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5 out of 6 shows agree: spiffy guest stars are in.

Considering how at odds we have been over CSI: NY at times, is it weird that I'm sad Kristine Huntley will no longer be doing the reviews for CSI Files? That's just a constant in life. CSI Files has all the mainstream franchise news you need, and Huntley will be there, summing it up & then giving her take. Sure, there's a replacement writer, but will things measure up in the long run? Boo change.

And now: Epic Sweeps Week's challenge continues, short and sweet and a lil' bit randomly mixed up.

-HIMYM, 6x16, "Desperation Day"
That was...okay. Classic repeat fodder, but not much stood out.

+ Are we done wallowing in mourning now? They're sitcom characters and however rich they are, this show is supposed to make me laugh. It's not The Office; it's not even Friends. They're not nuanced enough for this to be relevant and now it constitutes creatively spinning your wheels.

+ I did like Regressing-To-Teenager-Mode Marshall

+ Remember the good old days when Barney & Robin played laser tag together? Notice how they were supposed to do it on Valentine's Day? SIGH. Stupid Norah. A sidewipe to St. Desperatious hitting on "15"-year-old spinster Robin doesn't make up for everything.

+ Robin's friend Bev = a little taste from the good old Accidentally On Purpose days

+ Still fond of Ted/Zoey (thrilling kissing: not an isolated incident!). Just confused as to why not sleeping together in the first week constitutes glacial pace while calling themselves a couple and discussing a hypothetical future is WHOA, HALT THAT CRAZY RUNAWAY TRAIN. You can't have it both ways.

+ Please do not mislead the world that "baking cookies" is a euphemism for "booty call." That was like my favorite thing in the "100 Things To Do Besides 'It'" pamphlet we got in 7th grade health class. (I wish I still had that pamphlet, actually. It was pretty adorable.)

+ MARSHPILLOW. Right, that officially has a spot on the 100 Best Things Of All Time on HIMYM.

+ Barney clicking after women, Predator-style.

+ Barney's best new magic trick, turning an egg into a full-fledged dove
Law & Order: SVU, 12x17, "Pursuit"
You have really got to stop murdering my favorite recurring characters, show. Cutting Sonya's throat? Uncool. Just when I had hope that Christine Lahti might somehow make repeat appearances...but even with that, this was amazing. Mostly because I love Debra Messing in everything, but also because that was just a solid, suspenseful, compelling, well-written, all around good plot. No words, I have no words! Sheer amazement  from start to finish. They even threw in a teary Liv/Elliot hug as a little bonus. I'm gonna go ahead and make the bold claim of "series highlight." Not just season, series.

Random: I found the most bizarre "review" while trying to find chatter about this. It fascinates me with all its lofty words not put together in quite the right's like when you write a paper in a foreign language class. I also don't understand why this content is a on a site called, and wonder if I have stumbled onto some kind of harmful page despite lack of any Google warning.
Off the Map, 1x06, "It's Good"
Good God. This show is reaching Glee-season-1 proportions of "if I think a thing, it happens." Except I don't even think specific things, it just pulls them all out of my general Hypothetical Tragic Scenarios file and puts them in play. Today, it's the revelation that Ryan has some sort of too-far-gone-to-be-treated heart problem caused by some ridiculous untreated bug bite (excellent job, missionary parents). Which will most likely kill her before too long, and you know if the show doesn't get renewed, that's exactly what my brain's going to do. USING THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION:

A) Ryan refusing to tell Ben because "he has been through this before, OK? He doesn't need to go through it again." (But he does, Ryan. For maximum Lurlene McDaniel Power Angst).

B) Whoops, too late! Ben: I thought I lost the clinic today. I couldn't think of anything worse...and then I thought about losing you.
Ryan: *deer in headlights*
RS: *flailcakes*
Ben: It's been six years. She's not getting any better. It's time to move on.
(repeat two previous sentences)

BRB, gotta appreciate last week's coughing scenes twice as much. Also: nice job on that heart-stabbing ending of a helicopter crash.

