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All right, now I'm officially obsessing.

While merrily skipping sleep, looked up some more stuff on The Crossing. So, Martin Henderson would be on tap to play Jason, right? Let me just cross-reference that fact with this description:

[Rachelle] Lefevre will play Anna, a war widow who watched helplessly as Union soldiers burned her husband and two little boys alive in their barn.  Now living with her five-year-old daughter, Anna is smitten with Jason at first sight and embarks on a torrid affair with the troubled outsider.

RIGHT. CANCEL THE MIDSEASON MEDICAL DRAMA THAT COULDN'T AND MAKE THIS HAPPEN. At this point, The Crossing is pretty much ruined for me if it's not cast this way...but technically, I'm in a win/win position now, right? Either my show lives, or the new show gets its best stars. Option 3 is that my show lives but Clark gets written off it, costing me the Pretty Factor, but paving the way for Ben/Lily and possibly still giving me two shows for the price of one. So...triple win potential? Unless both shows fall through. That would suck.
Following this, I spent half an hour basking in Bride & Prejudice clips on YouTube, followed by a hop, skip and jump over to IMDB to find out where I can see Henderson more recently. Blah, blah, blah, WAIT STOP, a 2009 episode of House?? That's recent enough I should remember it! Of course, "Painless" (like all episode titles) means nothing to me, so let's just cross-check the summary with my review. Oh, the one with the giant duck.  And the super annoying 13 storyline with Janice, the Far Gone Huntington's Patient. But more relevantly: the suicidal father with seemingly incurable pain.

Let's get on a rewatch of THAT going ASAP... Even though my original review says nothing about the case except "how you make blinding full-body pain that turns out to be result of epilepsy in one's balls boring, I don't know, but they managed!", I am sure my opinion will improve on the basis of actor love. Despite questionably short hair. We shall overcome.

But mostly, I'm thinking "Battle in Seattle" is the next movie on the to-watch list. I mean, the plot looks like it will send me into a coma, but hopefully he's on screen enough to make it worth my while.

Now, star #2, Ms. Lefevere:

Note 1: Holy crap, she has been in a lot of stuff.
Note 2: You have a new reason to read Twilight ASAP so you can watch the first two films and see her.
Note 3: She was on CSI, but it was "Leave Out All the Rest," and I am just guessing that you want to avoid recognizable guest stars in anything that was a Lady Heather episode, especially one you refused to actually watch in the first place

On to actual possibilities:
-Aww, she was in the super-short-lived The Deep End? Which I deeply spurned?

-Hey, guess who suddenly wants to watch an episode of Better Off Ted? But not Eli Stone. I can only handle one eye-roll-inducing show at a time.

-Wait, Swingtown snagged Britt Robertson AND her? But, but, it was such a gross concept. Unfair.

-Need to stalk Boston Legal reruns for her 3-episode arc.

-As I think I previously mentioned, really need to go back to season 4 of CSI: NY and appreciate the hell out of Flack's 1-note girlfriend Devon. PRETTY FACTOR.

-How am I not remembering her on How I Met Your Mother? "Moving Day." Early 2007, so may or may not have review...nope, no review. Seems to be in the thick of my holding-a-grudge-about-Robin's-dogs days, so is possible I haven't even seen that one.

-WAIT, how has my brain not realized THIS, she was Sue on The Class! The blind date Ethan hijacked (at Kat's urging) and ended up semi-accidentally feeding a horrific mess of lies!

-Heyyyy, guess who needs to stalk her way back to unfamiliar season 1 Bones? "The Man on Death Row."

This should keep me busy next time I have a TV lull...

Meanwhile, is it Wednesday yet? Can we skip over Glee and have Off the Map first instead? The fact that I only have four episodes of the latter left is in no way dampening my enthusiasm to have it all RIGHT NOW.

[edit: well, one way of speeding up time is to work like mad on actual work from 7 AM-3 PM, then sleep until 7:00 the next morning, get up and do it all over again until you're just a few hours from prime time.]
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