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Best Gladiator Arena Hour Ever

While Nikita was busy feeding the last vestiges of my Life Unexpected obsession on Thursday, the following things were happening simultaneously on other networks. In ascending order of awesomeness:

Grey's Anatomy, 7x15, "Golden Hour"
You know, I think I am definitely willing to sacrifice Owen/Cristina on occasion if it also does away with Callie/Arizona. Gosh, this hour was so delightfully annoyance-free! I mean, some annoyances. Just less.

Meredith took the starring role all hour, and it may be the first time that she has held her own and been a rockstar without the support of a better character. This is fantastic! She was all grown up and competent and other than using poor Tyler as a scapegoat all the time (lucky that dude is so chill. You know who Bailey should be hooking up with...), impressed me a lot. Rockstar! Also: should probably be the Chief Resident, if only she wasn't so busy trying to make a baby and co-run a groundbreaking Alzheimer's study.

Speaking of baby-making: I am half ashamed that it took me so long to figure out they were leading up to an injection (pretty much up to "turn around"), and half peeved at how gross their misdirection was, because given their past history with this sort of scene, it was not at all unreasonable for me to assume it was what it looked like. The worst part is that it could have been perfectly cute on its own! It would probably still be cute if I could make myself watch it again, but the mere thought has me dry-heaving.

Also really loved Meredith & Cristina's moment of bonding as Mer explained her irrational fear that Cristina agreeing to godmother someone's else baby was like giving up on Meredith ever having one.

All of the patients this week -- Knife-Head Guy, Tiny Tim (well, it started to feel like he was going to wind up hobbling on crutches before they set his broken leg), Misdiagnosed Stroke Guy With Girlfriend From Hell, So Doomed Dad, and to some extent Adele -- had really good storylines.

Aaaaand, TEDDY/HENRY. That is a thing that has officially taken over my heart. "I basically spent the past hour on a first date with William for myself, and I don't know how much you know about the guy, but this is what I know: he wears driving gloves. Yeah. And he doesn't live with his mother, but until recently he lived above her house, and he used the word 'shan't' -- and he wasn't being funny. And he has yet to tell me a story about himself in which he is not the hero, so as your husband -- I think we can do better." YES. I want you to go to there!

-Why would Callie ask Cristina, hater of children, to be the godmother instead of, I don't know, that other bestie of hers, Addison? How is Addison not your #1 choice? There is no rule says godmothers have to live within a certain distance of you.

-Lucyyyyyyyyyy. *groan* Yeah, yer done. *muzzles*

-Officially achieving hate status: Nurse "Loser" Eli (though I will admit that Bailey's scream when Derek opened the door was the sort of hilarious sound bite that makes me want to set ringtones to it, and if anyone was going to walk in on them, Derek was clearly the best choice in terms of good natured non-judgment, secret-keeping, a touch of payback (I vaguely remember some season 1 shenanigans), and general entertainment for the viewer. "No one. It was nothing. That room is occupied? Never ask me what I might have seen or might not have seen in there.")

-Still v. disappointed in Bailey

-For some reason, I do not love Jackson with his hair grown out. I not only don't love it, I want him to shave it back down immediately. WHO AM I.

-I never want any TV show to go down the character-with-Alzheimer's route again, but I especially do not want to deal with it on this show for the second time. I FORBID IT.

CSI, 11x15, "Targets of Obsession"
Damn. That had everything. Including Justin Bieber, whom I have now accepted as a perfectly harmless creature after the 1-2 punch of the Grammys + Glee rendering adorable covers of his songs in the same week. Whereas I barely knew who he was and didn't even know what his voice sounded like back in September, and thus paid pretty much no attention to his character at all, this time I found myself impressed by his acting.

Which made it kind of disappointing when he turned out all vengefully evil and Nick blew him away*. Although I'm sure this footage made some haters very happy, especially the too-cool-for-this-crap 12-15-year-olds who are disgusted by their peers' obsession with him. (I should know. I was one of those young teenagers who loathed everything Hanson/N*Sync/Backstreet Boy related while they were popular).

