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Dear god, this parachute is a knapsack!

  • Friends syndication is thick in the middle of the Emily episodes, and can I just say how much I hate them. Which is a shame, because I quite love Emily despite her psychotic overreaction to Rachel, but they only used her as an opportunity to slam the dead horse that was Ross/Rachel into the ground over and over. The wedding episode itself was particularly exquisite torture. SHUT UP, RACHEL. WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE.
  • Fandom March Madness: the elimination polls are open. Now is the spring break of our discontent. [edit: But on the bright side, there is an amazing The Man Your Man Could [Sound] Like comment for Dan Rydell over Sheldon Cooper on the first page. It would make me change my vote if doing so didn't help torpedo my bracket bets.]
  • Upon poking around the mod's journal, I also found a MOST entertaining recap of Piranha 3-D. It is, apparently, a much better experience than actually watching the film. I laughed so hard I cried.
While I'm busy mourning my newest Glee OTP and/or counting down the weeks until it will be an acceptable number of time to shuffle the relationships again, today seemed like a good day for nostalgia. After a semi-exhaustive internet quest, I came up with a vast collection of Sam and Sam/Quinn-related things I had forgotten about his character.

(See, this is the problem with trying to be all positive and crap in my season 2 reviews. I miss so much that there is to hate, and later, when I change my mind about stuff, I have no original thoughts to compare to!)

-"I'm dyslexic, so my grades aren't the best, but I'm working on that." Hey, remember when Sam wasn't going to be as dumb as Brittany? I want that guy.

-He dislocated his shoulder on the football field. You'd think I'd have paid much more attention to that.

-Per Wikipedia, I think: "Following Overstreet's casting, media speculation suggested Sam might have been created as a boyfriend for Kurt. Overstreet later confirmed this, but stated that his storyline had been adjusted to pair Sam with Quinn, as a result of the chemistry the producers detected between him and Agron." = TRIUMPHANT VICTORY DANCE.

-The problem with how the show was always trying to make cleaning people up after slushie facials a romantic thing was that everyone had terrible hair. Sam's is lonigsh and unruly. Suddenly this scene holds all kinds of crazy appeal for me.

-Based on this picspam, I'm officially lifting "Duets" from 4th place among the first five episodes to first. Or at least, I am until I remember what other horrible (BRITTANY/ANYONE) things might have happened.

-Original Duets review: I almost hated Sam vaguely less in this, because they wrote his character in a way tailor-made to zip straight to my heart. . . . I'm pretty sure that all of his responses were perfect-boyfriend responses, and why why why can't he just be like the new, sincere version of Jesse for Quinn.

And boy, I wasn't kidding (see? SOMETIMES, Future Me is able to subtly reach through the time-space continuum and influence me). Good news, he can! The first scene in the science room, from tentative partnership guitar to apologies for the too-soon kiss attempt* and Quinn's blazing THIS YEAR IS ABOUT ME! reaction, is turning into a highlight of the season. Like I implied back in the fall, this should have been exactly the path needed to get me on board both his character; there is no way for it to be more perfect. He's non-threatening, backs off immediately, and at this point still seems like a massive upgrade from Finn and Puck in the brain department.

*The blocking in my new icon is such a work of art, I went on a specific quest to find one featuring it. I thought there would be more to choose from. Stupid ship that never gained traction.

-...Rocky Horror Glee's shirtlessness seems less offensive, suddenly. At least in the Rocky department. Junior version. Before Creepy Schue takes over.

-Remember that whole body-image thing in Never Been Kissed? I cut out my whole diatribe about it, but I know I hardcore ignored what everyone else was saying about how different and important it was to show it from the male perspective. I still basically think it is silly to blame the media, because the only people I ever compared myself to were my peers (newsflash: at least 80% NOT FAT. K-12 students do not accurately reflect America as a whole), but now I'm curious about Sam's lines.

-Also I suspect there was more shirtlessness.
Hey, look, everyone who matters is an adult on this series.

-Turns out I am capable of stomaching the kissing in that episode too, at least when silenced in fanvids. I was not able to do that a month ago.

-Black eye! I had forgotten Sam got a black eye for his troubles in the League of Angrily Protective Gentlemen, Redux.
("Oh, I forgot, she thinks fighting is sexy." "NO I DO NOT, a lot.")

-PROMISE RING. WTF were you WTF-ing about, Past Self? That was lovely. What had so much potential to be a trainwreck was clearly saved by a) Quinn recognizing and confronting its trainwreck potential, and b) the speech capped off with "I promise to do all of those things without ever trying to sound like Matthew McConaughey."

-Sam jumping up and punching the air as she walks away with the ring on at the end is very cute.

-Things that suddenly seem less pointless with Sam & Quinn are involved: dancing at the wedding, the lame song at Sectionals

-I still think this is the exact moment I fell for the ship, the kissing-by-the-lockers shot just hit it home:

And that catches me up to current time. I'm sure I'm still missing a few background scenes, but I have not yet gained the patience to rewatch episodes the whole way through.

On a completely unrelated note, all my googling has led to this: Why Kurt Hummel Hates Facebook. Aaaaand it is pretty much the most fun story ever told via Facebook wall posts/status updates alone.
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