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Grey's Anatomy Bonanza

For the record, I am a little annoyed that my internet connection collapsed and died around 3 PM yesterday and I only just got it back now.  I’m especially annoyed that the only stuff I had time to do before it collapsed was check my flist, and I didn’t even have time to read all the backlogged stuff; I went straight to a friending meme, then went to finish writing this entry. By the time I got done and tried to post…flop, dead.

Ferry Disaster, Part 3 (I’m sticking with this description despite the complete lack of ferries in sight this week):

Aside from the slightly uncomfortable way it distorted the boundaries of reality (*grits teeth* I know, it's Shondaland...but must you go so BLATANTLY into soap opera territory?), this episode was fantastic and completely overshadowed the two parts preceding it.  It was 95% on the mark, and since this show is usually lucky to hit 50/50 with me, that's a huge improvement.

I have no idea how I could possibly group my thoughts this week, so I'm going to jump around in no order whatsoever as things come into my head.  Try and keep up!  3.5 pages of fun: 

I cannot deny that I was glad to see Dylan come back.  I'm still resisting watching Friday Night Lights (Did you see the title of the last episode?!  Talk about defining my reason for not watching), but Kyle Chandler is really quite attractive.  Solution: drool over Dylan the Bomb Squad Guy!  And even so, I completely forgot about him when I saw DOC!  OMG my puppyyyyyy!!  It was at that point I began to wonder whether Meredith wouldn’t be better off staying dead.  I gestured as if my palms were scales, weighing the options.  "Hmm...McDreamy, dog, McDreamy, dog - ack!  Ummm...having a really hard time choosing here." 

I was also glad to see Denny back, because unlike apparently everybody else, I always liked that slow, sheepish grin of his and his laid-back and easygoing manner.   I was also highly attracted to the fact that he and Izzie fell in love without ever attempting to have sex.  I shouldn't even strike that out, it's a legitimate factor in why I liked him.  Anyway, loved his arguments with Dylan.  He's gotten rather bitter and cynical, though.  Which in turn pains me to think that he's trapped in limbo because he can't let Izzie go, and clinging to those moments with her are only going to leave him feeling more and more cheated.  (on that note, how much did I LOVE the end with Izzie brushing against something unseen and pausing?  YAY!  Just like I asked for!)

And now I feel odd because somehow I have to reconcile the idea that on this otherwise rational (shut up) show about the realities of science and medicine, there are actual spirits of the deceased floating around.  At least one, anyway.  Oh, too weird.  I can't process that right now.   It's like they got the fanfic writers mixed up in this mess.

So - Derek again won the rights to a large percentage of the episode, though it wasn't a runaway victory.  No, he definitely had to share the spotlight with Cristina.  Which I am fine with, because I love her to pieces.  Now, while drunk!Addison was fun, I don't like drunk!Cristina.  It scares me, a lot, to see her surrender control like that , when above all else she prides herself on being focused.  Admittedly, it does not scare me as much as paralyzed!Cristina, who seemed to suffer a minor mental snap in the fashion of Britney Spears as she wandered around the dollar 99-cent store in an entranced daze, pulling useless items off the shelves without examination or thought.  Drunk!Cristina was almost a relief after that; at least it could be considered normal behavior.  I liked that Burke came to see her, and while she refused to come out of her alcohol cocoon when he asked (which incidentally, was a very minor bit of dialogue but one which reaffirmed why I usually reserve my swooning for Burke), she was uninhibited enough to miserably admit that she wasn't able to be there for him until *after* she knew he was going to live.  Poor Cristina, when she gets like this, don't you just want to swoop her up in a hug?

Cool reveal that her father didn't just die when she was 9; she watched him bleed out in their wrecked car, waiting for help to arrive.   Well, that goes a long way towards explaining her hard and protective outer shell.  That'll mess a kid up.

Loved the look of despair on her face when she finally came into the room, face-to-face with the reality that was her best friend lying on a table without a heartbeat.  Shows a lot that she was able to make herself come that far.  Really loved that look of barely-contained fury as she ordered the team to "TRY.  AGAIN."  And that last scene with her cradling Mer’s face?  I had no idea Cristina could be tender, weepy and otherwise emotional. 

But back to Derek.  Oh dear.  Firstly, I swooned when he went in to yell at Ellis (although I don’t understand the odd, almost affectionate hair-stroking that preceded the angry words).  I mean, obviously it was stupid and very unprofessional because she didn't understand what was going on, but he's so protective of Meredith it puts my insides in a twist.  Nobody gets to hurt her, nobody gets to make her cry, and he'll go after anyone who does.  (Hey - forget about all that stuff with Addison last year; things have changed since then.) Secondly, I held my breath in anticipation of a last scene between him and Meredith.  Someone on my flist offered that "Thirty minutes of Derek crying and then a ten minute Mer/Der reunion would've been just perfect."  I cannot disagree, but what we got was just as perfect.  Bending down to kiss her forehead, holding her hand, stroking her hair, and later finally curled up around her in the hospital bed, just holding her while she sleeps…oh dear, I’m a melted puddle of goo.

I just realized it's been ages since there's been a nasty love scene between these two.  No wonder I'm feeling so amicable towards them lately!  They're sticking to the Rules of Cuteness!  (On that note, Voice thinks next time I'm having a slow posting day, I should publish my requirements for "cute" as opposed to "dirty."  I'll keep that in mind.)

On Ellis Grey's death...all I can say is THANK GOD.  Jack Malone's father with Alzheimer's almost drove me insane on Without a Trace before they finally killed him off, and Ellis Grey was getting close to doing the same for this show.   I hate watching the disease progress.   Horrible idea for a storyline.