This show also apparently takes two steps back for every one forward, as GROSS, the magic spell of relationship perfection and the ability to handle any shipping direction has officially been shattered as of Bathing On A Main Hiking Trail, Inferior Scenario. Did that even happen? That was so bizarre and weird to have played out in an identical way, was it supposed to be a dream? I don't know, since whenever his loser face appears on screen I plug my ears and hum LA LA LA until I'm sure it's gone.

And I see where you're trying to go with the whole "isn't it precious and sweet how they're in love even though they can't talk to each other," but really, other than appreciating Tommy at all times, this storyline is leaving me cold. She's not pretty or compelling enough to make this premise work like it should.

Lastly: does anyone else find it amusing that this show can't go one episode without having at least one fairly recognizable guest star? This week's stars were what's-his-face (forever CSI's Detective Cavaliere), and more importantly, Judy Reyes. Although it's surprisingly hard to take her seriously as a poor woman living in a third world country. Even Cheech is more believable in his role.

Next week: things get awesome again.

Ksenia Solo turned up on Nikita this week for her second shot at playing a Russian sex slave on TV (see also, Cold Case), so I listened to muzzy_olorea and tuned in for the first time.

Here are some things it turns out I am not doing:
a) Shipping Michael/Alex. Not with that past. And also for point D, AND THIS TIME I MEAN IT. The age difference is too significant starting where she is.
b) Being interested in this show at flippin' all; ugh, spy drama is the worst. Spy drama with hand-to-hand combat is especially the worst.  I am So Over watching shows for parts; okay, that is what YouTube is for. I clip Pretty Little Liars and I will clip this series.

Some things I am:
c) Loving the Nikita/Alex friendship/mentorship/quasi-big-sister hybrid
d) Loving platonic Michael/Alex for the protection angle
e) Confused as to why Michael and Nikita are fighting over Alex's whereabouts and going on separate rescue missions; are they not on the same side? Is this one of those really big obvious premises that have bypassed my osmosis method of learning?
f) Quite in love with Alex beyond anyone else, and cursing the fact that I have to tune in next week to see the ramped-up drama and maybe hope Michael has some sort of rescuing to do.

Despite the fact that the second list is longer, point B overrides everything.

As for the plot itself, slavish actress devotee here, so while the flashbacks to Littler Alex were my second-favorite part, I thought Irena was more compelling than everybody. I want her entire life's story to be its own show. And not just because I spent the entire intial club scene going, "Whee, OK, AU!Tasha it is. LET'S GET ON THAT, FANFIC."

P.S. Never trust Lady Heather. Seriously. If Melinda Clarke is on a show, watch your back and try not to leave anyone alone with her.
crackers4jenn  said everything I want to say about Community, but for safekeeping, I am going to rephrase the highlights in my own words anyway. More quickly.

And maybe in capslock.







+ TROY'S FACE FOR MOST OF THE EPISODE (If it is possible to quote facial expressions, then this was the best quote of the night)



+ Did I mention the wonderful specific-to-my-interests part where they all rushed to the hospital in legitimate fear for someone's life? Show, the daydream playground is going to run out of settings for you to steal soon. What's next, hostage situations?

+ EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING, EVERYTHING. To my knowledge, I did not hate anyone or anything for even one second of this entire episode. Time that last happened: never! Does that make it the best of the series? I don't know. I have just never seen a show churn out such an exhausting and ever-climbing level of consistent quality. I say this all the time, but it is always remarkable.

To fulfill the requirements of the self-imposed challenge, thoughts on Private Practice: Violet existed. Her patient is one of my favorite guest-star actresses, forever branded as Suzie from CSI: Miami, so that was fun. Stepford Addison was more entertaining than Addison has been all season. I got the vague sense that once upon a time, before this show sucked, half-breaking format to hang out in Connecticut for a funeral might have been interesting. Also, Pete got hotly defensive on his absent wife's behalf over unsavory refrences from the Captain. ... That'll about do it.
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