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Off the Map knocking my socks off + 2 family birthdays on Friday  + computer virus attack I'm still battling = delayed post of crazy length!

Fandom March Madness: Woooo, fandom! Not only did you not fail me when it really counted, but for the first (and probably last) time ever I actually predicted the winner! Not enough to win the pool by any means, but enough (730/1200) to finish in roughly the top 20% of bet-placers. A personal best. Certainly much better than the first year, where my pick for winner got knocked out in the first round.
Question: Lately, whenever I have a YouTube window open and then do something like minimize the browser or hit the cut-text link on LJ, Firefox will sudenly freak out and give me a black screen of death in the upper left-hand quadrant. No matter what I do, a YouTube-vid-sized square of black is stuck until I move Firefox down far enough to close the video tab. Any idea why/how to fix it? Constantly reloading music is obnoxious.
Why didn't I watch Raising Hope before the travesty that went down on Glee this week? It was so very precious. If we could just excise that obnoxious chick, smash her freaking ukulele, and instead let Sabrina's clear and pretty voice sing while playing guitar all the time, this would be a better show.

It seems RussTroll is FINALLY off Survivor. I know the deal I made with this season was that I'd go back when that happened, know, I'm feeling pretty comfortable in my reality-TV-free life, and I aim to keep it that way. Even when assaulted with 27 previews a week, I feel little to no pull in its direction. Might we be headed for another 5-year breakup? If it keeps facing off against The Middle, who knows.

-Southland finale: Well, that was a little bit of a pick-me-up to a dull year -- it's always good when you have cases crossing over departments and/or a focus on Ben, doing things like adorably posing for pictures with little kids who want to be police officers...or nearly getting killed by fleeing suspects (before said fleeing suspects try to leap between buildings and rather hilariously plummet to their deaths).

But overall, I'm thinking we should just drop season 3 in the basement of dud years and move on quickly to the next year (I hope?), because you know what looks great? The potential for Sammy & Ben as partners on patrol. This is totally worth sacrificing Moretta! At this point, John is about as insufferable as Dewey, just with less vulgarity and a weird, discordant soft spot for children and animals instead, so I would be happy to leave his ass in rehab forever and let Ben move on to great things. Even if Sammy has turned into a raging bull terrier, it's got to be better than the last partnership. I'm unclear on where Chickie's planning to go - did they say Metro? Is that the detective unit? - but I think my life would be ideal if she wound up as Lydia's new partner. Again, this would be worth breaking up the current pairing of Team Awesome Ladies, as it would become Team More Awesome Ladies.

(If this is not the case, then please keep Team Awesome Ladies together. I need them to make the show worthwhile until I determine whether or not Ben/Sammy becomes a permanent thing. As an aside, how neat was Lydia's takedown of the raging gun maniac in the factory last week? I thought it was such a shame they crammed that into the last quarter, because it could have played out in real time and made a better hour.)

In conclusion: glad your season is over, happy not to deal with you for the next many moons. Will not consider it a great loss if not renewed.

Off the Map, 1x09, "There's Nothing to Fix"

Big giant seal claps for all the best partnerships around. Cole & Zee sequestered in their own leukemia-baby storyline, easily skipped through/largely ignored. Ryan & Mina, Great Ladies-In-Arms of Medicine, and over yonder, Ben splitting his time between impressive field doctoring/tough-love coaching with Tommy, and Dramatic River Rescuing with Hysterical Lily...all while making time to steal sweet moments with Ryan in his spare time.

(I feel like I should probably switch to calling her Clark, at least, if not switching everyone. They use surnames on this show much more freely than normal Shondaland characters; I picked the wrong trope and unfortunately it's a hard habit to get out of)

Cole & Zee's Patient: Ugh. Tiny sick babies should not bust up a marriage. Ideally it would not be one or the other, but wife > tiny sick baby you've known for a day and have no biological obligation to. Not that the biological obligation is any more of a reason, if that's going to get your panties in a twist, it's just a lot harder to get rid of like an unwanted dog without judgment. Zee was practically begging them to hit the reset button on this adoption and cut & run.

Cole & Zee in General: Mildly entertaining for the first time ever, between the "Loca" nickname I'm growing fond of and her grumbling about his exasperating cheekiness as a patient and/or over-confidence in hitting on her.

Dramatic River Rescue: I was really hoping it was going to be Matteo who went whirling down the river rapids, never to be seen again. But I will sacrifice a random lovelorn teenager if Lily's insane attempt to save him results in her nearly getting killed before she gets close enough to shore for Ben to pull her in the rest of the way, hold onto her to keep her from going back out, and cut through her verge-of-manic babbling. "Look at the river. He's gone." Why thank you, show! Without being aware of it or precisely able to define it, this is exactly the kind of scene I watch television to see. And for the eagle-eyed/squinting, those last shots are him stroking her hair.

Follow-up: Those two minutes back at the clinic in which he reminds her that she did everything she possibly could, and she just walks out stiff and teary-eyed, unconvinced? I feel like in episode 2, they would have found a way to work more physical comfort in there. And I would have liked it. But right now it doesn't fit, I'm glad they didn't try, and by not trying they instead crammed in all the platonic mentoring aspect I could ask for.

Clark & Minard, Great Ladies-In-Arms: First, can I just state how happy I am that Mina didn't make a chicken dinner for the funeral out of some weird need to prove a point? You keep that little clucker and you be the Softhearted Chicken Lady forever. Proudly. Second, these two are so strong in different ways that while I like when they butt heads, I like it even better when they wind up on the same side with grudging, followed by genuine, respect. Enjoyed their awkward "sorry about your heart" conversation over pizza. Just not as much as I enjoyed Mina somewhat literally berating the jackass patient to death. "It's not that world will be a better place when you die, it's that it will be exactly the same."

