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Without a rigid review schedule, I just get lazy and indiscriminate.

FANDOM. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE. Kurt Hummel is now representing Glee in March Madness. Just to make it that much more agonizing, Rachel lost by TWO VOTES. TWO. Out of hundreds cast. OK, I just found a contender to hate more than Dean Winchester.

And now the office pool agony begins. Has Community gained as much of an LJ presence as I think it has, and will Troy Barnes be enough, even with crackers4jenn 's devoted campaigning, to take down a new contender from Modern Family? Will Liz Lemon be able to hold the winner at bay? And in the case of two niche fandoms that are big on heart but small on episodes, does the new Doctor (sidebar: RAGE) or dependable Firefly lead have the more fervent fans?

And most importantly, can I place bets that are not the same as what my heart wishes when the answer is unclear?
"Beastly" needs to get in theaters and off the commercial airwaves, because it is SO GROSS. Catching sight of that is like being slapped in the face, I recoil so hard. I could deal with the scars, but not the shaved head with gross tattoos everywhere that look like V-word things. I currently think that Vanessa Hudgens is the strongest actress on earth for not only being able to look at that for weeks on end, but pretend to fall in love with it. Every time I get an accidental glimpse on TV, my gag reflex kicks in.

Through spectacular coincidence, the SVU episode with Britt Robertson reran a couple of nights ago. Alas, I only saw half because I'd wasted time with a Seinfeld rerun first. The episode was better than I remembered (certainly better than Bones' take on the headline), as was her part.
The Middle: Eeh! There was an Everybody Loves Raymond reunion happening on multiple levels, featuring Doris Roberts (Marie) as a passive-aggressively condescending teacher talking down to Frankie. SO FAMILIAR. SO GREAT.
Mr. Sushine: Oh Chandler. Always getting slapped on the ass by your boss. (a/k/a, "I starting to find this half hour almost as joyous as the first one")
Off the Map, 1x08, "It's a Leaf"
They repeat this phrase so many times, you start to wonder if they're actually sending a pro-drug message.

Ben/Ryan is decidedly among the more thrilling ships I have seen this year. Every so often, TV gets into ruts where you forget what it is like to be THRILLED by a couple sharing new scenes. This is that refreshing couple. While I am stubbornly ignoring the implied threat of "leave here forever if you want to live," I am in love with everything from him surreptitiously watching her look like the picture of health chasing after little kids (she is SUCH A JOY; so my favorite), to fighting over her treatment course, to whatever that sad hug/nuzzle was when she gave in. I foolishly watched this live so I could see what turned out to be 10 seconds of a Grey's Anatomy sneak peek that heavily featured Alex, so I am already hazy on the details, and YouTube is INCREDIBLY UNHELPFUL when it comes to this show.

Lily: has pretty much worn out her welcome, thanks to Mateo. The best thing she did tonight was get referenced in the phrase, "You look out for her, don't you?" (Ben, unnecessarily clumsily, says he looks out for all the doctors. Whatever, it's okay to have favorites even in a platonic context. Which this was. Absolutely.)

Cole wandering around in an underground horror movie got very old, very quickly. I really was hoping they'd kill him off for shock value. And seriously, as far as I can tell, he and Zee had no-strings-attached sex for like two weeks. Why do they keep treating this like an epic love story? Better her than Mina, but best of all would be NO love story.

Mina, meanwhile, came into her own this week and overtook Lily on the character totem pole for the first time.

(as Ben points out that she hasn't delivered any babies yet)
Mina: There's a reason for that. I don't like babies.
Ben: You don't have to like 'em, just catch 'em.
Mina: *sigh* I really would prefer the cursed mine.

I want to hate her stupidity in cutting the cord*, but the comedic gold provided by her (very pretty, if misguided) attempt to dress up in native wear, begging Tommy to come with her to the ceremony in exchange for getting to laugh at her, and other assorted hilarity surrounding the event more than made up for it.

