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All of my shows, except for CSI: Miami (which I already replaced this week with that other glitzy beach-setting crime show), are new this week. Not counting extras like spare comedies or awards shows, that's 16 out of the starting gate. MUST WRANGLE. This is either going to be the most fun or the most exhausting week of the season. I'm leaning towards fun. Challenge accepted!

House, 7x12, "You Must Remember This"
+ Had a good time with the case (the woman able to remember every moment of every day with perfect clarity)

+ Found the Taub/Foreman Tutor Wars the best use of Taub in approximately ever

+ BUT MOSTLY, LET'S TALK ABOUT SARAH. Wilson's newly-adopted diabetic cat, rescued from certain death at the shelter because his deceased neighbor is one of those people whose families are horrible and, instead of fighting over custodianship of the pets left behind, choose to get rid of them (okay, in fairness, my inability to handle shots would make it impossible for me to take on a diabetic pet. But usually, people dump perfectly adorable pets).

And even though House is a horrible human being who apparently provided the means for Wilson's last (3 legged) cat to fall out of a window -- seriously, Cuddy, break up with him for at least a month for his inhumanity, and don't take him back unless he comes crawling, because that fact erases every good facet of a person's life (and House doesn't have many to begin with)  -- he will hopefully not win this time. Wilson + sleepy cat on chest = forget Rachel, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen on the show. Even if the cat is squish-faced and not super cute.

One question -- Chase shakes his head like everyone else when asked if they've ever had a cat, and my first instinct is to shout LIAR! But now I can't figure out what in the original episode made me assume that Cameron's insistence had worn him down. I'm still going with my head canon from 5x03, though.

In conclusion, Sarah is my new favorite character; please let Wilson keep her longer than he keeps most females around. 
Surprise! Hawaii Five-0 promised me 12 kidnapped students held hostage, so of course I was there, brain stealing the setup for "Glee" scenarios all the way. Sure, they were college students, but my brain is creative and has no trouble at all inventing a level of competition beyond Nationals that would be held out in the middle of nowhere the Pacific ocean. It was so much fun that I hardly had any room in my brain left to appreciate the joy of the snarky Steve/Danny banter that is normally the draw of this series.

Unfortunately, I assigned the blond kid to be Sam, so that ended poorly for me. And they got rid of him before there was any good focus on the hostages at all, really, so by the time they did get back to them I had checked out. That's the problem with this show, it is just so long. It feels like a 2-hour movie and when quippy snark isn't happening, everything moves at glacial pace.

Plus the promo monkeys fiddled with any chance of suspense by proclaiming, "Nick Lachey guest stars!", as if there was any way for him to be a guest star for 10 seconds of screen time without also being one of the bad guys at the end. And thus, making his character's civilian girlfriend a likely culprit as well. Ah, well. Good effort. Any week this show convinces me to watch it instead of turning off the TV counts as a win in its book.

-NCIS, 8x15, "Defiance"
I didn't have high hopes for this, and it still didn't blow me away, but it did pleasantly surprise me with guest star win. What should have been a dry case received a shot of life by casting Elena Satine as Adriana, a/k/a the lovely star of legendary Cold Case episode "Triple Threat" (making mashups cool long before Glee) a/k/a the songstress responsible for "Broken," apparently among other things I gotta check out right now. As may or may not be clear from my mini-gushing right there, I love this actress. Based on the one previous time I have seen her, that's how good she is.

And then, for bonus fun, Judd, the cute and unassuming boy from the study group. Who are you again? I've seen you around recently...Nick Eversman, and I know you from...ah, one of the House episodes that stuck out this past summer, "Black Hole." The boy whose girlfriend skankily slept with his dad, yes? I think I saw that episode of CSI: Miami, too, though my memory there is always vague...ah, and Ghost Whisperer, the one with the twin brothers (one of whom had died in childhood). You know, it's a lot more fun when he plays sweet and innocent. Whatever, my brain's going AU to a world in which neither of them is wrapped up in criminal behavior.

(Although, of all the women McGee has clumsily crossed paths with in various standalone episodes, I did like her best)

+ Is that a real Facebook-type app? Or, ideally, standalone website? Because I'd like to play with the face-stretching toy. The results were amusing (and Abby, of course, just turns out adorable no matter what).

+ *shudder* Waaaay too much talk about donating blood. Even with no visuals or creepy words at all, it was still awful. Never pressure anyone to do this! If they do it of their own free will, fine, but don't badger people about it. Also, heh, easiest point Tony has ever made (about why it's a much smaller deal to donate sperm than blood -- "The delivery system is much more pleasurable."). Walked into that one, Abbs.
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