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Okay, if one more person starts spinning the "Sara is the MCSK!" theory, I am going to have to start administering beat-downs.  You're almost as foolish and irritating as the people who thought TPTB would actually kill Eric Delko or Meredith Grey. 

They’re [mostly, so far as I've seen] anti-GSR people pushing this theory, of course, because this would fulfill their fondest wishes and totally prove how Grissom/Sara “came out of nowhere” and “has absolutely no basis” on this show -- despite the fact that the actors themselves and pretty much any producer you can get your hands on will tell you that it’s been developing for a very long time.  I’m not saying there was a sizzling Mulder-Scully thing happening for six years; it wasn’t that consistent.  It ebbed and flowed on either side, some years stronger than others, particularly early on in season 1 when it was nothing but a crush on Sara’s part.  But to claim that Grissom never showed any interest whatsoever, or that their relationship now is nothing more than the average random hookup on Grey’s Anatomy, is insulting. 

What has “absolutely no basis” is the idea that Sara would be going out and murdering people.  Come on.  First of all, she’s a slight young thing, and I have a hard time believing she cracked a guy as big as Izzy Delancey on the head hard enough to kill him.  Second of all, she empathizes with victims.  Not all of them, of course; she’d burn out in an instant if she wasn’t mostly professional, but bad domestic abuse cases still shake her.  You can’t just turn off that switch.  Sara doesn’t have it in her to kill people in cold blood.  And third of all, the MCSK is getting off on taunting Grissom and proving he/she is smarter.  Now why, after six years of waiting for him and finally having him reciprocate and begin a relationship, would she choose now to decide to hurt him?

And for the people spinning “Sara used to be one of Ernie Dell’s foster kids!” theory, um, hi.  That was Las Vegas.  Sara grew up in California.  Foster care doesn’t really shuttle kids across state lines.  The only connection here is her memory of being in the system.

Episode Review: Fallen Idols
These student murders would be a lot more interesting if they didn’t always have to involve an athlete.  To that end, I would probably rate this the worst episode of the season.  It was just…boring.  Despite all the twists, and the Shakespeare-themed way in which bodies dropped like flies and everyone suffered retribution, I couldn’t have cared less.

Highlight of the episode:  I thought that the girl they found in the scrub, the one who got tossed by the truck, looked a lot like Sara. Which, combined with Grissom’s shouting and the look on his face, made it very easy to go into daydream land    

Things I don’t need to hear about: Sara’s college sex life.  That makes twice it’s been brought up on this show, which is two times too many.  I’m starting to get the impression that she was kind of a big fat whore.  Or to put it in nicer words…given that on this show she’s been represented as a fairly quiet and self-contained person, maybe when she went to college for the first time and started to get attention, she clung to whatever she got.  Off you go, fic writers.

GSR/Shaving Scene: Was not nearly as bad as I had feared, since it cut away after only one stroke of the razor.  Still, I can’t help but think that they could have taken the set-up of this scene and, I don’t know, done something else with it?  Because certainly I would have been happy to squee over her hand on his face, and “Do you trust me?” “Intimately.”  I like the implication there, I like it; no, I love it.  (Take that, anti-GSR camp.)  I would have liked the scene much more if Grissom hadn’t drawn out the word, making it sound like he was going for a seductive purr and…failing.  And as I said before -- I’m all for the gazing into each other’s eyes bit, but the next logical step is a kiss, not shaving off facial hair.  Oh wait, I forgot.  GSR is such a slow tease of a relationship that we have to string out their moments for years, and while even the head of the CSI unit in New York can have kisses – not gratuitous make-out sessions followed by sex, either – such an event on the original CSI would shatter the very framework of the planet.  I usually try not to be frustrated about that, but...come on.   

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