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And now for some stuff that is *actually* different: 

House, 7x17, "Fall From Grace"
Check it out, it's Adam! I'm sorry, where was this Joan of Arcadia reunion one week ago when Martha was inappropriately attracted to her patient without being able to figure out why? It is just cruel to taunt me like that.

Still. Never mind what might have been, I grinned my fool head off all hour, first imagining various alterations made to this story that would allow me to see Adam and Joan again, and then just appreciating the actual context and enjoying the actors' chemistry. I was generally having a merry old time until it turned out he was a serial killer who ate his victims. Charming! Or to put it another way, WHAT? I'm less outraged than I could be, though, due to the sheer mind-blowing awesomeness of that Criminal Minds-style element cropping up in House.

Prior to that unpleasant reveal, I enjoyed that he was such a sympathetic character - it's that perpetual puppy face - and on the basis of actor love it was one of those rare times that I was a hundred times more interested in the patient of the week than the character subplots. Every scene Martha got with him alone was like winning a carnival prize. (YouTube, get ready for a fierce nostalgia tour.) (Voice: RS, get ready to remind yourself why JoA made you want to punch things all the time.)

The character subplots were pretty fun, though. I giggled every time House zoomed up on his Segway (heehee!), and then fell off the sofa laughing at the cartoonishly enormous monster truck and could not stop. The tiny attack helicopters couldn't quite edge that out, but they were great fun too -- I think they should make regular appearances to fire negative reinforcement missiles every time a Duckling offers a stupid hypothesis. Or annoy people in suits by causing poltergeist-like activity in the form of smashed flower vases. Maybe next time he could use them like homing pigeons to summon Wilson. The possibilities are endless.

House getting married, which I am still kind of "...huh" about, did not suck nearly as much as I feared. I haven't quite processed that it happened, yet none of this is hampering my enjoyment of the series at all. (you know what does hamper my enjoyment? The previews) I didn't even need the bonus gift of House choosing separate sleeping arrangements afterward; I could have handled anything about the wedding as long as I got Cuddy walking out in the middle of it and Wilson following shortly after to check up on her. Have I mentioned that I love scenes with the two of them? I love them a lot. Almost more than her actual relationship with House. I SAID ALMOST.

In three weeks: Olivia Wilde shows up on the screen, and the entire living room full of (three) people immediately yells "NO!" and then spends five straight minutes complaining about how little we want to deal with the "boring Huntington's doctor" again. DO NOT WANT. MASTERS FOREVER, HADLEY FOR NEVER.
It appears I have a new shippy reason to watch Pretty Little Liars. While reading reviews for 1x19 and 1x20, I was intrigued by various comments about how Spencer and someone named Toby were even more tame and innocent than Aria & Ezra. This sounded promising -- especially since Spencer, unlike Aria, is actually an awesome character -- but without the wrongbad allure of him being a teacher I just wasn't moved enough to bother finding out anything further on the guy.

Today, quite by accident, I found some compilations of their scenes. Guess who finally delivered on my joking LUX demands for accidental-sleep-spooning-in-a-hotel-bed? THAT'S RIGHT. And this happened after playing Scrabble. I am not making this up or using euphemisms. Actual Scrabble! Between that and the romantic thriller of a kiss last week (also the handholding in 1x20 - I actually stared in disbelief as to how this was not ending in a kiss, which I am in no way arguing), this ship is now a priority in my life. If I had gotten around to this 24 hours earlier I would have used THEM for The Girl Next Door and probably enjoyed it more. back to Aria/Ezra business as usual, which suddenly seems so much less shiny by comparison.

When I first read a mini recap for last week, I thought, oh no. Ezra ditched a fiancee prior to the current situation in which he is dating a teenager? Thaaaat does not bode well for one's supposed maturity. I'm just saying, this is the kind of thing that broke up the fun in Teach Me. It also may or may not be the kind of past I feared Eric Daniels was going to reveal at some point with his "I just got out of a relationship I never should have been in in the first place." (I STILL WANT TO KNOW WHAT THAT WAS. IT SEEMED SO SIGNIFICANT AT THE TIME.)

But no, no, of course SHE'S the one who broke it off. Because they are determined to make Ezra seem as perfect as possible on paper, even though in practice he looks roughly 30 and it is a lot creepy at all times. You stupid, stupid...perfectly annoyingly charming relationship that I continue to be hooked on like narcotics because it basically refuses to cross the PG line.

"What's bothering you more? That old photo being out there, or the fact that you and I can't take a picture like that?" Well, at least they're wise enough not to take photos. Even the first time I watched 2x08 of The Show This Show Could Be Like, I saw them pose for the camera and my first comment was, "Well, that won't come back to bite them in the ass at all." Of course, ultimately, at least Lux has a keepsake, which is really going to suck for Aria if she ends up with nothing but a snapshot of them paper bags on their heads.

I am more interested in the way the last scene starts with him startling awake on the couch, because clearly my favorite part of TV couples is when we move past the boring early making-out-all-the-time phase and into the falling-asleep-watching-TV-together phase. That, and he seems so much less creepy while asleep.

And yet, I feel an odd note of unhappy terror strike my heart when a police officer shows up at his door. I'm not ready for book canon to intrude yet! Keep your soulmatey promises going!

1x22 (finale)
I was going to try actually watching the whole thing for once, but then YouTube was overly speedy and convenient with the clip packages.

Aria/Ezra, first scene: 
"Aria, I'm not going to be your teacher anymore. We can grab a cup of coffee..."
Um, no, no you can't! Am I crazy, or is she still very much underage? Because if she's still underage, it will actually be more suspect if you are seen with her when you're not her teacher than when you are.

Last scene: wow, well, that was an unexpected and vaguely depressing ending. I changed my mind, I will take the rage and despair of Life Unexpected's flameout over the lameness of Aria flipping her lid over a surprise ex-fiancee. On bright side, I do not have more than about two minutes to give this (probably temporary, but will not be fussed if permanent) stumbling block a spare care, because I have better shippy places to be. Also, I can't believe that season 2 kicks off in June. Give me a real break, I won't even have time to notice this show is gone before it's back.

Spencer/Toby, a/k/a Better Shippy Places to Be:
-Ahahaha! Based on the extremely narrow perception I've been able to glean on Jenna so far, I still find her apparent wickedness delightful

-OH GEEZE, cuddling in the chair, this kind of thing is what I watched the entire season of the show for, but now it is happening in non-creepy, YA-novel-transferable ways!

-...and she fell asleep in said chair. Wait, so now this pair gives me the good stuff I talked about above without even making me pay the admission fee of the obnoxious phase first? Oh sweet Lord, I have not been this happy outside of Off the Map since the night I discovered Life Unexpected.

Remind me to include pictures here just as soon as Tumblr gets on it.

The mystery: Was apparently not solved, so I guess they are going to keep themselves confined to book canon. The one review up is so baffling that I have no idea what actually happened, but as long as Wikipedia's around to spoil the book series ending there's no suspense about A's identity, so I guess it's no big deal.

On another note, this show's soundtrack is insanely perfect. It seems like every single time they use a song, it is some female solo artist that either came straight out of the RS-Approved Library of Music, or is someone who easily deserves a place there.
Incredibly apt description of Matthew Morrison's "Summer Rain" single: "He could sing the phone book and make it sound good, but this song is a B side, not a hit. He can do so much better." (Not to mention that he lost me at the chorus. "Wait a minute, what was that about the rooftop? Um, no.") There is no real way for him to fail at singing, per se, but he's certainly not going to make the almighty Music List with this. 
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