RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

"You're making me feel weak. I need you to make me feel strong."

Wow, that is the way to release your sneak peeks. Take the edge off a really exciting part that happens halfway in early, but reserve something like 4 shared scenes beforehand, plus one for the immediate aftermath, and still leave room for the ending to knock it out of the park.

Oh, this is terrible. I'm never going to get any work done (paying or self-assigned) if I just keep staring at Ben & Ryan all day. Why are you so tailored to my wishes, show? And also doomed? Ugh, the internet chatter for Off the Map is just absolutely dead. TWoP kicked the show to permanent hiatus. LJ ignores it across the board. Even professional reviews are increasingly hard to scratch up, and those of course are extra-short and do not focus nearly enough on my Ship of Dreams, even though it is front and center all of the time. I need to find the eight other people in the world who are watching this show, brainwash them to my shipping views, and spontaneously force a fandom to exist.

Oh, also, I remembered that I was going to watch Prentiss's last episode of Criminal Minds last night, which put a kink in my Mr. Sunshine plans. Briefly. Ultimately, despite being the least funny episode of the series to date, it still won the second half hour, although I compromised by channel-flipping during commercials.

Mostly what I saw in the latter half was Emily getting pistol-whipped (I think? I was just a second behind; she was reeling from something), her on the ground, some team worrying, Morgan being an ass for reasons I was not really clear on, as even in the first half hour I was not really paying attention...and then I came back and landed on a tombstone.

Me: WHAT THE ACTUAL FRAK. I WAS IMPLICITLY PROMISED THIS WOULD NOT HAPPEN. This better be some kind of fake tombstone while Emily jets off under a secret identity.
Next scene: new identity it is!

So as long as she's not dead, we're good. Goodish. How does the actual fandom feel?

To be honest, the biggest kick I got out of this episode was hoping sniper fire would take out New Girl, because it continually fascinates me how all the blonde women who don't wear glasses on this show look the same, and they keep getting rid of them but they seem to spontaneously regenerate.
Tags: criminal minds, feelings explosion, off the map, tv commentary

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