on behalf of Meredith's future child(ren). You don't give away family history that important.

-So, Lucy: just became my new favorite for spending a whole episode responding to Alex's jerk-ass personality by treating him like filth on the bottom of her shoe. Two requests: one, can she be straight? and two, can she maintain the position of just Not Liking Alex? It is my dream that one day, a single and heterosexual woman on this show will spend her entire run being nothing more than professionally polite to McSleazy and/or McSleazy Junior, without sleeping with them or even admitting that they are good people.

-In sum, this episode has two highlights: one individual scene apiece of Owen/Cristina and Derek/Meredith


(Less cute, but Smirky Derek is my favorite; also: "Kids aren't gonna be home for another 20 minutes." Not only is that a fun sound bite, but acknowledgment of the Home For Wayward Surgeons is always welcome!)

Private Practice, 4x13, "Blind Love"
"I can't believe this nightmare is not over."
^ Just gonna be my default feeling about this series until its cancellation.

1. People on Grey's Anatomy often find themselves muzzled when my patience for their crap life choices runs out. Addison is one of those people now. No talking; she just doesn't get to talk anymore. Her scenes get skipped. But based on the brief moments I landed on, two notes:

a) Naomi holding weepy!Addison > Sam holding weepy!Addison. Friendship bond is so much more satisfying than the creepy ever-wrong relationship. Yeah, this is me rejecting comfort-hugging, the one thing that is supposed to make me love any ship unconditionally in the moment. That's how bad they are.

b) Just once, can one of Addison's family members, or by-proxy members or whatever, just DIE from their should-be-fatal disease instead of Addison pulling 11th hour miracle cures out of her ass?
As of this episode: HUZZAH! Now Susan and Bizzy are dead. This show does not often grant my wishes so quickly or crisply. I have never laughed/applauded so inappropriately at a fictional character committing suicide.

2. I loved Pete & Violet's patient (Lizzy). For my own special reasons, of course -- when I saw a blonde single mom whose boyfriend, Eric, had been killed the day they found out she was pregnant? Swap the overseas IED for an ordinary car accident and you've got the plot of "Crossroads, Encountered," if you add a quick twist to make it an AU in which they met later on and/or Lux had always been in foster care, hence the no family. This explanation sounds complicated; it's really not. The point is, once I heard the baby's name was Natasha, my head exploded with all the coincidence.

Honestly, even without my AU, I think it would have tugged at my heartstrings enough for me to like this storyline more than any patient storyline in quite some time. Despite Amelia bratting it up worse than Lizzy.

3. You know who'd be fun to have on this show again? Violet. What does Amy Brenneman do with all her free time?

4. Sam just has the worst luck ever in this ER, doesn't he? And he always disappoints, taking ridiculous measures to save the lives of evil criminals no matter what.

5. In fact, everyone on this show has the most inappropriate reactions to revenge, i.e., they don't want it and ultimately decide to believe in forgiveness instead. It is boring. Everyone is wrong. Except Pete; Pete believes in revenge. Listen to Pete. As does Cooper, I guess, though he is so histrionic about it it's hard to take any reaction he has seriously.
Law & Order: SVU: "Spectacle"Wait, did you just return to your season-opening level of quality? Argh, I should have skipped my previous ramblings and just had faith that this show would eventually be worth mentioning again. I love how they screwed with us. I also love how SVU can solve cold cases in half a day if given proper motivation. Clearly Elliot should be heading up a different department.

I would just like to say, totally called fake rape video as soon as I saw it? It just didn't seem...serious enough. Felt kinda cheesy-bad. (Then I felt like a horrible person when we were supposed to think it was. In fairness, this show is always jerking viewers around, so I was going out on a limb to try and get ahead of the show for once). I understand why the kids might not have called the police, if it seemed like a moronic prank, but I don't understand why they would all just stare at the video in the meantime. It's not even something you inexplicably gawk at like a car crash, it's just gross. You would think someone would at least call campus security, since it's apparently taken over the whole computer network and presumably interrupting peoples' usual computer surfing activities. Am I being too logical about this?

Regardless, I was on the edge of my seat for the entire case, which I haven't felt in a while. The reunion between the brothers at the end seemed decidedly off -- wasn't the kid, like, 3 when he was kidnapped? Would he even remember his brother, much less enough to go launching at him with hugs? It's not like he was being mistreated by his crazy new mommy -- but I'll overlook it because Greg was pretty cute. If blinded by his own crazy.

And while his craziness makes his plan semi-understandable, I don't understand how either of his accomplices are smart enough to go to college, if they actually thought playing along with this crap was a good idea. Did he promise them that his super genius hacker skillz would keep them safe, and throw in a literal boatload of cash to boot? Because without great sums of cash, seems impossible that anyone would fake a very publicized rape/kidnapping/hostage situation with death threats just because their friend asked them to.

Last thing: if I liked this episode so much, why can't I stop asking rhetorical questions about it? MYSTERY. Looking forward to Debra Messing up next, though. That'll make their third amazing guest star of the year, and it's only February.
NCIS, 8x14, "A Man Walks Into a Bar..."
I liked the use of flashbacks -- all flashbacks, even, not just the Kate ones although those of course were best-- because where they are obnoxious and annoying on other shows, NCIS knows how to make judicious use of recycled footage to enhance the current moment. I don't know how to explain the difference, it just helps to have direct comparisons. Having everyone thinking about Kate is always welcome; it's significant that even after several years, long after she's slipped from the forefront of their minds, her memory is never entirely forgotten.

Also, I didn't see the sister angle coming at all, but that was neat. BRILLIANT casting of Wendy Makkena, both because she is fabulous at all times, and because she & Sasha Alexander really do look so much alike that I once spent most of a House episode thinking the latter was the former. I haven't seen much of season 1 and even season 2 is spotty, so all the scenes with Kate were new to me except the one from SWAK and those around her death. Which one was the 'lost scene' they talked about in interviews?

Otherwise, the psychological sessions didn't do as much for me as hoped. Ziva's family/personal drama hasn't been interesting since she used it to trigger Gibbs' memory, Tony's career crisis has never been interesting (although I did get to see Jen! That was fun), and Vance was inexplicably given more than thirty seconds of screen time. On multiple occasions. I don't know what I was hoping for, really, just...more insight? I felt like we set the stage for some great character-study fic, but not much else. I liked Abby's most, unsurprisingly.

Could have done without the heavy-handed pressuring of Abby/McGee, but I really like her admission about missing Kate. I'd forgotten they used to have that kind of friendship, which makes it all the more apparent that Abby really doesn't have a lot of female influence in her life, does she? Even at work, which is still male-dominated, it seems like most of the women she encounters are objects of immediate suspicion and people to guard against. I thought it was funny how all of Abby's "me" time consisted of volunteer work, though.

The case was so unspeakably boring that I kept forgetting who had died and/or what they were investigating. I think the end result was an officer killing himself to avoid mandatory retirement? Which seems so ridiculous that I can't believe I'm remembering it right; at least go as long as you can and then give retirement like a week's chance first.

In conclusion: great concept, average execution.

Also: did you know that the previous episode set ANOTHER ratings record for the series? 22.85, nearly a million above "Ships in the Night." That's only 4 million behind the post-Super Bowl Glee episode, which granted was kinda low, but...sheesh!  That is ridiculous, especially since both "Freedom" and the episode before it were awful. At least it earned the show an early renewal.
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