Izzie continues to be my sounding board.  It's like I have literally reached into the screen and commandeered a character to spew all my Callie hatred straight to the woman's face.  She takes the words right out of my mouth!  For this reason alone, my usual Izzie hate has drastically receded. 

”Am I doing something specific to piss you off?” Callie asks Izzie/me.  Well, not at this exact moment, no.  I simply hate you on principle.  This is Callie the Giant, the oversized-in-every-way woman that they persist in calling a sexy hot dirty girl, when she is only one of those qualifiers, and it is neither sexy nor hot.  This is Callie who slums around other people's houses, shuffling into the bathroom in the morning WEARING NOTHING BUT HER UNDERWEAR, despite being perfectly aware that there are three people living in that house and the bathroom is not private.  This is Callie whom George married in Vegas on a total whim, while on the rebound from simply having sex with her 10 times a day, which in turn was him on the rebound from grieving for his recently deceased father, which came right after they broke up for a while because George wasn’t sure he loved her yet.  My point is that they do not have a bond set in stone.  Here is my favorite Izzie quote of all time--

Callie: He is my HUSBAND!
Izzie: Oh stop saying that like it means something! 

Besides, Izzie makes a very valid point - "Not ‘we.’ (“What?”) You keep going on about how ‘we’ need to do this for Meredith and how strong Meredith is, like you know her.  (“I DO know her!”)  No!  George, Cristina and me, we know her.  We’re her family, and we were here long before you and George started fooling around.”  Again, exactly!  Callie doesn't get to be in the Intern Clique just because she's got a ring on her finger that matches one worn by a member of IC.  Intern Clique had a 1-day opening membership and it's now a closed circuit.  Outsiders not welcome.  Exceptions made only for interns dating attendings, if said attendings are also friends.  Then they can all have dinner parties together.  But not day-to-day friendship.  In conclusion: Izzie, you a rock star!  Keep it up.  I know it hurts to be separated from George, but please don't cave under pressure and concede your stance.   Bide your time until his marriage falls apart and you can be there for him.  But perhaps be a little less in his face about your dislike of his wife, so that George does not turn against you and is still willing to come to you when his marriage falls apart.

Alex and Jane Doe were almost an afterthought this week, good.  So was Mark Sloan.  Four thumbs up!  No dirty Addex tonight; maybe not ever.  God, wouldn't it be nice if I could finally stop holding my breath on that matter?  And here's hoping that both Mark and Addison stick to their "no sex for 60 days" bet.  (can we hold off starting the count until April?)  Partly because the only way to make Mark more repugnant is to take his clothes off, and partly because someone out there might actually be listening to my repeated pleas to make Addie a smart and capable woman who doesn't need to sleep with every man who comes along. 

Overall, there was just one thing I really, really, really hated about this episode, a line which actually made me stomp out of the room. 
Addison (gazing like a fangirl through the window at Derek/Meredith): "We never had that.  He never felt that way about me.”

*snarls* HE DID TOO.  You were "Addison and Derek"!  *curls lip and twitches* Look, it's kind of hard not to fawn over him and Meredith right now, but could you at least not trash what came before?  I always imagined that for quite a long time, you and he were in a very strong and loving marriage.  I choose to believe that like many couples, you went through a stressful period in your relationship which caused Derek to sort of drift away and spend all his time at work.  I also choose to believe that if you had not slept with Mark and driven your husband to Seattle, that like many couples, you would have eventually found a way to work past that time and regained your happiness.  Obviously, we can never go back to those times now that he's met Mer.  BUT STILL.  For the sake of my sanity, I need to cling to a shred of hope that once upon a time he was *your* knight and you were his damsel.  Because you are both smart and attractive people, and Meredith is kind of simpy by comparison. 

In other words, I can't argue with anything that breaks McDreamy down into very dreamy tears, but it would be even *better* if the woman lying in that bed had red locks instead of limp dishwater blonde ones. 

[Edit: Upon second viewing, now that I’ve seen the rest of that scene…oh, don’t even GIVE me crap that Mark “felt that way” about Addison!!  Your dirty dirty unholy hookups were not even close to love and don’t pretend they were.]

And now it's six weeks without a new episode.  What the hell?  I'm now up to six, SIX shows, really good shows, that will not be airing a new episode for at least a solid month.  About the only top-quality-entertainment show left for my birthday month is Lost.  (Voice: Bet you're glad about that mid-year hiatus of theirs NOW, aren't you?)

On rumors of a GA spin-off starring Kate Walsh:
It sounded so crazy at first that I thought it was nothing but a stupid rumor, but it appears it could be a reality.  Oh boy - I don't know how to feel about that. On the one hand, Addison rocks my world; I'd love to see her star!  And this would increase the possibility of getting her a love interest that I could actually support, and possibly heal all my Meredith-induced hurt feelings.  It would also remove the chances of Addison/Alex ever happening, or of Mark/Addison happening AGAIN, and would nicely excise that stupid gossip-based friendship she has going on with Callie.  Did I mention that it would put her in a starring role?  OH!  And Taye Diggs would be on the show too!  Okay, right there, that is WIN.

On the other hand, I don't know if I could really stomach a whole show about caring for sick babies. Considering the alternatives are cases about pregnant women and reproductive organ problems, I'm going "ugh" at the prospect of any and all patients she might treat.  Plus Grey's really only has five characters that I like, and she's one of them, so if we lose her...the quality of the original dips further.  Sigh.  I think I might have liked this idea more if it had come up a few years down the road, or possibly even after Grey's Anatomy itself had been canceled.


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