The Fallout of The Ill-Advised Hookup: Hahahaha, BEST. Zee ranting in well-justified Spanish at the wanton destruction of her garden. Both of them waking up under Mina's festival-dress-turned-blanket (much more hilarious by the light of day). Both of them awkward and very much wanting to stick their heads in the ground until everyone stops talking about it, and possibly they forget about it as well. This is the best I have ever felt about a TV one night stand. No regrets! No disappointment! No anger! No real investment! Just total satisfaction with everything about it and the way it was handled. I like that the biggest consequence was Tommy freaking out about screwing up everything in his life simultaneously, but mostly about screwing up the friendship. Him awkwardly pledging to do whatever it takes to fix this while Lily just stands between them, clueless, made my day.

Also: as bad as I felt for Lily's overwhelming mess of pent-up guilt and other emotions getting the best of her, I will fully admit that I laughed at her unfortunate luck in breaking down between the two people most ill-equipped to deal with emotional displays. An approximate summation:

Lily's Tears: HUG ME.
Mina: Am I supposed to...touch her? Is that what girls do for each other? Help, she's leaning in my direction!
Tommy: Do touch her? I don't know the guy friend/crying girl rules! OK, OK, um...side hug?
Ben: *is disappointing shippers by heading off to explore urban jungles with other lady love at the moment*

But oh gosh, these three.  ♥♥♥

(wait until Charlie hears what happened after he walked away with the group. Golden opportunity, and he blew it by not sticking around!)

Chop-Bustin' Bros: I do believe the bemused snarking between Ben & Cole is becoming a highlight of my week. The former's eyebrow lift of incredulity is my favorite thing. ("'Hold her hand'? Is that what the girls like now?" "That's what I hear; I mean, what do I know?") Hey, whatever kicks him out of his self-doubting mope fest and off to accompany a certain pretty redhead to New York. Not that the brooding isn't perfectly lovely on his own. I'm sort of tempted to have a four-way broodoff between him, McDreamy, Sawyer and Mick St. John. [Side note: This section was an afterthought, so unlike all the others there are not zillion pictures, but I couldn't resist one at the end.]

Decision to be romantic hero: reached.

Keeton & Clark: As I cannot personally articulate how much I love the two of them in all their scenes this week, I am committing myself to a multi-hour endeavor for straight quotes and screenshot-snapping, because they are SO GORGEOUS.

Preparations, round 1

“I've got a car meeting you in New York, it's gonna take you straight to the hotel. Order a little room service, get a good sleep, you'll be all fresh and perky for your heart eval at Columbia.”
"You thought of everything." (taking his hand) "What about this? Can I take this with me, too?"
"You nervous?"
“Not for the medical stuff...takeoffs and landings.”
“Oh, come on, you walk to work with jaguars. You swim in reefs with sharks!”
“Yeah, well. At least I only have to fly once, right?”

Say what now?
“You booked me an open-ended ticket. You didn't schedule a return?”
"I didn't know how long the tests would take."
“Or you think my heart's so bad I'm gonna be in the ICU, hooked up to drips, and they won't let me leave.”
“That is not gonna happen."

*nod* "OK."

Preparations, round 2:

“Passport - subway map - directions to the hotel."
“You really did think of everything."
“And…your return ticket. You’re coming back a week from Sunday.”
“That’s if they’ll let me.”
“No, Clark, I don’t care if your heart’s exploding, you’re coming home to me.”  Awww. “Besides, you know how much it costs to change a ticket?”

And one more, because you know how I love it when people form heart shapes.

Surprise RomCom Ending!
“You forgot something.”
(holds out his hand) "This. Couldn't let you leave without it."
“It’s a whole week away from the clinic. You sure?"
“Come on, they’ll be fine. Besides, Cole’s been planning a power grab since Day 1.”

“Come on, Clark. Let’s go explore the urban jungle.”

All right, fandom, given that she appears to be back at the clinic next week, let's make this missing week happen in fic. ALL OF THE DETAILS, STAT. Too bad this show apparently doesn't have a fandom. I can't even find a fanvid for this couple on YouTube, and I've tried every variation on their names I can think of. BE BETTER, INTERNET. Does it even have an LJ comm? does. And of course, now is when I find said LJ comm with all the screencaps, after I spent hours last night trying to find the screencaps before giving up to do the hard labor myself in inferior quality. %(#&%*%!

In conclusion: New favorite ep, and I take back what I said. There's no way The Crossing can equal the power of this show at its best.

-CSI, 11x17, "The List"
Judging by the way I spit out my drink laughing at Langston's LISTEN UP, COP-STABBING PRISON BITCHES, YOU WILL COOPERATE AND YOU WILL LIKE IT roaring at the beginning, I could have sworn this was going to be a comedy week. That part was...not so good. The rest was passable, although I'm so relieved that they didn't make Ecklie the ultimate culprit that once they had a solid, non-recurring character in their suspect sights I kind of stopped paying attention (hey, was a legitimate worry. Losing The Rickster & Conrad to murder scandals in back-to-back years would have been quite a blow). Here's what I retained:

* "David Phillips on life behind bars: it sucks."

* Catherine/glasses: OTP

* Translation of the list of people Skanky Lady has hooked up with in the department: every detective you can remember. I liked Nick's tact in mentioning it to Catherine, though.

* Speaking of Vartann, guess who name-checked Warrick? In the context of pointing out that her team didn't exactly recuse itself from that investigation, but it was still nice to hear. Kind of. Half the time I still refuse to believe that actually happened, as it still doesn't seem possible.

* Catherine: Running from another stripper?
Greg: Burlesque dancer. And that's not funny.
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