*though I am not clear how they can force her to actually act as a godmother. This is why intolerance of other cultures exists. If Mina not living up to the deal means they flounce back to the mountains far from professional medical care, I say go ahead and flounce.

AND MOSTLY: Ill-advised wingman/woman hookups, ALWAYS!! If it's good enough for How I Met Your Mother, it's good enough for me. I can't bring it in me to care at all that he is cheating on Nameless Native Lady, even though I'm pretty sure he condemned her previous boyfriend for doing exactly the same thing, because: PRETTY FACTOR. It's a trump card.

-I have no idea what movie they were watching in the beginning.
-Who was the girl playing the daughter of the moron ALS patient? She seemed so familiar, but maybe she just looks a lot like Sofia Vassilieva.
-Tommy punching people: I like it.
For lack of anything else on TV tonight, I got dragged into watching the American Idol results show, marking my first foray into New Idol (so much for my clean and permanent break). Turns out that you can, in fact, form strong enough attachments to people in 2 hours to get your heart a little broken.

I do not know many names and have made zero effort to learn more. Here's what I got out of the night:

-Jennifer Lopez irritates me. I don't know why, as she's not awful like Kara; she's perfectly nice and articulate and there really shouldn't be anything wrong with her, but she is so IN YOUR FACE all the time, with like seven different careers going at once. She's overexposed, I think, is the problem, and she is really not that great at any of her careers.

-I don't even have words for Steven Tyler. He's pretty much Michael Jackson (minus pedophilia accusations) for me.

-As for J. Lo's music video -- first, dreadfully boring and headache-inducing noise. This is what people pay for? Really? Second, that officially cost whatever respect I might have had for you. As my mom kept saying, "She's too old for this." I agree; even though she doesn't look too old for it, it's in the principle of the thing. This is the kind of mindless nonsense you produce when you're 20, named Ke$ha, and trying to break into the business. She should be better than this.

Top Ten Thoughts
-James: Am I crazy, or does he look disturbingly like James Van Der Beek?

-That freak who sang "I'll Put a Spell On You" is singlehandedly a reason not to watch any more episodes. I caught that performance on Tuesday night, and I just wanted to rip my ears off the entire time. Never mind that he looks like he could very probably be revealed as an axe murderer.

-I am pretty fond of the charming country singer they put through first. Except, did I hear "teenager"? What? He looks, sounds, and generally seems about 25. This 17-years-old business is clearly an error.

-There are not nearly enough blonde girls for my taste, but I did like the first girl they put through.

-WHY would you choose Ashton over the pretty blonde as your Wild Card after that terrible performance? Why would you then also choose Voodoo Lady over three perfectly charming and quite good eligible gentlemen?

-I felt OK with the choice of Stefano, until the other guy showed up and sang half in Italian. Now I'm cranky.

-Thia is adorable. I do not love her vocals, but her personality is one of the few warm and appealing ones thus far.

The Culls
-Karoake Creeper is out. Thank goodness.

-Whatever that redhaired creature was is also out. Thank goodness. That was agony. The only way it was bearable at all was to tack "like a girl" onto the end of all his sentences, like that "in your pants" meme for fortune cookies. Worked surprisingly well.

-I felt desperately bad for the one girl who bombed out. I mean, I gather she did it to herself with an uncomfortable act that was way too old for her, but I was still upset. [edit: 23? 23? I think the number you are looking for is 16. 17 tops.] She is my favorite, as a person. She's adorable and seems like she'd be fun to hang out with. How I make these judgments based on one night of clip packages, I don't know, but that's how I roll.

-I liked Lauren, too. Did I see a version of me? MAYBE. Mostly, I kept marveling at how she was the only girl in the bunch who still looked like a regular person. While everyone else seemed made over and polished up into a Hollywood starlet, she just looked like an ordinary person who put on a nice outfit.
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