* My face. :O

On the bright side, I also thought that this was just so much better than the premiere in every way. It may have had something to do with all the near-death experiences, hugging, and actual injury following in the wake of bombs (RIP, Kip). The kind of coincidence needed to get Catherine and Vartann on the same case in which he gets hit in the thigh with booby-trapped ammunition while everybody's stuck inside a warehouse is just super impressive. And with N

I say all this while almost forgetting that the episode started with Nick narrowly avoiding getting blown up (with Catherine on the scene, telling him to chill out about it, and you know what it reminded me of? Defusing Warrick during "Grave Danger'). My favorite part was the sweet continuity on him having a house (see season 10 reference to mortgage) as opposed to an apartment.

And a couple of nice moments with Sara and Greg, too, the former as she intervened on his self-blaming route, and the latter warning "Don't even think about it" before Nick can fall for Jason's lies about wanting to talk to him alone.

AND THEN ON THE OTHER SIDE, Nate Haskell's trial, which would have been enough to carry an episode on its own, because Langston is most interesting when dealing with this dude and not working cases. They're taking a risk with the extended focus on him, especially his ability to defy all prison odds to get his way -- what is his IQ, 300? -- but I think it's actually paying off; I'm still interested. Will be even more interested if he gets up to murdering some more people by the time we see him next.

Will the 2011 hot streak continue? Stay tuned.

The Office, "Threat Level Midnight"
Past Me: It will take something mega-special to dislodge "Viewing Party" from [its best-of-the-season position] my heart.
OK, this absolutely did that.

Dude, that was amazing. I loved everyone. I loved almost every second. I was enthralled with the movie. Bravo, BRAVO!  You thought nothing could improve on the time the group table-read the screenplay? WRONG. I think I have to split my reactions into two parts, neither in any kind of order:

The Movie
+ Cameos from EVERYBODY! Jan, Troy, Roy, Karen; everybody but David Wallace, pretty much.

+ Except Erin. Man, there was so little Erin in this episode I nearly cried with joy.

+ Jim gleefully hamming it up as Goldenface, ahahahaha, BEST!!!!! Although, the makeup was fairly gross; to me it just looked like sparkly golden sweat.

+ "On your marks -- get set --" 
*does as told, from laughing* The speed skating challenge was my favorite part, from Ryan's first appearance to Michael's hilariously bad acting at the end.

+ Michael killing Oscar. Oh, man. Not only was that refreshing, but aside from the silly blinking, I think Oscar somehow wound up being the best actor in the film.

+ CHEROKEE JACK. Best use of Creed ever. In fact, Creed should just go nuts one day and come back as Cherokee Jack full-time.

+ Toby's head exploding. 6+ times in a row, from multiple angles, for maximum effect. (I can't stop picturing the giddy joy Michael must have had as he figured out how he could relive that moment over and over without even rewinding).

+ Narrator!Stanley was amazing. I now need him to provide voiceovers for PBS specials, educational films, PSA commercials, and anything else you can think of.

+ Season 2 Pam, season 2 Pam, season 2 Pam, ahhhh! I knew it was coming, but it was still so glorious (even though season 7's Pam is always pulled back now too, the sight of which makes me eternally happy). Really, early season EVERYBODY made me happy.

+ Cut-n-pasted photos of Catherine Zeta.

+ Dwight the Robot Butler, who is even funnier when you assume he is a normal person with very weird speech and movement patterns.

+ Super cheesy effects like Darryl pretty much putting his head through the painting Scarn is "smashing over his head," all the gunfights, or the melodramatic Lone Trailing Tear.

+ "Heads I do it, tails I don't. Best out of 7." THE SUSPENSE.

+ Bartender Andy's accent

+ You know what's a way better dance than the crap at Jim and Pam's wedding? The Scarn. *bops to the beat and follows along*

+ Bonus Dave Barry humor! (in the form of calendar pages being torn off to show the passage of time) FAVORITE.

+ Jasmine Windsong. There are ways to put Jan's singing voice to good use!

+ "Where is the bomb?" // "Hm?" Hehehe, even as fictional characters, Jim manages to antagonize Dwight. I desperately hope he ad-libbed that, and Michael decided to go with it (to Dwight's unending fury).

- One of the few things I did not like was Helene's part, which was just so unnecessary that I had the same reaction as Pam, except louder and more vehement.

+ They dressed up the conference room as the President's office so well, I actually didn't recognize it until the second watch.

+ Remember that horrible part where, just as you heard Hostage Pam talking to Goldenface and knew something awesome was happening on screen, the camera cruelly ripped us away to go follow Michael and Holly? (seriously, wtf, so mean) That is, at least, immediately available as a deleted scene, and not only does Jim play up his character's tortured soul wonderfully, he gets a cheek kiss from her at the end of it. BOY, YOU BET I CAN STILL CONJURE UP RETROACTIVE FLAIL.

+ Sitcommy ending credits! Holy crap, just when you think a thing can't get any greater, bam! When was the last time an episode had a great cold open and a great tag?

+ Basically, this movie, while probably ineligible for festivals due to the immense amount of copyright infringement and unlicensed image use, should absolutely hit YouTube or something similar and become an overnight viral sensation.

P.S.  When I watched "Dan In Real Life," I said it was the best movie Steve Carell was ever likely to make. I stand corrected.

The Rest of the Episode
+ Karen's bitchface about having her day interrupted to react to this. :D You go, Karen. Scorn those memories!

+ Jim starting to lose it during The Scarn, and practically crying with laughter upon hearing Todd Packer call himself "the biggest queer on earth." At last, season 2 Jim has his revenge!

+ Pam's murderous glares while Jim just keeps giggling helplessly. Besides this, I loved all the other, happier looks they kept shooting each other in reaction to one of their parts.

+ Jim: "Did not love the dialogue. Or the character. I took the role to impress a receptionist...who will remain nameless." I love callbacks to their early days, and I will always love these callbacks.

+ You know what my brain notices? Stuff like how Kelly's sitting on Jim's other side while they watch they movie.

+ I loved how everyone was totally supportive of Michael during the film screening. 

+ I would probably read Somehow I Manage. Just saying. I know how this show likes to get creative with extracurricular written web content and merchandise, so I think they could make this happen.

+ Ugh, Holly, what a wet blanket. Even though I get that it's good in the long run, because her disapproval helped Michael recognize his film for the ridiculous (yet still totally awesome) silliness it was, I still didn't like her weird reaction to it. I did, however, really love Michael calling her a pain in the ass and then three seconds later departing with "And I'm sorry I called you a pain in the ass. I'm angry, and I love you." It made their relationship suddenly very real to me.

+ Also, even though my ears spend the whole scene straining to hear the soft but still audible Jim/Pam dialogue from the film, Michael kissing Holly was very sweet.

+ Heads up, I would greatly enjoy it if the entire film also had an option for Michael Scott providing director's commentary. What's that, is that the sound of me challenging the fanfic realm again? Yes, it is.

+ Basically, I laughed harder at this episode of The Office than I have ever done in my life, and it might be the first time I've ever considered it a true comedy. It absolutely blows my mind that there are viewers who didn't like it, because, what?? That's crazy talk. This is sheer brilliance. This is, like, "Community" levels of high-concept brilliance. (potshot!)

The definition of cruelty: teasing us with the fact that a full 26-minute version of the movie exists, but won't be released until the DVDs are out...and then, when that doesn't sting enough because clearly I can be patient, taunting me with the fact that SOME people are allowed to see it now, if you have a season 7 pass on iTunes. Ugh, iTunes is the worst.
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